How to Cope When Dealing with Change: What is Change

A clear observation of how humans live their life will indicate to you that even as condition changes, so also their life changes. No human has ever lived the same way right from his creation. As each day passes, into months and years, people grow to transform their lives from one stage to another and that is how they learn new things.

This is also how people abandon the old ways and embrace a new way of doing things. A new way of reacting to issues, another aspect of thinking and responding to problems. Probably, those new ways may seem easy or difficult to accept but it all depends on the way we handle it. Those new ways and conditions bring about a change.

What is a change in life?

Change is simply making a difference from the original or present situation. Trying to move away or give up a particular habit in other to embrace a new condition in life. People change, but sometimes some factors become responsible for their transformation. While other times it occurs naturally. Those factors include


As earlier said above no individual remains the same from childhood as they grow up, they give up childish manners and embrace a new way. They tend to give up many habits and gradually do learn and do new things that make a clear difference from the formal things. For instance, at a certain age, a child starts learning how to do certain domestic chores with or without the help of anybody. The instance of doing these new things become a change.

Friends and relationships influence

People change their habits even in adolescence age. The way they think and respond to issues. Change mostly occurs in adults when a particular condition is not favorable to the individual. When also it does not favor the people around him. Those people can induce him to change. That is why nobody can be trusted because people change at any time.


Sometimes we observe that people who live in rural areas do behave awkwardly because they are not exposed to the wide lifestyle. Now, allowing these sets of people to relocate to the cities will make a great change in their life. All right from the way they dress, eat, act and reason. The modern environment will transform their lives differently.


People’s changes can result from their various life experiences. It mostly happens when they encounter difficult situations and rough times. They tend to learn something very strange, new, and interesting and willingly decide to transform with it. All through their life, they keep using any past involvement to establish a new way of doing things


Education is another factor that can transform people’s lives in a whole different way. People who happen to find themselves in a learning environment tend to change logically from other people outside the location. This is where they meet other like-minded people and learn new things from them through association, and interaction.

People can make other people change

The good or bad attitude an individual receives from his fellow may compel him to change his behavior towards the way he relates with other people.  For instance, an individual who normally extends a helping hand to other people may vow never to do so anymore. This may be resulting from the ill-treatment he receives from someone else on account of his good deeds.

Why change is very important

Change is necessary to encounter different aspects of life. Two significant things that make change very significant in life could be experience and maturity. As life progresses people get to understand new things, encounter a new different situation while different events also occur. They also gain experience from all these as it occurs in their life. Changes help to make improvements in one’s life, through their thoughts and behaviors. Again, a new dimension in different learnings is acquired for growth.

During those times when a change occurs in people’s lives, it can either be a difficult or easy period.  Now the solution to look out for is how to cope during these moments of variations.

Accept the present situation

Most of the changes people encounter are normal and when it becomes so you will have no other alternative but to accept the condition. For instance, changes that occur in age are natural, at a different stage in life, you are bound to embrace new ways and outdo the old habit. Again, when challenges occur in an individual’s life, he or she is bound to face them and find a way of souring further.

Do not give room for hopelessness

Changes in an individual’s life might be favorable or unfavorable but when the latter becomes the case, it is best not to give up at all. Do your best to handle the situation towards achieving a positive outcome. Remind yourself that the circumstance will pass on and so keep doing everything to move on.

Plan to be prepared beforehand

This can be a deliberate change. When an individual consciously decides to transform from a negative to a positive way of living. The best way is to be more prepared to meet a favorable outcome. For instance, someone might willfully decide to quit his old job and find a new one. If he has no financial means to sustain him before he gets the new one, he may not cope with life,

Try to stay positive

This is the best you can do to cope with every kind of change that may occur in your life. To remain focused and believe that things will turn out for good, especially what human effort cannot subdue. Applying positiveness as a way of coping during a change may also be when the situation at hand is natural.  

Why change is constant in life

Change is constant in other to meet the requirement in self-development. Again, transformation becomes constant in other to help people to realize their abilities and be able to make advancement.  Through change, people can move from one stage of life to another, at each stage they gain new knowledge and become wiser. If they were not continuous in change, it means people will remain the initial way nature made them. If this happens life may be boring because they are no new things to acquire, witness, or do.

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