Choosing the Successful Life of a Career Woman

Before now, women are not known to be in the professional sector. They are regarded less and were simply noted as those who could run domestic errands mostly within the home, and environs of her immediate family. Again, they were noted for the sole role of giving birth to children and bringing them up.

That is where the ancient belief evolved that “women’s education ends in the kitchen”. This quote actually resulted from the belief that since women are given in marriage, and when they get to their respective husband’s houses, they end up having children and managing the home. Having many domestic responsibilities to handle, and also help much in the field with crops production.

But for the sake of this context, we are talking about women who have come to understand that women are worth more than just being bundled at home just for domestic purposes. Today women in various parts of our life take up different occupations that last for a longer lifespan with more opportunities for progress.

The quest for financial independence, and passion-driven has actually made women gain more insight. Helping them to understand, that they can as well take up positions like men. Not equalizing with them but trying to prove the saying that, “what a man can do a woman can do more better”.

Nowadays we see women from different races, cultures, religions, and customs attend places of learning to be more equipped. Also, be more ready for possibilities ahead. Women are in every position, every class, and every professional body.

Now, talking about the life of a career woman, it is one in which the main aim is taking up a job, and focusing more on developing it.  Having her own income rather than staying at home taking care of the children, and running the domestic affairs of the home.  Sometimes in order cases, those women prefer to be their own boss. Their interest is centered mostly on pursuing their self-goal and trying to attain progress. Again, also been very passionate about what they do. The life of a career woman can be described in two ways;

The first is those women who choose to create a career for themself, and at the same time creating a family and taking responsibility of both. While the other is those women who prefer creating a career for themself and decides not to have a family of her own. But these days most women prefer the first category than the letter choice which is a career woman with husband and children.

Yes, and indeed every career woman may want to have a family because the money she makes will someday be left for some persons as a legacy. However, there are many career options available for a woman to choose which can also enable her to manage alongside the family she has.


These days we see women who choose to be financially free and decides to start up a business of their own. Especially those businesses they love doing and are very passionate about. It enhances her to take care of her family, and also attend to other immediate pressing needs. The business can be in form of;

Foodstuff: This can be in anything edible weather row or cooked. Can also be in form of fruits, snarks, drinks, and bakeries.

Boutique: Women like fashionable things so, they mostly engage in this business. They rent a large opening where designer Materials like clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, rings, and all kind of fashionable stuff are displayed.

Fashion design: Sowing different kinds of garments in styles. This business is very common among women, easy to set up, and very rewarding too.

Body and hair care: Body treatment, both facial and plastic surgery. Hair making, hair treatment, different styles, and hair training, Make up stylist.

Supermarket/Groceries store. Where Provisions and canned foods are sold. Other miscellaneous edibles and non-edibles are made available.

Drug store; Medication, and treatment.

Other career jobs that can enable her to look after the family include Teaching, Medicine, Lawyer, Governmental Organizations, Nursing.

The Daily Life activities of a Career Woman

Having stated that they are two categories of a career woman. but I am more concerned with the first choice. The career woman with the first category wakes up early enough to make breakfast for her family. But before then she must have done her morning devotion. She goes ahead to prepare her kids for school. She drops them at school and heads towards her office.

Bringing the children from school on noonday also entails her taking a break from the workplace. She attends to the children and after which she places them in the care of a helper, while she goes back to work to round up her office activity.

Going home from work she has to stop at the grocery store to pick items needed at home. She comes back home to make dinner. Help the children with their homework, and then prepares them for the night’s rest. Looking at this daily activity, it’s really stressful. At first, she might get stressed up especially if she has no nanny or anyone to help out, but with time, she will get used to it.

Benefits Seen in The Life of a Career Woman

Financial Independence

As a woman, there is nothing so amazing as making her own money. it helps her to compose herself and also support her husband with the family expenses. Thus bridges up the gap and help keep the family running. In this way, she can also be seen as a helper to some other persons around her. Been financially independent is one of the freedom women enjoys most.

Time Management

She plans her time to suit her working life and domestic life. She knows when to get up in the morning and takes responsibility for everything around. She organizes herself, makes out time to suit her career, her family, and private life. In as much as she is a professional woman, she need not allow events to clash as to devoid her concentration to her job.

Better Role Model

A career woman is basically seen as an independent financial-free woman. When she starts helping other women to take her footstep, by giving them good advice, guidance, and financial assistant where needed, she is then seen as a role model worthy of emulation. She gains self-respect within and outside her environs. Not only will she be seen as a role model but also as somebody to emulate her footsteps. Basically, this kind of thing is bound to bring respect to her personality both far and near.

She enjoys being her own boss.

The only person that can testify to this is a woman who is in charge of her own business set-up. She can tell you exactly how it feels to be in control of her working life. A work-life where nobody has to dictate for her on issues concerning her money.  Or make decisions or command her on what to do as regards her financial hustle.

Although her career might suffer much when she is not there, her sole managerial role will definitely be a worthy legacy for whoever is left to benefit from her. But then as long as she is still alive the business is also alive.

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