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How to End a Toxic Relationship and Move on

Ending a toxic relationship is moving away from an unhealthy affair and finding inner peace and joy. It is rejecting what you feel might lead to mental stress to embrace a new hope.

Everyone’s dream before starting a relationship is to find a healthy affair that will last forever. Before that, we keep imagining and hoping our partner to be the best of what we desire. A loving and understanding fellow, someone we can rely on in sharing and solving our problems. But do we find all this, especially that it should last longer?

Sometimes it gets so honey and sweetie at the beginning but at a point, it turns sour. All the promises of care and love will suddenly vanish; the result could be heartbreak from someone you so much love.

Maybe you could have endured because of the strong affection but on second thought, you decide to end it all and move on. It may not be easy to decide to move on but you need to consider your happiness and mental health.

For some couples, it might be difficult to spot toxic behaviors because each person behaves differently. Each of them perceives their behavior as normal but to the other person, it is toxic. at a level, it might be tolerable while some other time it might be unbearable.

Now, when it becomes unbearable then it is time to quit but ending a toxic relationship should follow a more thoughtful approach.

Admit you are receiving a toxic response

Your partner may not be all-toxic in behavior otherwise he or she could be horrifying. Sometimes you might be displaying other traits that can paranoid your partner after all no one is without blemish. But some traits are worse than others. Knowing that you are not completely without fault could make you feel he or she is the same as you. Yet there is a manner you cannot tolerate and if you keep accepting it you might get terrible someday. Therefore, you simply admit you are receiving a toxic response from your partner.

Outline those toxic behaviors

How many are those toxic behaviors, cross-check again. Maybe there are not so difficult to get along with. It is all because you love your partner and you feel you can manage those traits. But once you outline them and reflect on how bad they are and how they deprive you of some happiness. You would only desire to end the relationship.

Set out the negative

Setting out the negative means questioning your conscience on what will be the outcome if you leave. How will you feel like without the presence of your partner and how will your partner feel without you. Although this examination of conscience does not stop you from moving on you also need to place issues side-by-side. As you think of leaving the relationship, you also think of the consequences.

Plan to fill any gap

For every bad behavior, there must be an atom of goodness. An individual may not be 100% worse. Toxic characters are the ugliest things you cannot cope with. Yet there may be one or two things you like about the person. Now, what are those good qualities you find in him, be prepared to fill them up while you end the relationship. Plan how to cope with the situation of missing those good characters in him. When he or she is no longer there to do certain things then you have to manage the gap.

Talk to a friend or a therapist

Sometimes at the peak of your decision, you might get confused if what you are trying to do is the right thing. It can happen where the affection is so strong and each time you think of leaving you to get so sad. But you cannot stand those toxic manners any longer. Amid your confusion, approach a friend or a relationship coach to help you work on your decision.

What do you want?

The fact that you love someone is enough reason to discourage you from ending a relationship. Deep down in your mind, you only wish your partner is not having those toxic manners. Maybe you have talked it over with her but there is no change in those toxic traits. Then you need to realize your wants, in doing this you consider your happiness and safety first. Ask yourself what you wish now. You simply need to end an unhealthy relationship.

Be strong about your decision

You need to affirm what you want. Your mental health is very important even though you love your partner. Stand with the positive feeling that you will find love again and this time, it will be someone considerate. Convince yourself that toxicity can lead to depression and bitterness. You need someone who will always make you cheerful.

Talk to your partner about it

It is time you approach your partner and discuss the issue with him or her. If for instance you have previously tried to caution him about those manners but it proved abortive. Then this time you simply tell him or her you no longer want to continue with the affairs.

Clear every ugly issue

Before you finally leave make sure to settle everything that may be an issue with your partner.  For instance, if you owe any debt then you need to pay it off. If you made a promise to him or her, you need to fulfill that promise. If you are having any of his property in possession, you might also need to release it.

If you have done anything that needs compensation or payback, you also need to give a reward. This is to make sure your partner bears no wrath against you or tries to mold up ill-feeling for you.  Maybe take revenge for a wrong you may have done in the past but unknown to you she is still nursing the pain towards you. 

It is time to move on

The moment you cut off from your partner that becomes the moment you stop any contact with him or her. You need to stop calling or texting, you may pick up her calls but not call back. Do not pay any more visits and do not send messages across through anyone. You are now living your life.

In doing this, you are not trying to become enemies with your now ex but you are trying to get him or her out of your mind. Remember in some cases where there is strong affection it may be difficult to forget the one you once loved. Therefore doing this can help you move on.

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