Best Indoor Exercise You Can Do During the Cold Weather

Are you wondering or trying to find out the kind of exercise to perform while indoor and it’s freezing outside? With the weather condition, you don’t feel like trying out any workout activity outside your home. Probably, it’s the time of the year when it’s usually very cold. The season of Winter and some other seasons when it’s rainy and the weather is usually unfriendly outside.

At the moment you are feeling dull and your body equally cool. You don’t want the hot coffee which can as well be a suiting relief to the cold climate. But you just want to give your body a hit-up indoor exercise.

Then you don’t need to search further. Listed below are the best indoor exercises that can best suit the cold weather and give you the warm hit your body so desires.

Cycling (exercise Bicycle)

Normally, when the weather is warm and suiting, one can carry out this activity outside with the normal bicycle. But we are more concerned with the indoor workout when the weather outside is cold. The indoor cycling workout is done using the exercise bicycle.

It is also called a stationary bicycle or a spinning bike specially made to be used indoor. It has a saddle and pedals as well as handlebars like the normal bicycle used for outdoor exercise. For you to use it you need to set it properly by doing some adjustments on the seats, on the pedals, and handle.

Push up

Push-up is another indoor exercise that typically warms the body and keeps the brain alert all day. Simply spread a mat on the floor. Next, lie down with your chest and face, facing the floor, and your both legs stretch. Then with your, both hands are placed firmly on the floor while gradually lifting your whole body slowly up and down. Keep repeating until you feel a warmness around your body.


This is an indoor exercise that can be achieved by lifting your body and allowing the force of gravity to pull you down. When you are doing this, you are at the same time showing off the cold cramps that are making you feel dull. Jumping also helps to reduce the excess fat and makes you feel lightweight and flexible. You can carry out this workout in a particular spot or move about as though you are imitating a frog.

High Knee

The high knee workout seems to be the simplest form of indoor exercise. You can do it by standing straight in a particular position with your both feet firmly on the floor. Then lift high your left knee allowing it to come up to your chest and then down. Turn to your right leg and do the same. Continue while it looks as if you are demonstrating a running motion.

Using Treadmill Device

Using the treadmill device to carry out an indoor workout is as interesting as going outdoor too. You can use it to perform three different exercises, while still on the same spot as you are indoors away from the freezing weather.  You can perform activities Like; running, walking, and jogging. Simply put on the button, then wait for it to start before using it. You see, with the treadmill device you can also achieve your outdoor exercise very comfortably while indoors avoiding the weather outside.


The crunch workout is an abdominal exercise, preferably done indoors. To be honest, I love this particular indoor activity because I can easily do it even as I woke up while still on my sleep bed. But to achieve a better result, get a mat on the floor then lie straight with both hands at the back of your head.

Draw your both knees backward with your feet firmly on the floor. Then push your head up towards your abdomen then back again. Continue until you feel tired.


This is one form of indoor workout I love doing almost on daily basis. I use to enjoy it because it tweaks my whole body to move in different directions all at once. The best result can be achieved when one engages in an action dance where the body moves faster and produces sweat.


During freezing weather conditions when you might feel like curling yourself like a newborn baby. You should try the skipping exercise conveniently within your home. You can achieve this body keep-fit by crossing a long rope over your head in a curved form. Making it pass under your feet and come up again continuously. In the end, you won’t imagine the result.

Skipping can also be carried out by three people. Two people holding the long rope at each end. Then throwing it up to produce a curve shape that passes under the feet of the third person as he jumps in.  Allowing the rope to pass across his head and under his feet.

Bent over row

Now, rather choose to carry a weight lifter which might give you some kind of struggle and hurt. It’s best to resort to this indoor body fitness which makes use of a dumbbell. It’s easier and very well suits the freezing condition.

It can be carried out in different ways. You can choose to bent over while holding a holding the two devices on each hand. Then lifting the equipment up and down continuously. You can also choose to stand straight while holding the dumbbell in both hands then pull it up and down.

Squat Jump

The squat jump is one of the indoor exercises which helps to improve one’s body strength and also makes one lose weight naturally. For you to achieve this exercise, stand straight, upward on your two legs. Then bend to produce a curve on your hips, making your butt shoot backward. Then lift your whole body off the floor while either swinging or placing both hands together.

Walking lunge

This indoor activity can be described as a strength-training workout. You can do it well enough while indoor. To get it done, stand straight on both feet. Then gradually lower your left knee towards the floor while at the same time bring your right knee to rest on your hip. As if you are demonstrating a walking motion. Continue with the other leg for thirty minutes.

Domestic Activities

Do you understand that the house task you usually carry out within your home is a way of performing indoor exercise? If you do you will definitely want to do every of your house chores alone. Rather than employ someone to do it for you or involve the use of a machine to do them for you. Those house tasks like; sweeping, washing, dusting, mobbing, gardening, and even sewing. But even if you need to employ someone at least you can do them yourself once in a while.

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