How to Do Things Right When Everyone Is Doing It Wrong

On neutral ground, it gets so difficult to do things right because of human imperfection. It becomes extremely difficult when you dwell in the midst of people who are doing it all wrong. Doing things right is similar to living an honest life. If your daily activities revolve around your family members, colleagues in workplaces, peer groups, or friends. You will certainly encounter different difficult situations with them.

In most cases, in the process of trying to appear as the right person, you end up becoming part of the wrongdoers. Hence, it is not so easy as such; it is like trying to convert sinners to become righteous. However, there is a simple logic that attaches itself to the mysteries of life.

It takes a great deal to convince an individual who has a moral principle of doing right to start doing wrong. On the contrary, when you start doing wrong, it is usually difficult to stop it. Notwithstanding the fact that you understand you are acting wrongly. Expressively, when you vow within you to keep doing the right thing, you will certainly see yourself keeping to your promise.

What is doing it right versus doing it wrong

Doing it right is the habit of displaying one’s thoughts, words, and actions rightly to portray honesty, self-discipline, and moral values personally and publicly. While doing it wrong is a wishful action showing awful and unethical things. In the case of wrongdoing, it becomes a wishful act because the culprit is fully aware of his actions.  

Let us take an instance of a workplace, wherein every worker must give an accurate account of his task. If out of 20 persons, you appear to be the only one giving an accurate report, while others are giving the wrong account. In no time, through conversation and pressure from other colleagues, they might persuade you to start doing it wrong as well. But there are strategies to help you to keep doing things right when others are doing it wrong.

Evaluate yourself beforehand

Assess yourself and ascertain if you are doing the right thing. Most times people think they are doing it right not knowing they are doing the wrong thing. How do you appraise yourself? It is all about your inner conscience does it judge you? Do you feel nervous or uneasy when you do certain things? Do you feel angry or happy? Search your inner feelings, how you react inwardly will give you the answer you need. This is an evaluation of oneself to know if you are doing the correct thing. It will inspire your conscience to be more willing to keep doing things rightly.

Train your mind to moral ethics

The logic of right: Right plus Right will equally produce Right. Good things seek for their kind and right does not dwell in wrong. It is not as easy a thing to be a righteous person when in essence no person is perfect. The only truth is that people who strive to be virtuous must separate themselves from dishonest humans.

This is because you cannot find everyone living blameless and besides this, you can only get to be near righteous.  If you must do the right thing when everyone is doing it wrong you must learn to do what is moral and justifiable at all times. Learn to do it to yourself and in public. Train your conscience to acknowledge the truth and refrain from evil. You can start by taking a vow, then by making regular sacred supplication

Be guided by your principles

It is very common to find places where people go out of the normal way of doing things. Ordinarily, they understand the right way of doing things but prefer to apply the wrong or indirect method. Now you will be presented with the choice of either sticking to your principles or joining the reverse method. This is like testing your faith, and unfortunately, you might incur enemies in the process of doing it rightly. Not everyone will appreciate your attitude and you might be a target of harm to some others. But you want to do things right then you have to be guided by your principles.

For instance, in a workplace where the rule says you must not charge the customer an extra fee for any value services you do. Your co-workers understand clearly the reason for such obligation. Now rather than adhere to the instructions and comply with the official rules they choose to do the wrong thing. They enrich their pockets and earn more from such acts.  This can be very challenging and a temptation too because you will have to choose between doing it right or joining the wrong thing.

Ask someone indirectly

Approach a friend or a neighbor, ask him or her how it feels to do certain things. Do not ask a direct question otherwise he may feel you are criticizing him. For instance, ask him what will happen if you reveal the truth behind a secret plot. Go ahead and ask a second person then summarize your findings. When you conclude with your own opinion, you will likely get a concrete answer. Your answer will determine the right thing to do.

Do not judge but rather give advice

Even when you understand that, they are doing it all wrong; still do not judge their actions. This is because no one is perfect and no one can ever boast of knowing it all. Sometimes, people who act wrongly might have some purpose for doing it. For this reason, think deeply about every issue before bringing it to the light. If you have to give corrections on the right thing to do, do not judge, or criticize anyone. Give a suggestion or advice, and let your suggestions point out the very fact in what they need to do.  

Consequently, you will have to advise them or give suggestions on the right way of doing things. And keep trying to convert them. This is because you may one day end up joining them to do the wrong things. Remember we are humans.


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