10 Simple Tips to Overcoming Challenges in Life

It’s never always a bed of roses in one’s life as there will always be some moments of trials. Most times, we align this saying that whatever has a positive effect must have a negative effect. Indeed, we have to live this life as though all is perfect and smooth with us. But we still have to bear it at the back of our mind, that when the going gets tough only the tough get going. In other words, it’s a survival of the fittest.

They are some moment in one’s life when it seems all hope is lost, and nothing seems to be working out. The world is still and then you almost feel the breath in you should size, or rather the world should just come to an end.

At moments of the trial you find yourself doubting if you can go on, this is the time you become fed-up with everything around you. Even the air you breathe becomes irritating. You might want to cause the day you were born because you are overwhelmed with frustration, and anger, nothing seems interesting anymore.

But then in all this calm your nerves, and recoil how far you have come in life. Try recalling everything you have faced, the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome, then the unknown future yet beautiful. Then rise your head high, and forge ahead. Yes! Move on for you have got a destiny to fulfill.

You see, in life, everything happens for a reason. so, that moment of the challenge is for a purpose, and when in those trials’ lessons are learned and experiences are also achieved. Then the reason for what happened causes or brings about a change. When those changes appear it can hurt so badly but in the end, it’s all for the best.

So, at moments of trials, and challenges do the best you can to overcome and move on. And never stop trusting God for he has a plan for you. Never give up! Challenges are trials and they are meant to be overcome. If anyone should tell you that in this life no one has ever experienced challenges, then you better see the person as a liar. A lier who doesn’t want to share his experience to help strengthen the nerves of others.

Well, it doesn’t really matter what kind of challenges we face, or what kind of trial that confronts us. Either financial challenges,  physical, or any challenges at all.  What matters most is how boldly, and courageously we fight the battle, and overcome. Below are some helpful tips for us to overcome them.

  1. Be Positive

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, and goals, never allow negative thoughts to slip in. Although, sometimes the negative might tempt to cross your mind to weigh you down, then rise again and confess positive things. Make positive confessions like; “I refuse to give up in life”, “I am a winner”, “The Lord is my strength”, I can’t be defeated”. When you surround your mindset with positive thoughts and imaginations you are bound to see yourself acting positively towards your thoughts.

2. Seek Advice from People Who Have Passed Through Such Challenges

Understand that you are not alone, you have so many people surrounding you. People who have passed through such trauma before, and were able to conquer it. So, reach out, go seek advice from such persons so you can be able to handle your trials. Seek advice from them because no man is an island, you can’t boast of knowing it all. Look for good neighbors, family, and friends to help you out.

3. Be Determined, Focus, and Persistence

Seek out solutions from those people you approached for guidance. Now with wisdom and understanding, you could be able to figure out the next action from the solutions given to you. Be strong-minded to work it out always striving, don’t give up. Wake up each morning and say to yourself I can do this! And be motivated by these words. Focus on your word and walk straight towards achieving what you know can be the best solution.

Then be persistent, be resolved to meet the solutions. Even when you fail, get up and start again knowing too well that those trials are meant to sharpen you. They are meant to give you the experience you need to live this life and be very stronger.

4. Try New Things

Depending on the nature and type of challenges you are passing through try doing things the other way around. Try out some other ways which you think can help lessen the burden. if it’s something to do with a financial issue, try other ways of making money legally, don’t be discouraged. Don’t be afraid, and don’t be ashamed, but bring out the best in you.

5. Take the Risk

If it means going the extra mile to overcome them, then do it as far as what you want to do is legal, and moral. Overcomers are always risk-takers. There are times when you might be having one challenge or the other, and it looks as if you are going to give up. Maybe, because the only way out at that moment might be the hardest out.  No! don’t give up, that’s not the best solution at all. Rather than giving up, consider taking the hardest way out, that’s the risk you have to take, and the solution might lie in that risk.

6. Pray More, Believe with Faith

Of-cause whatever you are passing through in life you definitely need to pray and seek God’s directions. Remember most times man proposes but God disposes of it. That’s why prayer is very important. So, don’t forget that. Pray more often than not, seek spiritual directions from God so, you can be able to overcome those difficulties.

7. Plan Yourself, and Your Time

As the saying goes, “there is time for everything”.  Make a schedule of your daily routine. Time management is very important. You can’t be doing too many things at a time, and you can’t be sitting idle planning or thinking about your life all day without taking action. Map out strategies of the period when things have to be done, especially when you are trying and searching for the solutions. Remember no condition is permanent and everything has got its expiry date. So, as you keep struggling you also learn to be patient with yourself and with time too.

8. Be with Whoever Make You Happy

You don’t need to worry too much, because worries don’t change things. After worrying you still see your problems confronting you. So, in moments of trials don’t always keep to yourself, but try to be with whoever can make you forget most of them. Although they might be one, or two occasions when you might feel like staying alone to be able to think out some possible solution. It’s normal, it’s okay, but don’t always stay alone.

9. Think Big

Even in your trials, don’t limit your expectations, don’t assume you have lost it all by degrading yourself. See yourself as having overcome your challenges. This has to be so because you already have the impression that as long as you are working towards the solution of your problems, there’s definitely going to be a better tomorrow.

10. Be Patience

Yes, be patient. When you are doing this you are enduring, and hoping as well. Challenges are not forever they are trials that normally occur now and then, or once in a while in the life of every individual. Challenges make us strong and prepare us for the future ahead.

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