How Learning Can form Part of Our Daily Life Activities

Learning is the act of acquiring new knowledge, getting to understand new things. It is one of the things that make up our daily life activities, and It is a continuous process. Every sensible human being on earth learns almost on daily basis. We will keep doing it until we grow old and die. This is because life is made up of stages, at each stage we learn one thing or the other.

No one can ever boast of knowing it all because no man is an island. At the dawn of each new day, we learn and understand new things either intentionally or by experience. Even the mistakes we make often we also learn from them.

It is not only when you go to school or pay for a course that you learn. It can be done at any time either directly or indirectly. Take for instance, when you see an object that seems strange or different to you and you seek to know what it’s all about. If you ask around or make some research to gain knowledge, you have learned something. But when you choose not to learn, it means you want to remain ignorant. People always say, “ignorant is a disease”, but If you learn you acquire knowledge, “no knowledge is a waste.

Take for instance, how do you view, or consider it when you intentionally decide to lock yourself up alone in a room for let’s say a week without interacting with anybody.  Or let’s say when you are not seeing any trace of any living being around. I think the answer is; first you get bored. Secondly, you become hopeless. Then finally, your thoughts will only be surrounded by past knowledge or memories because they will be nothing new to see to learn.

Even prisoners whose freedom is limited for the crimes they commit are sometimes allowed to go into the field to see the air and interact with fellow prisoners. They are also allowed to go to church for them to still remember there is God. Again, some other times they are given the privilege of learning skills there in the prison environment. So, you see you can’t stop learning until you grow old.

The beautiful thing about learning is that once you learn something new, it gets stocked in your brain and becomes a memory no one can take away. In life, new things are known on daily basis. You might not be aware of this, but it’s just a fact. Yes, because from the conversations or interactions you make with your fellow you learn one new thing, or the other that you haven’t heard or known before. A new thing that might be a secret, or something strange, or something you already know but sounds as a reminder. Learning they say widens people’s intellectual.

There are some other times too when we intentionally, or willingly engage our time to acquire knowledge for future purposes. Yes, we do this, after all, an investment in learning or knowledge pays the best interest. Below are various ways learning can form part of our daily life activities.

When we interact with families and friends

Yes, of course, we do this on daily basis. Any time we converse with our family members, friends, neighbors,  even colleagues in the workplace and market place we usually share ideas, opinions, and secrets. During the course of this, we get to know one new thing from them and give it out to them too. Because these people are close associates it is always on daily basis.

When we attend various places of study

When we attend different places of learning like schools, training, seminars, workshops, lectures, both online and offline we also learn. Education learning is usually a stage-by-stage process and it runs throughout the entire life span of an individual. You can only stop educational learning when you decide not to go further in education. But aside from that, you will keep acquiring one educational certificate after another. Then and again when you are studying, you will always keep reading on daily basis.

When we choose to acquire a skill.

No matter the kind of skill we decide to learn, we can’t just learn it once and become 100 percent professional in it. But it will require rehearsing and learning any new method that trends. So, even in skills like sewing, designing, woodwork and so many of them, we learn new things every day. This is so to follow up with the regular happenings in the sector.

When we engage our time in reading

When we read different books like magazines, newspapers. novels, even online journals they all form part of the avenue that provides us with learning. When we read the news, we gain knowledge of what is happening around the world, and in so doing we are learning.

When we listen to the media

When we watch movies, listen to the radio and audio. Most of these media are educating and entertaining and features what is happening in real life. Even radios help us to learn of things we don’t know and become aware of them. Generally, they all help us close the gap of ignorance in our society.

When we join social media groups or platforms

When we join these platforms on the internet, we get to share related ideas about a particular thing. Maybe a course of study or skill. Here people involve bring out ideas to help others learn, give solutions to an existing problem. Ask questions on things unknown and answers are giving voluntarily. These are all ways by which we learn.

When we engage in teaching people, we are also learning.

Yes, do you see those tutors? In junior and high school and also in universities. Even those who engage their time in various ways teaching people to acquire knowledge. As they are rendering those services, they are also learning through making research and findings of what to teach. Because their profession entails giving out genuine information, they are gaining new knowledge every day.

When we observe other people’s behavior and attitudes

If you take a keen interest in observing a growing child, you will understand that the child picks every behavior that people around exhibit. That is why it is said that “when you train a child in the right way, the child will not depart from it”. So, it is also this way with the adults. Although, the difference there is that the adult can understand the good from the bad and so knows the right choice to pick. When people do the very things we like we imitate them, and try to be like them, this way we have learned from them.

When we attend social gatherings

When we attend places like meetings, interviews, seminars, workshops, and various training we learn new things and equip our knowledge. We share ideas. Ideas that are either of benefit or no benefit. But we entertain the good ones and discard the bad ones. Among those who attended the gathering, information is shared and discussed and the attenders benefit by learning

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