How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work: Fact Check

The negative effect of long-distance relationships can be higher than the positive, while the fact remains that humans have feelings and desires. The reality check is that couples who separate themselves because of long-distance relationships face greater challenges in marriage than those who reside together.

A long-distance relationship is a union that exists between couples who live a far distance away from each other having taken marital vows. It can only have some juicy stuff if the two partners visit each other on a more frequent basis. If the visit occurs once in years, it can be a trying moment for those couples. 

A critical examination and research of most relationships that involve long-distance tends to provide information that may not be avoidable. Most importantly of these observations, tend to be in Job posting and the quest for greener pasture.

A fact check between two couples

Daniel could hear the soft moan of Dora his wife while he quietly packs a few of his belongings. He never expects it could be this tough.  He had to plead with reasons for his work condition but to no avail. It all looks like a setup because It is just three months since Daniel and Dora took the vow of conjugation.

Then suddenly Daniel got a work transfer. He had to start working as the head operational manager in one of the other branch offices in Miami. It is an international transfer, and there is nothing he could do other than to accept his fate. The thought of living his new bride behind gives him cold shivers. Yet again, the sound of her soft sobs grips his heart and made him almost want to withdraw.

Slowly he walk towards her and held her close to him. “Dora my love, when I get to my new place I will settle down and immediately work out your visa. It may take a little longer but you will certainly be with me sooner”. “Dora honey”, he continues, but before you come over, there are many ways we can handle this within the period of my absence. It will seem as if I am still around with you. At this, Dora gazes up at him, “what other way Daniel?” she whispers. Daniel continues, our spirit will still be together holding unto each other, although, physically we are apart.

Dora, still overwhelmed with sadness could hardly listen to Daniel as she sobs more uncontrollably this time.

Daniel continues again, this time listing out to Dora other ways they can maintain the relationship while in long distance. “Dora honey, these are the ways we can be together in spirit.

We can always use the media

Yes, my love, we can always communicate as usual through phone calls, video chats, text messages, and every other means of the media. You can always relate to me your problems through these mediums. We can always talk as long as you want us to and you can call me whenever you want.

I might be busy during my office hours but I will still spare time to chat with you because you are my wife. You can leave text messages in my box if it is not something urgent and I will respond when I visit my box.

Let us make it a habit to engage on a video call every morning before we leave for the workplace. Do not leave home without putting a call with me and I will do the same.

Get friendlier with my family members

Always get in touch with my parents and siblings even as you do to yours, it will make you feel warm and friendly with them. You can choose to spend some of the weekends in their company. Alternatively, you can as well invite them to come over to the house and spend some time and days with you.  Remember honey, that when you have my family around, you also have me with you.

In our discussion and chats, you can tell me what they think about you being around them. You can as well tell me if they value our union much. Again, make sure you relate to them about your movements.

How to manage your loneliness

Whenever you do not feel like chatting with me or perhaps we have just done with chatting and you are a sort of overwhelm or bored. You can visit any chocolates or snack shop and get yourself some refreshments. You can choose to converse with any of your neighborhood friends and chat away your time. Apart from these, you can still engage your loneliness in playing music, games, or watching an interesting movie.  These are all some of the ways you can get rid of the loneliness and still maintain our long-distance union.

Physical intimacy

This can be very challenging, but I urge you to be more patient, there seems to be no substitution to this. It is something requiring physical touch, which is body contact. Just be patient for a while I promise I will work out your visa and you will surely join me in Miami. It will not be easy for both of us in this aspect but I will not give in to temptation, because I took a vow to love you alone and forever.

Fidelity and trust

Dora Honey, I trust you to be my wife and I know you will always be loyal to me by subduing all immoral acts. I believe we can hold faithfulness of each other to the end. That is why the more reason I said we can make it a habit to call on each other every morning before leaving home. Surely, we will get through this if we determine, yes. we can do this.


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