8 Ways to Embrace Integrity in Our Daily Lifestyle

what exactly is integrity? It is the act of being whole and undivided, having strong moral principles. Always keeping to your words. In its simplest form, it is “HONESTY’. Does integrity actually pay? When you live a life of integrity does it truly pay? Quite alright we all know that integrity is a virtue but the art of maintaining it in our daily life today is very difficult.

Now the next question is how do we embrace integrity in our everyday activities with our fellow human beings? In what we do for ourselves and the society at large. Nowadays it’s very easy to see or understand that quite a few people living on earth uphold that word, “integrity”. Even if we can find them you won’t be assured that they maintain it in everything they do. This is to say that they may give in to the opposite when things fall apart, or in times of trials, or when faced with tempting situations.

Let’s look at it from this angle, you have a job, or a business and this is what you do for a living. You can carry out your huge expenses and daily spending courtesy of this business or job. You reach out and touch people’s life from this same means of living. In fact, every monetary transaction is from this business that you are doing.

Now a need arises that you will have to choose between your job and being honest. Would you like to choose integrity and lose your job? Or would you choose the job that is giving you income for a living and then reject integrity. Do you still go-ahead to show the whole world that you are whole and indivisible?

Integrity is like being righteous. This is the more reason why people find it very difficult to embrace in their daily lives today. No one can ever say I have never been unfair or unreasonable in my dealings with my fellow because everyone is bound to make mistakes.

How do you react when false accusations are leveled against you, and you are meant to face the consequences of a crime you did not commit? After much investigation, you were still held guilty. In the long run, you were asked to either admit to committing the crime and be set free or stand strong in your integrity and lose your life. I guess this is the height of it all, that one’s life should be taken for standing on the truth.

Further knowledge of this issue helps us to understand that integrity is the quality of having strong decent and moral principles, and focusing on them regularly.  A person with integrity acts with honesty, respect, and truthfulness at all times, even when no one is watching or aware of his actions.

It is therefore of paramount importance to live a life of integrity. Although, nobody can claim to be perfect in character especially when it comes to being honest in all things. But there are ways to live it only if we resolve to live it, and then having resolved to live it, we strive to maintain its existence in our life at all times.

How to embrace integrity in our Daily life

1. By Keeping To Your Words

Your ability to maintain the act of integrity in life has a powerful impact on your personality and reputation. Keeping to your very own words enhances other people’s trust in you, and holds you in high regard or esteem. When you say something, you mean what you say and carry it out as said by you. You don’t let people push you around nor dictate to you, be yourself and stand by the truth which you know is the right thing.

2. Always Surround Yourself with Honest People

You cannot live or stay in the midst of corrupt people, and still expect to be different from them especially when you are the only person doing the reverse of what they are doing. You will either accumulate hatred for yourself or enemies around you. If you happen to find yourself within an environment surrounded by people of corrupt minds, and you are trying to make them understand that what they are doing is wrong. If they are waging war against you or trying to influence you to adapt to their way of life, all you have to do is leave their mist. Next, find people who practice the same virtue as you.

3. Respect Other People Too

Now when you are a person of integrity, it really pays, and people will definitely respect you. Although they are people who will still have hatred for you, not everybody will love you. So, you also need to respect other people and show them that you value them too. This off-cause is part of the integrity.

4. Do Not Assume, Imagine or Take Things for Granted

Always be very sure before saying a word or two. Always make sure you will keep to whatever you utter or promise from your lips. People might form or fabricate some lies against you when you are fond of assuming or imagining things. Try not to overlook certain things but always take those things seriously.

5. Try and Always Treat Everyone Fair

For someone to maintain a life of integrity, justice and fairness should be the watchword. This aspect might be very tempting especially when you are faced with the option to choose between two things very dear to you. But then this is where you also prove that you are whole and indivisible. You need to maintain fairness by not choosing sides with anybody. Always give equal rights to all and sundry as deemed necessary.

6. When You Make Mistakes, Admit It and Make Amends

Always recognize your mistakes or deeds and immediately admit to being guilty, and make amends where necessary. Always say, “am sorry I didn’t mean it” on those mistakes. When you say these, It will make people around you understand that you are mindful of your actions. it will show that those mistakes weren’t done intentionally or on purpose and they can vouch for your truth where needed.

7. Maintain Focus

Embracing a life of integrity is not as easy as you thought. When you live this kind of life you need to be conscious of your state at all times. Avoid bad influences that may want to lead you astray. You know integrity is of God, so the evil ones might want to find a way to sow evil seed. Therefore, there is every need to be mindful of every action you take.

8. Carry Out Self-Evaluation

When in terms of communicating with other people, be open-minded and truthful. Tell them the real truth about whatever issue they present to you. Of cause when you embrace integrity, your conscience will always alert you when you are not doing it right. You then need to hold yourself accountable while owning up to your shortcomings.


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