How to Break Off Respectfully from a Toxic Relationship

To break off respectfully from a toxic relationship is simply doing the right thing in the right way. It is one way of showing the other partner that you loved but, unfortunately, you cannot take it anymore. The most important thing is to handle the situation civilly and politely.

There are cases where the toxic partner may be unwilling to let go yet seems so unyielding to make a change. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to break off. This only signifies that the toxicity is a weakness and that partner is silently suffering. When a toxic trait becomes a weakness, it can be an originated behavior, which may seem difficult to change.

For instance, if the person is found constant yelling and snubbing.  Each time he displays such an attitude he does it unconsciously then afterward he becomes sorry for his action. The offended partner may not find this easy to deal with therefore, he seeks to break up.

In this situation, it may be difficult to do but still, you need to do it in a respectful way

Start by commending your partner

Start by speaking well of the other person. You do not have to be hostile in such a way that may arise nervous feelings toward your partner. Use words of appraisal, for instance, say you appreciate the fact that both of you are having a relationship.

You appreciate your partner’s company so much and you are grateful for every little thing that transpired. Say it is such a wonderful thing to have him or her. Go ahead and point out the good side of your partner. Yes, you need to talk about his good personality because there is also the good side of someone.

Tell your partner you love those good manners, you may add some juicy stuff by recalling some sweet memories you both shared in the past. If there is any way he or she supported you also talk about it. say “thank you for everything” and while saying all these make sure to put up a smiling face.

Talk about the previous reproach

When you have appreciated your partner well enough, give a minute silent and watch his or her reactions. Proceed to tell him or her the other side of his traits (toxic behaviors). Remind him you have on several occasions reprimand her about those manners and how it affects you. (Make sure you have occasionally done this.)

Although no one is perfect, you might also have some traits that your partner dislikes from you. Say because everyone has blemishes you have tried to tolerate to this extent. You could have loved it if he or she had changed. But you have come to realize that something may never work out between you two.

Say you want to break up

At this point, the expression on your face will gradually change to sadness. Look at your partner’s face and say you want to break up. You no longer find happiness in the relationship because of his toxic manners. Stress further, how you would have wished the relationship to continue.

How you wish he had understood by changing his manners.  But since there is no change in his or her traits you cannot continue any longer. Still, go ahead by saying you have thought over it and have come to the conclusion that you need to break up from the situation.

Show remorseful

Tell your partner you are sorry that the situation turns out this way but at the same time you have made up your mind. It may not be easy for you to move on but considering the present condition of the relationship, it is the best thing to do. Say you are sorry if this decision hurts so much but you wish he or she understands and move on too.

Ask for forgiveness

Finally, tell your partner you are sorry and ask forgiveness in any way you have acted wrongly towards him or her. No relationship could be perfect and you thought things could work out the way they should be. Yes, you are also aware that you could possess other traits that he or she detests and you are sorry about them.

Finally, it is time to let go and set free. Remind yourself you are doing this for your happiness and peace of mind.