Body Odor: The Causes, Prevention and Management

People develop body odor when they are unable to take proper care of their skin, and the clothes they wear on daily basis. This is when the absence of good physical hygiene is lacking in an individual wearing the body odor.

Body odor is not in any way attributed to any fundamental disease. Sometimes, people say that when you fail to address an issue and get addicted to it, then it becomes an illness.

In other words, when an individual fails to address the issue of good personal hygiene which includes taking your bath and keeping yourself neat then it becomes an illness. This is because it will make the individual fall prey to bacteria leading to one disease or another.

Body odor is an unpleasant smell that is attached to an individual’s body due to inadequate care of one’s body. Simply put, it is poor hygiene. Personal hygiene, among other things, includes taking your birth and brushing your teeth on regular basis. It also includes wearing good neat clothes.

It does not stop there it also includes the kind of toiletries the individual uses. For instance, we may see people who do take their normal bath but still smells bad when they approach or come closer to people. When this happens some certain soap and deodorant are prescribed for them.

Deodorants like; roll-on, spray, good body cream, and antiseptic soap. They are many good deodorants that can eliminate body odor when applied to the armpit. You can visit a good pharmaceutical store to help you recommend one. It also goes to spray, not all sprays have good smells but choosing the right one will give the air around you a fresh smell.

You will have to visit any pharmaceutical stores around to seek recommendations for a good soap, and cream that will help eliminate body odor. All these four items mentioned above are items that will help an individual to limit body smell and the embarrassment that goes with it.

Things that can cause body odor and how to remedy it

Apart from bad personal hygiene, there are other major causes of bad smell on the body.

Unable to take a regular normal bath

Several people find it difficult to take their birth at least twice a day, more especially people who go to workplaces.  It can be easy for them to take their bath in the morning because they are leaving home. But when they come back home from the workplace they find it difficult to take another bath.

This is because they feel very tired and worn out after the day’s activity.  However, this is not good because the sweat and germs that perch to your body will still follow you to bed, which is not hygienic enough.

Regular baths help to wash off bacteria and sweat that dwell on the skin when your body is busy with daily activities.  Do you notice at times when people wake up from sleep, they usually smell foul? It is because they dint take their bath before going to bed the previous night.

 Sweating profusely at all time

When I see people who sweat a lot, I begin to think that these people are suffering from one internal illness or the other. But after much research, I find out that sweating profusely has got nothing to do with any form of illness. But it can be as a result of too much walking exercise, like when you walk a long distance probably in under hot weather. However, if you walk in a cold or normal climate you won’t have to sweat that much.

Therefore, if you are used to walking more than commute you are likely to sweat more. Again, if you perform many domestic chores within your homes like gardening and other types of hard tasks, you are likely to sweat always. Moreover, if you do not always take your bath after those sweat it can give you odor, the sweat can stick to your body and cause your body to smell.

Staying in the hot climate

We are still saying that sweating profusely can cause an individual to develop body odor especially if the person did not take a regular bath. Stressing further to the cause of excessive sweat, we think of hot weather conditions.

There are some countries in some part of the world, where there is always a season when the people their experience hot climate. A time when the intensity of the heat measures at its peak, and every region in that part of the world becomes hot.

During this time people living in this hot climate find the weather very irritating because they can hardly sleep. The hotness gives them much sweat that compels them to take frequent baths.

If at this time they do not take good care of their body, they can produce a bad odor. Therefore, it is advisable for people under this condition to take regular showers, and stay mainly in the open air. Again, to help alleviate the sweat and body odors they can always wear loose clothes that allow air into their body.

Spending too much time under the sun

Nobody actually prefers staying under the hot sun, but some conditions might compel the need to be under the sun for a while. Conditions like a laborer cultivating in a fruit or plant garden. Hawkers of some food items who go from door to door in a bid to make sales.

Another condition that can warrant being under the sun is if you making a long-distance journey that requires you to move on foot. Maybe the route is not commutable. All these are conditions that can make a person be under the sun and sweat. Therefore, anybody who engages in such things as these should also take bath to avoid the sweat prolonging in their body to cause a smell.

When you eat too much of Garlic and Onion

The Onion bulb and Garlic are essential vegetables that help protect and build good health. They are a good source of vitamin E and vitamin B6. These two species especially the Garlic fight germs in the body and prevent fungi in the body as well as viruses.

Notwithstanding their great benefits, these vegetables also harm the life of the individual who takes too much of it. Taking too much Garlic and Onion more than is required will make you produce a bad odor not when you speak but also smells on your body.

Wearing dirty clothes

It is not enough that you should take regular baths. It also demands that you wash your clothes at all times and put on new fresh clothes too. Some people might take regular baths but still goes ahead to put on the cloth that you wore the previous day without washing it.

Remember that each cloth you wore usually has a stern of sweat either at the armpit or at the neckline of the cloth. Therefore, it will be a beautiful thing if you do not continue wearing it the next day.

Wearing dirty underwears

Sometimes, people find it easy to wear neat clothes but difficult to wear neat underwear. Wearing neat clothes but putting on dirty underwear will still make you produce body odor.

This is because good personal hygiene entails that you keep in and out of your external body clean. Your innerwear should also be wash and change as you change your clothes. Do not ignore this aspect of personal hygiene; it is very important for every individual.

Maintain a high level of overall personal hygiene

If an individual is unable to maintain good personal hygiene, it probably will expose such person to germs and bacterial. Those germs and bacteria that rest on your skin will produce a bad odor from your body.


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