How to Deal with Depression: What it is and Causes

A significant factor that keeps people wondering what life has in exchange for an individual’s unhappy lifestyle could be dejection. Why do some people find life uninteresting, and feel it is no longer worth it, just feeling hopeless? Then what could have triggered the hopeless condition? Some may think of it as wretchedness, hatred, and lack of fulfillment.

What is Depression?

Depression is a condition where an individual is unable to find happiness and fulfillment in life. It is a state of constant aggressiveness within self, with fellow humans, and towards any object in particular. The fellow feels cheated by nature and thus believes things will never change. Sometimes people predict it as mental illness, not believing the fact that anybody can have any natural cause to be unhappy.

When depression results from mental illness, it can be subject to medical treatment but when it results from some occurrences, it certainly has a solution.

What are the causes of depression?


Some certain illnesses can make a person lose the glamour of life, and constant fear of living to see the next day. When illness becomes the cause of one’s depression, it is normally a chronic disease. It means the individual is suffering from this illness and all along has lost hope of ever getting better again. He might just be living on the mercies of seeing the light of a new day.


Only those who have the experience can testify better on how the trauma of idleness can drive someone insane. Joblessness can go in two ways; an individual can live without any means of income and still finds life fulfilling. While another individual can be alive without a job only to wish for his death each passing moment due to wretchedness.  The difference between this two is when one is living without any monetary income. Life becomes unexciting and meaningless. The worst aspect is being unable to do anything good to help curb the financial crisis.

Alcohol intoxication

An individual can result to taking alcohol in excess when a distressing situation sets in. Let us take for instance a situation where a man incidentally finds his wife in bed with another man, he may resort to seeking solace in alcohol. Hence, at that moment life is no longer interesting because depression has taken over him. Another similar situation as this can also bring about depression in one’s life: Thus, when an individual simply finds pleasure in drinking alcohol on regular basis, at a point he finds comfort in it and noting enticing in life. This also mean depression has set in.  

Generational issue

Depression can be in the history of a particular family. When such a thing happens it means, it originates from the blood lineage, flowing from one generation unto another generation. This cause can be difficult to deal with, hence; it seems to be a natural phenomenon.

Wrong use of drugs

Certain plant leaves are used in manufacturing drugs but are illegal for consumption but specifically for producing drugs. Tracing the origin of how such leave come to be identified, the plant gives energy when any individual chews it. That is the detection of its powerful effect in humans. When an individual comes in possession of this plant and makes use of it on regular basis. The person becomes a victim and finds pleasure in using it regularly, he also adapts to it. Certainly, it can keep the fellow in depression.

How to Deal with depression

A state of constant sadness and hopelessness can be humiliating. Most times it takes a great level of poise to gain normality. What then are the directives or step to take in dealing with depression? 

Build an optimistic mindset

People do not just become optimistic without having a stimulating factor that drives them inwardly. Otherwise, depression will become a voluntary deed or deliberate action. Since unhappiness is a helpless situation, for the individual to become optimistic it has to start by gradually building it. To achieve this, he has to start by doing little things like reacting positively towards those things.

First, develop the mindset that things can change in one’s life. Second, believe that worries do not turn things around but can only add to the worst. Third, accept and confess positive things even when the hopelessness of such things is a reality. Even in a faithless mood that things may never change, the mere positive confessions can change the individual’s life. It also includes dreaming and imagining positive outcomes and summons them up with prayer.

Seek for counseling

Just as mentioned above, either depression takes place in two forms, as a sort of illness or that something stimulates its existence in the individuals’ life. Depression by mental illness can only be treatable by a medical professional. Now, talking about depression that does not relate to illness, resulting from anxiety, fear, or disappointment, you can easily deal with it using counseling.

Confide in people, about your situation. A good friend, a relation or sibling can be of help, someone you believe can talk meanings to you sadden mood. Precisely, someone who is knowledgeable in spiritual teaching, and matters of the heart, able to handle your mood. 

Give attention to prayers  

In the life of every healthy human being, there is good and bad aspects of him. The good aspect, which has a direct connection with piousness, arouses your feeling to seek religious fervor. The feeling may not be constant but it will always encourage you to attempt. The moment you give it a trial, that marks the beginning of your liberation.

Once a little change occurs in your life resulting from any little entreaty you make, the zeal for further prayers will set in.  

Encourage yourself to indulge in outdoor activities

It may be difficult to do this all because you are not accustomed to such a life. Again, you might not be able to help yourself because the stimulation might not be there. However, in life when you start doing what you are not previously doing you gradually become useful to it. If you cannot do it yourself, then pay a visit to a friend or relation and chat with him all through. While with him either playing music or watching movies, you can also ask the friend out for snacks and drinks.

Attend social gatherings witness the activities

Still in your depression, and finding it difficult to pull yourself out, then go ahead again and ask a friend, or a relation for an outing. Attend public gatherings and watch different activities like Dancing, sports, carnival, good celebrations. These are all, ways of dealing with depression

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