How to Drink Water Moderately to Help You Stay Fit

The intake of water is very essential to the body system. When we drink water, it acts as a substance that is required to help the body system work effectively, and aid in keeping it in good health condition. Consuming a moderate amount of it helps to keep the body fit and also uphold the balance of body fluids.

What exactly is water? It is a transparent, colorless, and tasteless liquid found or gotten from the drops of rainfall to the earth forming the stream, sea. It is then extracted from the stream or river and sometimes digs up, and connected to the tap before intake.

Now, we are mainly concerned about how to drink this water in a moderate way to avoid water intoxication, which can lead to incapacitating health problems.  It can lead to problems such as seizures, coma, and even death.

Water is very good for health. But a lot of people don’t actually understand that water can also be harmful when abused or consumed in the wrong way. Drinking too much water can result in water drunkenness also known as hyponatremia. An illness-causing the inside of the cell to flood due to abnormally low sodium levels in your bloodstream

If you take more than is required it can curse you damage. If you don’t take enough water it is very harmful as well. It can curse you hard stools, dull skin, and other health conditions like decreased kidney function and headaches. But when we try and moderate the water we drink it will give the body the required necessary aids to boost the immune system. Drinking a moderate amount of water aids to preserve body fluids.  It also functions in extending, digestion of food intake, carrying of nutrients, creation of spit, and maintenance of body temperature.

Due to the belief on how important water is to the body, a lot of people have developed the impression, or conviction that drinking too much water than the body requires is the best format. But that’s a very wrong conception because a lot of research including the National Academy of Science recommends drinking water when thirsty rather than consuming a specific number of glasses within 24 hours and doing it every day.

Now, let’s look at how drinking water moderately can help you stay fit

 Drink water first thing in the morning

This is very important. But a lot of people find it difficult to practice. They complain that drinking water on an empty stomach makes them feel hungry fast enough before breakfast. But the simple truth is when you drink water first thing in the morning it helps to clear off all the waste products in your stomach. Build a strong immune system that will prevent you from getting sick and moderate your water intake too.

Drink water 30 minutes before eating

A lot of people don’t really know how necessary it is to drink a glass of water thirty minutes before eating meals. Some who knew might just forget and start taking their meals right away. But a constant practice of it will set an alarm to your mind always.  Doing this will help in digestion and also diluting the gastric fluids in your stomach, and converting it to energy. Also, at the same time, you are moderating your intake of water.

Drink water 30 minutes after eating

As the case usually is, a lot of people don’t observe the rules of drinking before and after meals. They usually go all the way to drink water even between meals. This act is not advisable except if there is a strong need for you to drink water between meals like; if there is much amount of pepper in the food. But in the absence of this, you should conclude your meals and wait for 30 minutes before you drink water. When you drink water in between meals digestion process might not be completed. When you are practicing this act you are moderating the amount of water you take.

Drink water when thirsty

Always drink water whenever you are feeling thirsty.  Drink water enough to satisfy your thirst. Don’t try to hold the urge because if you deny yourself that moment when you are very thirsty for water. You might not be able to drink it again when the urge evaporates. It will curse some damages to your body. Again you might not take enough of it when the urge fades away.

Avoid papery foods to avoid drinking water between meals

But why would you add too much pepper than is required in your meals? It can be normal if you add much pepper in your meal one’s in a while especially for some pregnant women and some other times when the weather is freezing. When you intentionally add much pepper to your meal, it engages you to consume lots of water in-between meals.  This might lead to indigestion of the meal and when you do it often you expose your body to water intoxication because you are not moderating your water intake.

There are other times when it is necessary to drink water out of moderation

When your throat is dry.

When you are feeling a kind of dryness in your lump but you are not in any way thirsty. When in this condition you should endeavor to take a glass of water to relieve the dryness.

When you are feeling a slight headache

A slight headache may have been a result of stress. Take also a glass of water to soothe the irritating headache. It shouldn’t be more than a glass, because you are not feeling thirsty at the moment but for the sake of the pain to be relieved.

When you start coughing

This can happen at a relatively short interval, and it can be a slight cough meaning that you are not having any symptom of cough itself. But just out of nothing you started a light cough, then take a glass of water to dispense the cough.   


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