Childhood Experience Can Affect Your Success; Learn More

Childhood upbringing can affect one’s life positively or negatively. Depending on the outcome of an individual’s life as he or she becomes a fully grown adult. At times, you hear people say, “people become what they are right from childhood”. If you had the opportunity of watching a growing child, you will understand that the success of an individual doesn’t actually come as a result of being either a rich man’s son, or a poor man son, but it can most times be as a result of the individual’s childhood nurture.

There is no sure guarantee that a child who grows up having the whole riches in the world can turn out more successful in life. But there is at least an 80 percent guarantee that a child who was given adequate guidelines and counseling is going to be more successful in life. Indeed, success can’t be achieved in a twinkle of an eye, but they are some things that parents or guardians need to apply or bestow on an individual while growing up. Those things will help shape the future of that person, so that as time goes those things become part of him or her.

Although people change with time, changes in humans can only occur at the maturity stage when the individual realizes the negative or positive impact of his early upbringing. That’s exactly when he or she starts seeking success. Again, the issue of8 inborn natural characters can’t be overlooked. In-born characters are those behaviors which an individual can not out-do.

Sometimes we say it is hereditary or within the family blood lineage. For instance, an individual’s parents or family lineage may record “failure”, in every aspect of their life. When this happens, you begin to observe that people from this family don’t turn out to be successful in any of their individual endeavors in life no matter how hard they struggle to attain success.

But notwithstanding this, some factors can still help to shape the life of any individual from this kind of background to be successful if administered earlier in life. Below are ways that your childhood experience can affect your success as an adult.

Environmental Influence

Lucio was living in an environment where all the children within the neighborhood were always kept indoors and were never allowed to walk around. She was always found indoors either reading or playing games. As the only child of her parents, she could only chat and play with her nanny or her parents, and that’s how she grew up. Now at a full-grown age of 24, she hardly keeps with friends, always shy and very reserved to the core.

She finds it difficult to mix with people because she wasn’t used to that kind of life from childhood. When she sees other people’s achievements it becomes a threat to her, because she lacks the courage to collaborate. But then she can still achieve the opposite if she starts building a new life different from the way she was reared. The environment of one’s upbringing can affect an individual positively or negatively towards achieving success, but Lucio’s case had a negative effect.

Having the Experience of a Rough and Wild Life.

Some parents believe that since children are a gift from God, they have limited or not much hand in training the child. For this reason, they go all the way allowing the child to move around not only within the neighborhood but also on the streets, roads, across boundaries, and farther than they should do as a child. At an early age, those kids already understand what they were about without the help of an adult.

Sometimes the category of this kind of child falls within the children who hawk and sell things along the streets. This freedom of movement without limit makes the individual wild in knowledge, speech, and action. When this child grows up, he or she can adapt fast and very smart to take up any available opportunity that will lead to success in life

An Individual Who Had Several Involvements of Been Scolded by People

If you take keen notice of a child who is always scolded by either the parents or people around, you will realize that the child is either very stubborn or very determined at all times. The person grows up having such a self-willed character. They are the kind of people that takes the risk to become successful especially if the stubborn attitude is an inborn charisma. Again, if you watch carefully, those kinds of people are mostly smart and sensible. This is because in their own understanding they want to achieve what they feel is best for them which isn’t bad at all. Although, people might be against them having their way, having a hard heart is a goal towards achieving their success.

If the Individual Was Given Regular Advice and Moral Guidance

At a certain age, a child begins to understand the right and the wrong thing. He starts receiving good coaching, good training as well as moral guidance from either parents or guardians or whoever is taking custody of the child. I love this aspect of child upbringing. As a child, you are taught certain things you need to know.

What you may likely experience if you do the wrong thing, and what is expected of you. It doesn’t end there; you will also be taught how best to succeed in many things. If an individual is constantly guided with moral and ethical teachings which include behaving well in public. Watch that person closely as he or she grows with it, especially having the knowledge and desire to pray. Things will definitely fall in place for this person in life.

If the Individual Is Properly Enlightened

Although, not every educated person is successful in life today. You can still find some people who never attained college but they are doing extremely well in life, and very successful. Yes! This is true, but then education has its own vital role to play in an individual’s life. From the very stage of childhood and while growing up to fully grown up. As a learned person, he is exposed to many opportunities in terms of getting a Job, having business acumen, wisdom, more involvement in civic duties, more insight on how to tackle difficulties, being more calculative, more disciplined. That’s why Solomon Ortiz quoted, “Education is the key to success”.

If the Individual Was Trained on How to Perform Domestic Chore

I don’t like seeing parents or guardians who pamper children a lot. It doesn’t help at all. In as much as am concerned, there is time for everything. You may need to pet your child but remember that if your pet, or pamper them more than is expected they may become “spoil child of the parent”.

Now, this is the best odd out. Teach them to do domestic activities just as you also advised them to be more principled. Domestic activities help a lot in the life of any person. It makes that person up and doing and more industrious, more active, and very available to take up skilled opportunities.

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