Jogging as Form of Exercise Can Build Your Body Capacity

There are many forms of physical activities, they vary, but I specifically want to talk about Jogging as a form of exercise. Every exercise is very important in its own way but depending on the way you really want to carry it out. You will all together achieve the result of moving each part of your body for free blood circulation.

Regular exercise

Jogging is the simplest form of exercise that can be performed on a daily, weekly, or on-time schedule. It can be done in the early hours of the morning before the darkness of the day clears off. It can also be done in the evening before the darkness of the day sets in. The most amazing aspect of this activity is that it can be done anywhere one finds enough space to carry it out. So, for this reason, it mustn’t only be done in the field.

Although, the field is more preferable and larger a space to perform it. But aside from the field, you can carry it out along the roadside, or bridge side while the cars are moving past you. You can also carry it out within your home if you have a large compound that can accommodate your exercise.

Now, this physical exercise is best done wearing sportswear or any outfit that fits it. This is to enhance and give you the freedom to lift your both legs swiftly as you move. Wearing a pair of the canvas is the best. Engaging in jogging can make you burn calories and flushes the bad toxins out of your body.

Jogging relieves pains

Now, discussing how jogging can help build the body and keep an individual strong and healthy. It’s very important to say that when you are lifting your arms and legs, the bones in both places are being stretched forward and backward. This is helping them to be strong and resistant to pain. Those pains we normally experience when the injury occurs in any part of our body as a result of an accident of any kind. Those pains that are related to aging (advanced age) are minimized. Joint pains are not left out.

Sometimes, we see aged people who are having arthritis, and some other older people who don’t experience arthritis. The difference there is the exercise they perform. One partakes in earlier exercise than the other.

The physical activity of jogging doesn’t stop at any given age. When I say this, I mean there is no age limit for performing the jogging exercise. Even if you get to your 60s and 70s you still can carry out this exercise. But the difference there is that you should start jogging at an earlier age so that you can get your body very used to the activity. Then at an older age, your body is strong enough to resist pains, especially in the joints.

Looking at it from this direction, jogging is an active physical exercise in its own way that reaches out to joints related to the leg. For this reason, it’s best suits individuals having symptoms of Arthritis and such related illness.

Jogging aids in weight loss

Very importantly again we can confidently say that jogging reduces fat very fast and naturally. Let’s assume you are gaining much weight and you need to get rid of it without having to experience any side effects. When I say “side effect”, I mean instead of resulting in other means that might give you an adverse effect which might cause some future harm. Like; one taking some sort of beverages or weight loss tea or mix herbals, it’s best to lose it naturally by engaging in physical exercise like jogging, which is the best form of natural weight loss.

Improves cardiovascular fitness

Again, let’s think of how it improves cardiovascular fitness. Engaging in this activity makes your body prone to flexibility or lightweight. When I say “lightweight”, I mean you can easily move your body without having to moan or find it difficult to get up from a sitting position.

Jogging keeps your body alert

Again, you will find activities like jumping, walking, swimming, skipping, dancing, sports very simple to do because of the jogging you do on regular basis. This good thing about this activity cannot be over-emphasized. Do you know that people who carry out this exercise on daily basis are prone to being fast in every one of their tasks be it little or much? They are not the dull type but instead, they are smart, up-and-doing in everything.

Let’s look at it from another angle, Paul wakes up every morning, and does one hour jogging from his immediate home to the end of the street, to and from. He normally does this before preparing for his workplace. He started the journey of jogging when he was in his early 20s and until now, he is heading towards the 50s and has formed it as a habit. When at times he feels something is missing within him he remembers he hasn’t done his regular morning exercise. That is whenever he forgoes doing his morning physical exercise of jogging.

Working in his office was always amazing because his brain and memory were always alert. No matter how much he preoccupies his mind with issues involving his workplace,  family, and private life, he is always able to remember things vividly clear. He can narrate past stories or happenings so well, and very fast to take instructions too. This shows that his brain and memory are very much active. All thank the regular jogging exercise.

Reduce insulin resistance

The insulin helps control the amount of sugar glucose in the body, the jogging exercise you perform on daily basis helps to reduce insulin resistance.

Now, note that with insulin resistance, the body’s cell doesn’t respond normally to insulin. Glucose is then built up in the blood and can’t enter the cells easily. But with the help of regular jogging activity, insulin resistance is reduced.

Look at Paul in his early 50s, looking very strong and fit. He can even perform the most task better than his younger colleagues. People like him who do regular exercise of jogging can live up to a very old age precisely 90s.

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