9 Interesting Tips to Help Sustain A Long-Lasting Love Life

How is your love life like, is it the kind of love you have imagined and dreamed of, is it the kind of love you have planned and prayed for, or is it all together with the reverse of it all, the kind you never want to talk about.

Your relationship, both romantic and sexual at a particular point in time is simply your love life. Talking about sustaining a long-lasting love life is equally saying something about a love that is capable of withstanding the test of time, and eventually leads to a more advanced age.

Sometimes I marvel at how couples or people of the opposite sex could come together to unite in a relationship which they may expect to lead to marriage without the existence of love. Someone said to me the other time, “when I get married to him, I will try and build the love”.

But does it really work that way, sometimes it is easier said than done? Trying to build love into a relationship that has no love at the beginning will definitely demand a lot of patience, sacrifice, and learning too. A life without love is meaningless how much more a relationship without love is risky itself. But once there is the visibility of love every other thing will flow naturally on its own.

But sometimes, you see some relationships where the aspect of love is not regarded nor even acknowledged, or would I ask how do you view couples who live like they were strangers, who live like they hardly know each other. Such relationships be it marriage or mere friendship will not be able to stand the test of time at all. Below are some tips to help keep love long and lasting.

  1. Communication

No communication, no relationship, that is to say, any relationship without any form of constant contact with each other, either face-to-face, phone calls, written messages, text, chats, video or Audio between the two people involved is the same thing as, or there isn’t any relationship or intimacy at all.

Communication is the bedrock of every relationship. Of all the guidelines and counsels for a better relationship, the most important and serious of them all is communication. If there is anything like 100% and then I will rather say we give it that. But since there is nothing like 100 percent then it’s advisable to give every relationship 99 percent communication.

There should be absolute, and steady interactions between the two people involved in a relationship that is meant to last forever till the end of time. During the process of communicating with each other, they are bound to learn, read and understand themselves. This is the time they know the do’s and don’t of each other. Through communication, they read each other’s hearts, thoughts, and even movements. This is very most important.

2. Forgiveness

This is also called being compassionate, merciful and this is mostly very easy among couples who deeply love each other. Therefore, it’s also of paramount importance that before couples could unite, they should make love their prior reason for uniting, because they will find forgiveness very simple.

I am not saying that those who do not have initial love cannot forgive, yes indeed, they can, but sometimes it’s not always so easy. But love is forgiveness anyway. Forgiveness in any relationship paves way for tolerance, acceptance, brighter days and also minimizes mistakes of infidelity and unwanted situation that might result in affairs outside the relationship.

  1. The desire for Each Other

The desire of couples for each other simply means having feelings for each other, especially when one is absent from the other’s presence. For instance, it may be the man or the woman that embarked on a trip. The fact that one of them is not available in person at any point in time gives the other a strong passion for the other to be around. Again, each of them should always feel the desire for them to always be together.

  1. They Need Each Other Collaboration

This simply means both couples working together to make the relationship a reality. For them to make allies of each other, they become open to each other, make plans together, share and solve each other’s problems. Being protective of each other, together they fight their enemies and also build their fortune.

  1. Be Patience With Each Other

For a long-lasting love life to occur between couples who really want the best thing to happen in their relationship they have to practice the act of tolerance and endurance towards each other. Being patience has got to do with understanding each other’s predicaments and trying to help out where necessary, sharing the agony and pain of each other.

  1. Trust For Each Other

There was a case raised some time ago on the issue of trust, as regards couples keeping secrets from each other. Some were of the view that men should not tell their women everything they know, and vice-versa. But I want to point it out here if there is anything, I mean everything that is necessarily needed for your partner to be aware of at all, something that is unavoidable, “a must”, then don’t ever keep it a secret. Make it known to the other person. This is one way of building trust in a relationship. Again, deceits of any kind should be avoided between both.

  1. Overlook some things

Now, there are some certain things couples should overlook when trying or hoping for a long-lasting relationship, things like, purposely checking on his phones, monitoring he were about to see if he is keeping an affair outside, being a feminist (on the side of the woman) and trying to control him. Things like these need to be overlooked but if you must do it, then it should be done in a more matures and respectful manner that also shows love and not envy or rudeness.

  1. Humor and playfulness

Adding humor to any relationship is like adding sugar to a coffee. Humor makes a relationship to be alive and entertaining. Although they say “there is time for everything”. So, being playful and witty should be done with wisdom and managed by both persons in the relationship. But there is always every need to include humor during some conversations as the case may be.

  1. Prayer

If at the end of giving all these guidelines, I fail to include prayer I don’t think my counsels will make meaning. So, for this, prayer should not be omitted. Remember man proposes but God disposes of.  Then again, it is God who has the sole right to bring a man and a woman together and make it last forever. couples need to trust and believe in God to make everything work out for Good.

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