High Cholesterol; 11 Best Healthy Foods to Help prevention

The case of cholesterol is treatable by medical professionals, under medical diagnosis. Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in all the cells of every livable human being; it looks like fat.

When we pronounce high cholesterol, it looks as if cholesterol itself is very bad. But the truth is that every human body needs some adequate amount of cholesterol to build healthy cells and maintain fitness.

High cholesterol is otherwise not a good premonition; it has no symptoms, but can only be detected by a blood test. When contracted it can lead to heart attack and stroke just like other chronic illnesses, the effect can last for a lifelong

It can be prevented by simply avoiding foods that are high in saturated fat which are mostly found in animal products. Further prevention is by avoiding some commercially produced foods.

it is not in any way advisable to wait until we have contracted high cholesterol before trying to avoid it. Prevention they say is better than cure. Even in the process of trying to cure it, you might not be able to save a life. So, eating some foods and fruits while avoiding others too can help lower and also prevent contracting the illness.

Let’s see below are some foods, fruits, grains, and nuts to help prevent high cholesterol in the body.

1. Oily fish (omega 3)

The oily fish serves as a source of protein very rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It has many heart-protective proteins that also help improve blood cholesterol profiles. For a better result, cook the fish or you can as well smoke it, but don’t fry it.

2. Beans and lentils

Beans are high in fiber, high in protein, but low in fat. It contains a nutrient called lecithin which serves as a useful aid in preventing high cholesterol. Also, lentils are very low in saturated fat but rich in fiber. For a better result, eat beans and lentils at least 3 times a week and see the resultant effect of staying healthy always.

3. Garlic

Among other health benefits of lowering heart, disease Garlic contains an active substance called Allicin.  Allicin is produced when garlic is chopped, which reduces bad cholesterol and raises it to the normal level. Garlic is medicinal because it also helps in preventing serious infections. Patients were mostly advice to eat it at least on daily basis by always including it in their meals as they cook.

4. Black beans

The black beans also called turtle beans are native to their kind. It is rich in protein mostly found in Latin America. The black beans help to lower high cholesterol, thus preventing it too. It is a diet that is also rich in fiber.

5. Apple

Apples have so many healthy nutrients that are very much existing in vitamins and minerals. In addition, it has polyphenols and fiber that help in preventing and lowering high cholesterol. Then for people with high cholesterol levels, eat apples as a regular source of fruits.

6. Avocado

Among other fruits that lower the cholesterol level in a patient. The Avocado pear is again one of the fruits that are rich in nutrients. Some time ago, findings were conducted and it was revealed that those patients who have high cholesterol should always add avocado to their normal diet. It helps maintain LDL cholesterol levels. Under normal circumstances, eating avocado is essential for preventing this illness.

7. Orange juice

The orange juice is always fortified with sterols. A research was conducted and it was also revealed that the orange juice should be made from ripped oranges. This juice is capable of decreasing LDL cholesterol levels and increasing HDL cholesterol levels. This way it is been prevented.

8. Grains and nuts

Grains like brown rice which has soluble fiber helps to lower high cholesterol. Brown rice has no fats; it contains enough nutrients and fiber. It is not refined but comes in its natural form. It’s very much recommended as food for people with high cholesterol, but good to eat for preventive measures.

While Nuts like; walnuts, pecans, even hazelnuts are typical examples that can help reduce the high cholesterol level of people with this illness. But it’s very necessary to always eat to keep cholesterol levels normal.

9. Sunflower oil

Indeed we need oil in our daily meals to help supply calories and the little number of fats needed for the body. Sunflower oil is regarded as one of the best oil for cooking. Then in terms of cholesterol levels, it helps to lessen that is, bad LDL cholesterol and increase good HDL cholesterol.

Sunflower oil among other oils like; olive oil and peanut oil, are the healthiest oil found to be the best for consumption. They contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that help to reduce high cholesterol levels and even normalize low cholesterol levels.

10. Green leafy vegetables

By now we ought to know that green leafy vegetables are a very rich source of protein. It is advisable for patients dealing with high cholesterol levels to prepare their meals having a rich amount of vegetables in them. Again to obtain a more suiting effect include the oily fish. This two help reduce high cholesterol and also for preventive measures

11. Sesame seed

These seeds are loaded with phytosterols that help to reduces or bring down the bad cholesterol level. The sesame seed among other seeds like; the flaxseed, sunflower seed is all good in both LDL and HDL cholesterol levels.

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