Careful Ways to Find True Love on Social Media

If you are the type that believes that social network is a very wonderful place to find a reliable friend, I will like you to keep reading.  Are you very much interested in finding true love from social platforms, one that will last for eternity, then this write-up is exactly for you? Again, supposing you believe or view that social media is “not” a place to find true love, keep reading also. Because you might be convinced before you get to the end of this write-up.

Like I once said in my previous write-ups precisely; in social network romantic relationships. “People’s desires are very different from each other just as their faces are different”. But most importantly it’s best to know what works best for you in life and do it best.

The world is going digital and everything is done on a network except one thing which is immediate physical touch. What I mean is this; you can’t be seeing someone who is online and at that very moment touching the person live from where you are. You can speak to the person and he or she responds. You can view whatever the person is doing, and the person also views you at the same time.  But there is no way you can ever make body contact with that very person at that very moment.

What you believe is your faith. Stand firm with assurance on what you think can work best for you. Social media relationship is very possible and real, but it all depends on how you handle the situation and make it achievable. The reason why some people dislike the idea of finding true love from social platforms is that they believe mainly in physical deals rather than incorporeal.  While also, they tend to forget that whatever is happening in the physical is also real in the spiritual. The simple solution, therefore, is, to “do what works best for you in life”.

Now when you believe with all your heart that a social platform is truly a place you can discover your soul mate. Then you need to have a strong desire backed by assurance (faith) that this is where you belong (social media). Then go for it, it will definitely work for you.

On the contrary, if you are having a biased mind if actually, it’s going to work for you or not then you had better not choose the social platform. Don’t assume you can find true love in any networking platform simply because your friend, “Paul” got engaged to a pretty blond he met on Facebook. Don’t be carried away by Lucy’s successful relationship, because she met her spouse on one of the social platforms.

Do you know the truth? I will tell you something. Paul and Lucy whom you want to imitate won’t ever tell you the truth of how they actually build their relationship. That is one thing. Secondly, Paul and Lucy’s fates are not the same as yours. Then thirdly you need to ascertain yourself and know exactly what you want.

Question; what do you want?

Answer; I want to find true love on the social platform

Advice; Then follow the simple tips below.

Don’t be carried away by physical attraction

Don’t base your whole judgment on physical appearance when looking for real love on the social platform. Give appearance at least 20% out of 100% overall score of what you are looking for in a relationship. Do you know that 50% of people’s pictures on social platforms are not their real image? Some of the real ones might be pictures taken way back as 4 years or farther than that.

Now, this is my advice on this. If you view the person’s picture which of cause might be the object of your attraction. That is the first thing that will bring you both together as far as social media is concerned. If you really love what you see, then it means you have just started the mission. Go ahead; take the next step while having carefulness in mind.

Don’t believe everything yet

The next thing is to communicate with the fellow; you can do this by either way of live video, phone calls, or audio. But the best way is to give the person a brief chat before you proceed with a video call. Some people may not like it when you choose to meet them first on a video call. Then as you converse, try not to be carried away by everything said because some might be true while some might be false.  Try not to believe everything, but apply your wisdom and take everything that both of you discussed into consideration.

Search your inner-self

Now you have made your first call or probably your first chat. What do you think? This is somebody you have seen his or her picture and have made one or two calls with. Ask yourself, do you like the result of the whole thing. Get on your inner-self, what do you feel?  Do you feel happy, sad, or having mixed feelings? Your inner reactions will tell you the next step to take. But if you are feeling unsure, and different, then repeat the step and see if you will get the same result. That is if you will still feel the same way as before.

Take the mission slowly but steady

Take time to study the very person you feel you love. Do this by always asking questions about what puzzles your mind. Ask questions on things you feel are suspicious. Take the mission slowly; don’t be in a haste to get to meet each other in person. Take the mission steady utilizing steady communications through various means you feel are best suited for you.

Schedule a live date

I think this is the final stage. All this while both of you have been dating seeing pictures and videos of each other online. You have not seen or met each other physically. So, it’s time you both get to meet yourselves face-to-face and feel the touch of your physical nature.  How do you feel at the very sight of that person? Is it still the same person? Hope you still have in mind the very picture of the person you saw on the internet? Do you still feel the same way as usual?  If yes you are both good to go. If no, then gently explain your disappointment and quietly walk away.


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