How to Become a Relationship Coach in 6 Ways

A relationship coach is an expert who helps people get over tough times in their love, family, romance, friendship, and intimate affairs. He or she is also a professional who helps in training individuals in acquiring skills on overall relationship affairs.


This article discusses how possible it can be to own up as a relationship coach. An expert who wishes to work with couples, families, and friendship issues.

There are many misconceptions about this phrase called relationship coach. Many have the belief that only those who passed through the stress and challenges of a relationship can give counsel on matters regarding love, marriage, and dating. Only a few might understand it as a role that has divine authority. Again, just like every other profession, you are liable to get the training of a relationship coach.

Who is a relationship coach?

A relationship coach can help you set goals that work toward reviving a failing or near-failing relationship. Also, help in actualizing a yet to manifest affair and give counsel to sustain an already working relationship.

A relationship coach typically deals in all areas as regards relationship affairs. It may not end in romance and love but can extend to all friendships, business colleagues, and extended families.  It includes all unions and affairs between an individual and his fellow.

As long as you have something in common with the fellow. It could range from matters of the heart, feelings, outbursts of emotions, attitudes, and how people tend to regard their affairs.

It could be love towards marital commitment, dating, or just passionate love. While some other situations can reinstate a divorced couple.

What qualifies a relationship coach?

The best quality for a relationship coach is to possess listening and communication skills. Generally, you can learn everything about relationship coaching but you need to specialize in one area.

You can choose to be a love and dating specialist, a family coach, or a therapist. As mentioned earlier, people do not just become instructors and tutors about matters of love by simply undergoing the experience.

However, it is also a credit but the prior aspect is receiving qualified training that covers every aspect of the relationship. It ranges from interpersonal, family, peer groups, couples and intimacies. This has to be so in other for the coaching to be complete and effective.

The training a relationship coach receives could help him proffer a lasting solution to any problem that bores on love, marriage, family, friendship, and romance. It goes on to help the single understand what a love relationship is all about before embarking on it.

How to become a relationship coach

Attend a coach-training Institute (RTI)

There are so many coach-training institutes established to help individuals who want to give wise counsel on matters of relationship. The relationship Training institutes (RTI) is one such. These institutions, just like other degree-awarding institutions have their curriculums. They can help train the individual to become professionals on matters dealing with affairs.

Courses could range from love, dating, family, friendship, violence, and every area that affects relationships. These institutions are mainly approved to give professional awards. The significant aspect of the training could be the knowledge and the honor. These institutes occasionally organize seminars and workshops.  

Become an expert through the ICF accredited program

While the desire is already in you and you also have the experience you could get a program to approve your talent. This is to help you appear more professional in your career. This program could help to access your ability and fill the missing gap by enlightening you more.

While attending this program, you may realize that being a relationship coach could cover a wide variety of relationship issues. Therefore, to help you become more of a specialist you will need to choose a certified program to rely more upon.

You may choose to be a love, Romance, intimacy, divorce, family, or marriage relationship coach. You may choose two or just one and become a professional in the field.

There may also be other programs available. However, in other to stay on track and be more equipped in the knowledge you can go for a continued coach program (CCP).  

Attend a relationship coach workshop and seminars

People who constantly attend discussion groups and meetings organized by relationship experts can gain a huge advantage from the opportunity. They can get counseling and guidelines on how to relate to matters about psychology, relationship conflicts, disagreements, and solutions.

They might be in the group of persons who are not opportune to attend the institute (RTI). You can learn much from the tutorials to equip you as an expert. Remember determination is the key and once backed by adequate knowledge you are good to go.

Register with a relationship-training expert

You can choose to register with other relationship experts who already are professionals in the field. Such people must have written many books, blogs, and magazines dealing with relationship issues.  They must have also gained their knowledge from the RTI they attended but wish to be a private coach.

These experts have their mobile numbers and addresses on their websites and books if you need to consult them. They can organize a private training for you and afterward you become a coach

It could come as a divine calling

This is different from any of the means above. If an individual can give wise counsel on matters of a relationship without attending any institution such a person is gifted. It could be a natural talent. Sometimes People could refer to such people as prophets. They have the natural ability of coaching couples on how to make a healthy relationship. They can also coach in various matters that have to do with interpersonal association.  

Read Books, watch videos, about relationship

There are some little ways people can show they are also relationship experts. They may be in a relationship while experiencing relationship issues. This also gives them some experience of what couples undergo.

Again, reading books and watching videos relating to relationship affairs could give them knowledge regarding related matters. These little ways could help them to settle disagreements and give the best advice they could to couples. It could be within their neighborhood, among friends or family members.

How you can start Practicing

At the end of your program, you may find it difficult or a bit confused trying to make a start or get clients. You can begin with a religious gathering. Join groups to create awareness and try to attend to issues with both individuals and couples.

You can organize seminars and workshops where you can give lectures and counsel. You may also like to give lectures on TV or Radio programs.

Create a website and write articles based on your specialization. There you can provide your users with your contact number and give out your location or address. You may also reach out through emails, and Zoom chats.

Get in touch with other relationship coaches like yourself and keep in regular communication with them.

Inform friends and families about your career and get them to patronize you

What help can a relationship coach provide to clients?

Educate couples on how to build a healthy relationship

You will help them solve their emotional problems

Find a solution to support them

Encourage them to take a positive step

Settle conflicts within marriages and other personal relationships