Eating Oily Fish Can Give You Much Health Benefits

Oily fish are very nutritious and beneficial to our health. They are a kind of fish species that are having oil in soft tissues, and the cello-mic cavity around the gut.

They are a group of oily fish regarded as the best fish to eat. They include; Salmon, Trout, Pilchards, Herring, Sprats, Mackerel. As the name of this fish implies, “oily fish”, or you can as well call it “fish in oil”. It covers a substantial quantity of oil all over the body tissue. The oily fish is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It has been proven medically to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and other related chronic diseases found to be developed in the human body.

Although, through research, these diseases can be a result of inadequate consumption of this species.

You cannot talk of oily fish and not mention omega 3 fatty acids. For this reason, researchers seek to find out the plant source of this supplement. It was revealed to be flaxseed, walnut, and among others too.

Do you know that most of the diseases people suffer today are in relation to not being able to recognize some common classes of food? Those foods need to be eaten on daily basis and need to be eaten with oily fish.

While some other reasons are not been able to realize the quantity required to be consumed.

Now, because this oily fish is very present in this omega 3 fatty acid, it is medically suggested that people can as well supplement their diet with it. The omega 3 fatty acid which has other names as omega 3 oil, is a polyunsaturated fatty acid. It’s a very important, and essential nutrients that help in preventing and lowering blood pressure.

The oily fish, apart from being rich in omega 3 fatty acid. It is one food that has lots of fat-soluble vitamins such as; vitamin A, and D. Below are some of the ways it can give you many benefits to your health.

It is beneficial to the heart

The fatty acids found in the heart of oily fish usually protect the heart from mental stress. Research conducted proved that most people who took supplements made of fish oil for a longer duration usually have improved cardiovascular during mental stress. You can as well equate eating oily fish most times with omega 3 acid supplements. But not to eat it in the quantity that is over needed. This is because high consumption of this species can also cause a reduction in immune system activities.

Protect loss of vision

It is said that eating oily fish once or twice a week can help protect and reduce the risk of loss of vision as one age. Simultaneously, it is best recommended to always include some reasonable amount of oily fish in our daily diet.

Lowers the Risk of Dementia

According to French research in 2002, after the previous research of annals in 1977. It was revealed that people who eat this species at least once a week had a significantly lower risk of being diagnosed with dementia for a relatively long period. While further research proved that as the consumption of oily fish goes high, there is a corresponding rate of lower risk of being exposed to dementia

Mental health benefit

In a study conducted it was found out that people with behavioral problems like; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will likely get solutions from the consumption of oily fish. Again, little children are required to eat more oily fish to help improve their behavior.

It improves bone health

Although oily fish is recommended for all age types, it is very important for the aged as their bone will gradually begin to lose strength. When the bones start losing strength they gradually become exposed to diseases of the joints like arthritis. For this reason, more consumption of oily fish or the omega 3 supplement is recommended.

It reduces symptoms of Asthma

Now, look at this, since the oily fish proves very much present in the omega 3 fatty acid, in fact, they work hand-in-hand. It helps to decrease surplus immunoglobulin antibodies that cause inflammation of the airways which typically leads to an asthma attack.

Maintain skin health and cancer

Salmon, mackerel, and herring as proved by researchers are very good sources of food for healthy skin. Since omega 3 fatty acid is very rich in these oily fish, it helps reduce diseases related to the skin like cancer of the skin. It also helps to control the manufacturing of the oil in the skin, leaving it more hydrated and nourished.

It improves Memory

The Trout, Mackerel, and salmon fish are very good sources when it comes to memory improvement. These species contain a very good amount of EPA and D HA. The omega 3 which is also regarded as the oil of fish controls normal brain functioning.

Recommended for pregnant and nursing women

It is very much suggested for expecting and breastfeeding mothers to take an adequate amount of oily fish. This is because it helps both the baby in the womb and those newly born to develop a strong nervous system. They can also take the omega 3 acid supplement which is made from oily fish to ensure the proper safety of both mother and baby health.


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