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How to Be Careful from the Beginning When Dating Someone

Why are some people usually carried away by the mere thought of friendship with the opposite sex? Why also do they become more enthusiastic during the cause of dating each other? They tend to forget some vital aspect to watch out for. Hence, they occupy themselves more with the illusion of love.

Love is important but you also need to think about deception? Although love can bear all things, yet it is very essential to have a clear understanding from the start what direction the love is leading to. Keep in mind; not every relationship, which starts well, may end well. Sometimes it might end up becoming a reality. Some other times it might be a mere fantasy.

People usually hope and pray for reality as this can lead to more celebration. However, when it becomes a fantasy what is left is usually heartbreak especially from the expectant.

Why do you need to be careful at the initial stage? After all, you both love each other, and believing in love can make the relationship a reality. That is not true, because someone can love but still not reciprocate all because there is no plan for seriousness.

Not all courtship usually leads to marriage and not everyone who asks for a date is serious for a union. Most times men want to flirt with the opposite sex. While some other time they just want a temporary companionship. Although by their fruit you shall know them if you keep it to mind and avoid being carried away by lust. You will as well avert the disappointment that trails along.

Do not be in haste

Yes, you should be able to detect the difference between love and lust. Even if you identify you can still play along but you need to be very careful not to fall victim to disappointment. Your partner can be cunning; they pretend to be serious when in reality they are for fun. But even if they pretend, they cannot pretend forever. Surly someday they will display their true color, so you need to be mined focus from the beginning. Take it slow and steady. Give it enough time, and then within the space of time become telepathic and an observer. For every single date, you surely will learn one new thing or the other about the person.

Take time to study your partner

You can only describe a person’s character by his words and actions. How do you get more of his words? This can be through regular communications. Don’t be afraid to understand his trait, do not also be scared to know his flaws, but indirectly seek to know them. it will go a long way to help determine if you both are moving in the right direction.

Look out for the red flag

What are the red flags? Is your partner double dating? If your partner is also dating someone else then it means he is just playing games with you. Does the person avoid your presence only to need it when it best suits him? This means he is taking you for granted. He never introduces you to friends or relatives but always keeps you from meeting them. Then know that there is something fishy about the relationship. 

Does he mostly talk about sex and desire to experiment it? Then it is time you begin to see him as a player. Is your partner a narcissistic who only thinks about the world around him? Then you might expect to have a difficult time with the fellow. Is your partner possessive? It means he is jealous but this can as well mean seriousness with the relationship.

Does your partner like attending parties and night events? This is a big red flag because this could mean he or she may not be ready for any serious union so soon. If eventually, he becomes serious, it might be with someone else other than you.

Find out if your partner is a Gamophobia

With men, age does not guarantee the ability to marital commitment. It is desire and preparedness. Supposing he is older, then you might be wondering if he is scared of taking a life commitment with the opposite sex. Although when it comes to dating, he becomes an expert but talks to him about marriage he frowns back at you. Then it is time you begin to withdraw to avoid heartbreak.

Find out if your partner has secret plans

You need to be careful with your partner from the very start during your period of dating. He might be using you to forget a sudden heartbreak or trying to make you his second best. Meanwhile, he is not ready for any serious commitment yet. If this is so, do not give him much attention, not at the initial stage. You need to find out how serious he is but all the same; you need to act with much wisdom.

Do not get all consumed with the feeling that he is serious right away except he tells you so. Yes, some men can also be straightforward initially but such men can be rare to come by. Why some men may be genuinely serious inwardly but would want to know if the woman is the flirting type. They usually become tricky at the initial stage. Therefore, you need to find out if he has a secret plan

 Do not expect a change of habit

Now, some people go out of the right way, thinking the wrong thing could ever become right. Most times in the course of dating someone, you may observe some bad traits, which you could avoid instantly. But you choose to play along with the impression that you will induce your partner into having a positive trait. Well, it is a two-way process, first, if it is an inborn trait, it can be difficult to deal with but if it is by influence, you may succeed.



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