How Not to Give Up on People; It’s Part of Love

If I may ask this question, is it only those people you love that you would never give up on? The simple answer is NO! Generally, don’t ever give up on anyone at all. They might not be loved ones, they might be strangers you don’t know, but you felt like helping them to survive to move on.

Maybe you looked at the person, and saw the zeal to survive, to progress, and succeed, but hasn’t the capacity to move on. Or maybe there is a need for you to do that, or in some other case, they may be the one that approached you for help. This is where you need to prove yourself, in this case, you need to reach out and touch a soul and also follow up.  it’s very important as the case requires you to help out in solving people’s problems.

All you need do is approach the person and understand his shortcomings. Try to understand the genesis of his problem so that you can know where to help him to stand. You see, in this life, people have different problems, physical, spiritual, emotional, and otherwise and most of these people are looking for people to help them move on. They can’t do it alone as a result of the fact that the situation is beyond their ability.

You need to come into their lives and find a way of carrying them along. Don’t give up on them even when they seem so weak to continue the journey. Even when they act as if all hope is lost, don’t even try to conclude that it is over with them. Who knows you might be the person God wants to use in helping them? Who knows you might be their destiny helper? Who knows life can turn around someday to be the reverse?

A story was once told about a man who was driving home late one summer. He met a man dumped by the roadside, who was beaten badly by hoodlums that attacked him and rob him of his money and car. Not knowing who he was he stopped and had compassion on him then took him to a specialist who treated him. He didn’t stop there he still went ahead to inquire about his welfare, his family, and everything about his life. He gave him some money, provided for him, and set him on a financial level again. From then onwards they became close friends more like brothers.

Another case was told about a schoolboy whose parents were so worried that he has a very dull brain for learning. The teachers weren’t helping. But a classmate took it upon himself to give the boy extra coaching and follow-up. In no distant time, the boy picked up, and become suddenly intelligent and smart. Don’t predict the future yet on people’s situation, because the people you think you might not be able to lift up might be the exact people you are supposed or meant to lift up.

People in This Category Are;

People Passing Through Difficult Times but They Approach You for Help

There are people who cannot help it in life. They are suffering, and can’t even cope with life circumstances. This kind of person might be physically challenged. They can’t work for a living or fend for themselves due to their disabilities, don’t give up on such people.

People with Spiritual Problems

There are some cases where these people might fall into the category of people who are talented with hidden potentials. But might be experiencing some kind of spiritual problems that need to be overcome. They have visions, they have goals, but are being deprived by some mystical force in achieving their set goals. They just need some sort of counseling, guidance, prayers, encouragement, and a follow-up with them.

People Who Are Sick

There are some people who are sick, and those persons need you to always be with them. Not only in the hospital can you find the sick ones. You can find them at home too. They need someone to help alleviate their sufferings. They need someone to stay by their side. Although, it can be challenging when the sickness takes a long time to heal. But no matter the long span of the sickness you don’t have to give up on them.

People Who Are Emotionally Down

There are some people who are emotionally disturbed, very sentimental. They can’t concentrate and do normal things because of one problem or the other. Maybe, because of some sort of heartbreak from loved ones, or some kind of disappointment in business or workplace, or maybe some kind of loss. This kind of person needs someone to talk to. Someone who will uplift their spirit, and bring them out from their emotional trauma, and help them to move on in life. You need to help them out of life misery so, don’t give up on them.

People who are struggling

There are  some people  who are struggling to make a living but are drawn by responsibilities. In this case, if they come seeking help especially financially, then you need to reach out and help. follow up on them because they are also trying in their own way to move on.

People who cherish you

Those people who always want to see you happy and desire your welfare, when they come presenting their sorrows don’t give up on them follow them up.

People who are weak

People you observed their weaknesses, find a way to help them to stay on track and move ahead.

Follow-up is very important in every case that requires you to help in solving people’s problems.

There was yet another case of a young woman suffering from a kind of spiritual disturbance. She could have dreams, terrible dreams that make her afraid, and the dreams could manifest in her real life. She sought a priest who could help council her fears. Yes, she was glad she found one who actually did not give up on her. The priest made very sure she was set free from her problem, and still follow up on her welfare. Giving her more councils, and tips to manage her life, and move on.

How to Follow Up (Not Give Up on People)

1.  Understand their problem

You need to find out what the problem is all about. Take for instance the case of someone suffering from emotional trauma. In this case, the problem has got to do with feelings of betrayal, or heartbreak from a friend, or relative. Again, let’s take a case of someone who is struggling to make a living, then trying to understand this fellow you realize that his case is lack of finance to start up something to earn money from.

2.  Understand the foundation cause of their problem

You need to find out what actually caused the problem. Still taking the case of the person suffering from emotional trauma. Then in trying to understand his problem you ask yourself What is the genesis of this fellow’s problem? Who betrayed him or who broke his heart? Or why was he lacking financially? If you are able to get facts from the person then you are on the way to help out

3.  Help find a possible solution towards it

Find a means of sharing their burden. You might share in terms of financial assistance, or advising the fellow on what best to do. But either way, don’t just stop there. Follow up, keep asking questions regarding the solution. For instance, suppose you gave the fellow advice on what to do. Still, go ahead inquiring from him on a timely basis if he or she actually did what you advised him to do.

4.  Get it solved

If you succeed in getting the person to concede to your advice and eventually did what you told him or her. Definitely, the problem has been solved. so far the solution you give to the person is one you know is capable of dissolving and bringing to an end the problem in existence.

5.  Always be in touch

Having solved the problem. Don’t end there keep communicating with the fellow at all times. As with the case of the man beaten by hoodlums. The good fellow did not just end at the stage of taking him to the treatment center or giving him money, but the good fellow still went ahead asking for his welfare from time to time.

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