How to Always Be Happy and Adjust with Life Activity

The simplest thing anyone can do in life is to put up a simple happy face straight from the heart. Not just at intervals but constantly wearing it like a protective garment. Been happy is equally been cheerful and smiles too, and it will cost you nothing to do so.

Do you know that the ordinary simple smile you give to people around you, goes a long way to cheer the heart of those people and also helps to brighten their days’ activities? They might be those in your immediate work environment? Your colleague at the workplace, even with your immediate family members. what about your schoolmates, even while walking on the streets or driving to work or home? They all benefits from your happy smiling face.

To some people or many other persons, the issue of smiling or being happy can be so demanding, and difficult. While other people will look wearisome and showing their personal burdens thus painting a picture of it on their faces while engaging in their daily life activities.

Although, a smiling face might not be a happy face, because not all that put up a smile all the time are always happy in their heart. Some might just put up this appearance to cover up and pretend that all is well. Meanwhile, they may be having bad or ugly intentions towards their fellow.

Going further to explain this issue better, been happy at all times gives a positive impression on an individual.  People tend to like, love and be more friendly towards the fellow and for this reason, they are naturally endowed with nature’s spiritual gifts like favor, Grace, and success. They are always lucky too.

The power to be happy is not very far-fetched. It is within an individual; it lives in us all.  There are many benefits derived from it. Ranging from the fact that you personally that wears the happy looks on your face makes your personal day bright and cheerful. And you not only attract the virtues that come from it but also attract likeness and love from people.

But wearing a happy face has to be done with wisdom, otherwise, people may have to abuse your virtue and take you for granted.  So, for this reason, try and understand when people want to make jest of your smiles or try bulling you. If this is the case then you will have no other option, but to be mean towards the fellow then afterward resumes your natural happy nature.

Now the question arises, can one find it so easy to be happy whereas he or she is experiencing some kind of problems. Having difficulties in coping with life activities. The answer is “Yes”, and also “No”.  Yes, because you don’t need to show the whole world that you are suffering and passing through one difficult time or the other. Whatever you are experiencing in life today remember someone else is equally having the same experience at that particular point in time. Life is not easy at all, not a bed of roses even for the rich. So, we should cover our sufferings with happy faces all the time.

Again, the answer is No! Because we don’t need to suffer at all. When we are always prone to be happy, we pave way for possibilities to come, and it lessens our burdens. We attract friends that help in sharing our burdens and make our minds free from worries. This is just the power of a happy, smiling face. Being happy, also called being cheerful is the one way we provide natural food to the soul and build self-esteem.

However, when you always keep up a happy face, people may misunderstand you as a person who has no worries at all. Whose life may seem perfect. But the simple truth is, when you smile and show you are happy, you hide your problems from people. Especially those who mock your suffering or who always want to see you being sad at all times. Yes, it helps to put shame on the faces of your enemies, and also helps you to plan your life secretly.

To always be happy is very important in one’s personal life. It gives you the impression of a simple person and easily approachable. Someone told me the other day “I don’t think I can remember the last time I put up a happy face”. “Because when you are always happy people take you for granted and abuse the privilege for them to understand you”. “Wow that sounds hilarious”, but I told him it’s not fair for you to always frown at people. You will not only scare them away, but will also be taken as a strict person, and you might just end up living in isolation all the time.

Again, the other day someone complained to me saying, “I always want to be a happy person, smiling all the time, but most times I don’t know how to do it”. Wow! That’s a very surprising remark too. But then, I went ahead to give him some piece of counsel, listing out to him how to be happy and able to manage life activities.

How to be happy

Form the habit of singing

When you find yourself in an angry mood, maybe someone provoked you or you just got angry at nothing.  Start singing some songs. Don’t let the sadness engulf you. But If you allow the anger, it means every activity around you will be a mess. I Further advise him to always make it a habit to sing songs.

Yes, always sing even when you are not angry. Because when you make it a habit you will find out that each time you put some songs on your lips your heart automatically becomes cheerful. The cheerfulness in you produces happiness on your face. I also told him to give it a try.

Don’t keep complaining about issues

When someone offends you voice it out. Call the person’s attention and make peace or make the person see reasons. In this way, your heart will be at peace with him. But when you keep complaining about both big and small issues. You will always be drawn to anger at all times. If this always happens you won’t always be happy either, because you will find everything around you irritating. So, there won’t be any form of cheerfulness around your activities

 Show courtesy at all times

Always be the type of person that shows courtesy at all times. Yes, greet people don’t wait for them to greet you or do it first. Try to be polite at all times, in doing this you are encouraging people around you to smile and be happy with you. It helps your heart to be more cheerful and also provides food of happiness to your life.

Make friends without any stringed attached

This might seem difficult but if you start practicing it, it is just the simplest thing. Make friends with both the opposite sex. But then be careful when you make those friends because people might take you for granted and abuse it. They will regard you as someone very simple and cheap. Try and apply wisdom. Don’t associate with any kind of people, because some might not be happy with you. And when they abuse you, you might just start being unhappy. Even with the activities around you.

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