How To Change a Bad Personality to Become a Better Person


What is a personality?

It is the outward view, the significant worth of an individual in the presence of other people. An individual noteworthy that comprises his behavior and inner character. The way an individual composes him or herself in private and in public.

Sometimes people say such things as, “an important personality.” When they say this people around understand it as someone with higher educational background or a wealthy person. These two also counts as an individual personality but it does not end there. You need to add qualities to boost your ego, to make you more distinguish and honorable in the sight of people.

What is a bad personality?

It is an incorrect thought an individual leaves in the mind of people. It does not portray a good impression of the person.  The person is unenthusiastic, thinks less, or has a low sense of value towards other people. One might begin to ask can wealth and classy cover up a person’s bad personality?

Well, the simple answer is no, because it is not an intentional act but it is an inborn trait. Most people with a bad personality usually display it ignorantly. Most times due to the long-lasting effect, it becomes part of such an individual’s life. So, the individual’s behavior and attitude make it a bad personality.

Is it possible to change a bad personality?

People change with age; people change with time. An individual with a bad personality can change in two ways. First, if the person realizes his odd traits, then secondly if the person determines to make a change. These two ways are separate options. It can be easy for an individual to realize how bad his character and habits are. Yet rather give it up still finds it as a means of defeat against any challenge or opposition.

When this happens, the individual is likely to find solace in those negative attitudes. Therefore, this makes it a choice because the individual is aware but still decides to remain negative. Now the second way is simple as well but a bit tactful. It is a task because having a bad personality as a long-lasting effect can take a gradually mindful process to change.

What can inspire an individual to change a bad personality?

Sometimes it is genetic, originates from family history, irrespective of the fact that some people may find it difficult to withdraw from it. Some factors can inspire them to act differently. For instance, an individual who has such a personality from birth can have a certain impetus that can help him to overcome a negative temperament.

Even if they dint just give it up entirely, they can afford to withdraw gradually. On the other hand, older age can help because as people advance in age they learn to withdraw from certain habits. Some other ways that can help people to change a bad personality include:

Religious experience

Listening to the scripture sermons now and then, meditating on them can help you do better with this. Many people might be born having some nasty behavior. Talking to such people about heavenly things can transform their negative likes. This is a call to repentance, a turnaround to a new personality.

Although, this is not easy because accepting religious norms is a matter of choice. If the individual agrees to become transform which is exactly an act of will. Now, supposing the individual accept the sacred teachings. Then the act of one changing his personality for improvement comes into reality.  


Having too much life experience, you probably have come across too many incidences that compel you to think about your behaviors. Maturity sets in when you begin to know what is best for other people. What is best to be done and at the right time. You realize the instance at which your manners become intolerant. You are changing your negative personality by maturity.

Guilty conscience

When you react to certain things, then looking at the outcome of your reactions. You feel guilty and a disturbance within you. You are having a sense of guilty conscience. If you give in to your heart solemnity, if you do this at all times, your conscience is gradually inspiring you to change your bad personality.

How to change the negative personality in you

Leave the past behind

Give up the negative habits that do not fall in line. You can motivate yourself; you only need determination. At first, it might look uneasy but gradual practice will produce effective results. Most people with bad personalities always recount the past, and so they keep dwelling in it. Unable to move forward unable to see the present unable to change. For instance, unforgiveness is also a tool for a bad personality. So, when an individual finds it difficult to forgive it makes the person unable to leave the past behind.

Embrace a new plan

You can start over again in life; many people do start. The reason why we are humans is that we make mistakes. We also learn from our past mistakes. You can plan to start living a decent life. It only starts with you. If you make a firm decision and stand by your words. Plan to change your behaviors from negative to positive. Let your actions be louder than your mind-set

Work towards your new dream

It can be easily said than done. It is like saying I don’t want to live a life of grumbling and deceit, and you are seriously willing to do so. It can only be effective if you put such a decision into action. It is just for you to have, “I can do it spirit in you.”

Carry yourself with respect

You only get back what you give out, and you will be addressed by the way you dress. This simply means you can only get back respect when you initially respect yourself. Respecting yourself has got to do with understanding how other people behave and device a good way of accepting them.


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