Diabetes Diet: 10 Best Foods to Eat for Diabetes

According to research, the causes of Diabetes result from high blood sugar levels. Resulting from much intake of carbohydrates and fats. Most people find it difficult to avoid these classes of food entirely but when sickness strikes it becomes the only option.

When we live our normal healthy life free from illness of any kind, we eat any food that satisfies our appetite. It is quite different from someone suffering from an illness like diabetes. For a diabetic patient, it may take a little task to be able to figure out what foods to eat to manage the illness. However, this difficult task does not have to be so.

To be on the safe side, you need to consult your doctor for the right advice on the best food to eat. The first thing to have in mind as your prior goal is to keep your sugar level normal. Almost 90% of the foods and fruits we consume daily contain sugar. That is the more reason you have to keep in touch with your doctor for the best foods to always eat.

For both type 1 and type 2 diabetics, these are the 10 best foods to take. These foods could help in managing the illness for a longer life span.

Eat enough vegetables

Make sure to include an adequate amount of vegetables in your diet each time you prepare your meal. Green leafy vegetables are low in calories and carbohydrates. They are very nutritious and rich in vitamin C and minerals. They serve as antioxidants that help defend the heart, it is the best-recommended food for diabetic patients. 

Some of these leafy greens include Spinach, Cabbage, Kale, Collard greens, etc. Aside from being one of the best foods for diabetes, it is also rich in fiber. Help to reduce mental problems and heart disease.


Beans are one best food for people with diabetes both for type 1 and type 2 patients. According to research from the American Diabetes Association, Beans are in a better position to maintain blood levels as compared to other carbohydrates foods. Therefore, people who suffer from the illness should endeavor to eat more of it on weekly basis.

A dietarian Jessica Bennett says that black beans and kidney beans are very essential. They could help control the sugar levels of a diabetic victim. One important aspect of beans is that it contains soluble fiber. It can be classified as a carbohydrate but it is more complex and digests more slowly in the body than other starchy foods.

Yogurt (Greek and Icelandic)

Research suggests that yogurt serves as a great source of nutrients for people with diabetes. It has low carbohydrates and is high in protein, calcium, and vitamins.  Although they are many types of yogurts the best could be Greek and Icelandic yogurt. Every other type needs careful consumption.

High consumption of yogurt may reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes. It boosts the immune system; helps protect the bones and prevents problems associated with digestion. Aside from being a good food for diabetes patients, it also helps in weight loss.


Flaxseed is one of the best foods for a diabetic person and has many advantageous effects for people suffering from the illness. It contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and fiber, with insulin resistance. The oil from flaxseed contains nutrients that can boost digestive health. It helps to reduce blood sugar and avert cholesterol. It has enough nutrients that not only benefit a diabetic patient but cancer also.


The nut represents snacks for diabetes persons because they help to control blood sugar levels. Those nuts include peanuts, cashew, almond, and walnut they help to control the glucose level. Much consumption of this nut can also improve heart health. These nuts contain fiber and are very nutritious for health. From research, it can also lower the risk of heart disease.


Garlic is more beneficial to managing type 2 diabetes. It is very active in lowering blood sugar levels and reducing high cholesterol. Most times, it is used as an ingredient in manufacturing local medicines that could help lower blood pressure. Aside from its medicinal usefulness, Garlic is also nutritious and contains vitamin C and B6, manganese, and fiber. It could also help to fight infections in the body.

Oily fish

Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) which are very beneficial to the heart are a good source of food for diabetic persons. It is also beneficial for those with heart disease and stroke. The oily fish is very rich in protein and helps normalize blood sugar levels.

Research shows that the consumption of oily fish can help to reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of contracting chronic illnesses. People who engage more in eating oily fish have a greater advantage in avoiding heart attacks.

The DHA and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acid) are so much rich in fish. The human body system needs these two to function properly


This fruit is very low in carbohydrates but high in fiber. It lowers blood sugar levels because it takes a longer time to digest the nutrients it contains. The stuff of these fruits contains enough vitamins and healthy fats that will be beneficial to type 2diabetes patients. It also helps insulin warmth.

Green Plantain

For most countries in Africa, this food is one of the best for managing diabetes. Research indicates that it could help normalize blood sugar levels. Especially the unripe buds contain enough fiber, vitamins, iron, and mineral. Sometimes it is processed into the floor in raw form, which could make it another source of native food.


This is another best food for diabetes patients found in most African countries. Breadfruits is very rich in nutrients; it has a high amount of protein and fiber that reduce high sugar level and lowers cholesterol. Aside from being one of the best foods for diabetes patients, it is one nutritious meal that most Africans enjoy eating.