How To Make Someone Fall Naturally in Love with You

The best kind of love so far is the natural aspect of love, and it is none other than the Agape love. This kind of love works like magic yet it is real and pure. A love that lives forever even when other love dies, it goes with the natural stuff of life and stands the taste of time. It is unconditional, selfless without rules but straight from the heart.

Looking at the philosophy of life, some mysteries evolve, although, there is a natural phenomenon that existed from the time being.  Where most people fall in love with people who do not seem to reciprocate their love. They keep doing one thing or the other for the person to respond but only get disappointment in return.

More often than not, we keep seeing two people who come together to form a union. You keep wondering if those two falls in love naturally before uniting to become one.  If the love is natural, then it can only prove with the test of time.  Someone can indeed love the wrong person, but this can happen unknowingly. After all, no one wants to suffer the trauma of heartbreak.

Sometimes, when an individual is unable to find true love, he goes all out loving the wrong person. This is usually because he has not done the right thing to receive reciprocation. You cannot teach the heart to love but you can make the heart surrender naturally to loving you. It is very possible for someone to love you back without the use of any diabolical means.

Always note that the heart of every human is similar to a spirit. When it comes to love, it seeks for its kind and settles there. Sometimes, people use various means to make someone fall in love but it is always disastrous in the end.

Are you a victim of heartbreak? Do you always find people rejecting your love? Perhaps now you are deeply in love with someone and you want the person to respond. Let us see below ways you can achieve victory

Zero your mind from intimate feelings

It is very common among male counterparts to harbor intimate feelings when seeking friendship with the opposite sex. This is not good and it might not make any woman love you naturally. It will rather lead to regret and hatred in the end. If you want someone to fall in love with you in the best natural way then keep every thought of sexual acts out of the game.

 Do not try presenting it, even if it may happen, let it be the last action you can take. Again, let it be in line with your marriage plan. Presenting a picture of a sexual act or behaving as if you want to indulge in it with the person will certainly show your mission is for fun and not for real.

Find a space for regular conversation

Remember communication is the power of a good relationship. Always find time to communicate with the person and engage in a hearty discussion. You can do this in different ways. You can either text, call, or chat through any of the social media platforms. Again, when you engage in any conversation, always be humorous, say things that will make the person laugh and happy.

You can also be serious but on rare occasions that call for it. Always respond to miss calls by calling back immediately. It shows some concern and care.  During your conversation try and find out his problems, and weak points, and see where you can give advice or a solution.

Show practical love.

When I mean practical I do not consent to anything that has to do with sexual acts, this is far from it. Showing practical love here entails helping the one you love in terms of need. You can approach him or her and request to do one thing or the other freely. You can call it Love without expectation. In some cases, the woman might just pretend not to notice or prove hard to get. Never mind, it is one of the tough things you get when you strongly need something. Initially, it might not be easy when you give out some help and do not get anything in return but still, you need to do it.

Be sacrificial

When you are doing this, no doubt you will be having it at the back of your mind that you want the fellow to love you. Yes and indeed but remember also that true love is natural and it comes from the depth of one’s heart. If however, the person you love did not retune back your love, there must be a reason for it. Then the best thing to do is set him or her free.

One of the reasons might be she is already in love with someone else whom she never wants to betray. So while you are doing everything to make her fall in love, it becomes confusing of whom to choose. Therefore, you might be giving the fellow a tough time. This is why you need to be sacrificial, let the person go by setting him or her free.   

Be Cautious of your attitude

Again, aside from the fact that the person might have someone else which prevents the reciprocation.  There may be one attitude in you the person dislikes but may not want to disclose it to you. He or she might think telling you could be embarrassing.  Right inside, the person has fallen in love but this one thing is discouraging her from reciprocating.

For this reason, try also to extend your love to others because the person and the public are watching your deeds.  Be kind to everyone, you cannot be perfect but try the best you can, so it will not look as if you want to woe her over. Then after that, you want to become a bad person, it is not good.

Declare your intention

This can calm your nervousness and put your mind at rest from thinking about where the affair will lead. It can also help to make the fellow you love to respond to you. However, there is a procedure to doing this, do not declare your intention at first instance but take a bit longer to do it. Prioritizing your intentions can jeopardize your mission. You need to be wise and calculative.

Be your natural self

This implies showing your true self, do not try to pretend and suddenly become who you are not, all because you want someone to fall in love with you. Remember you cannot pretend forever. It is better to repent than to pretend.

You can repent from doing the wrong things you usually do and pray you do not give in to temptation towards such things. You can become ethical because of someone you love and shun immorality, after all, love bears all things. The visibility aspect of love is in moral deeds.  Do not repent only for her but also for the public.

Finally, you need to love for real, remember opportunity comes but once. Sometimes when a man spots a woman he loves and puts some of the above options into practice. The woman certainly will fall in love but may decide to prove hard to get. Remain positive and assure yourself that your love is real. Remain positive she will come around to respond to your love.


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