8 Best Flat Stomach Exercise You Can Do While at Home

An indoor flat stomach exercise is those simple workouts that help to burn fats around your belly and build muscles. Fortunately, you can perform flat tummy exercises at other places other than your home.

Apart from training centers, there are other places to choose from, where you think best suits you to undergo physical activity. However, there is a more convenient place where you can feel freer and more relaxed to train. Therefore, conducting a flat tummy exercise indoors becomes the best option.

You might want a flat stomach to appeal to your looks. You might also decide to have it for flexibility reasons. One thing is certain; it involves dedication and discipline to achieve the best result.

There are many exercises that can produce flat stomach results but among them, we bring you the best.

Straight leg crunches

Lie straight on your back with both legs flat on the floor

Raise the two legs up vertically

Put your two hands at the back of your head and push it forward. Or you can choose to stretch your hand forward to touch your toe while lifting your head forward too.

At this, your tummy should be forming a valley curve while drawn inside.

Side plank

This is one of the common flat stomach workouts. Lie straight on your back

Gradually turn sidewards, facing the wall while placing your right palms on the floor.

Gradually lift your body above the floor, and then lift your left hand up and down. Continue for five minutes then retrieve and repeat the action with the left palm on the floor. You can train for forty-five minutes.

This might seem difficult to perform but this is one effective exercise that can burn stomach fat quickly.

Boat pose

Sit down on the floor with both legs stretched forward and place your both hands by the side of your legs.

Next, gradually raise both hands and legs up, allowing your buttock to rest tightly on the floor. Remain steady in that position for five minutes then retrieve and repeat it again.

Simple crunches

Lie flat on your back with both legs stretched flat on the floor, then push your knee up, resting your feet on the floor.

Place both hands at the back of your head at the same time pushing it forward and backward. Continue for thirty minutes before retrieving.


Lie down facing the floor, and stretch your leg backward, let your toe point to the floor.

At the same time, gradually place your both hands on the floor while pushing your whole body up to the maximum level. Keep training until you are exhausted.

Toe reaches

This exercise helps to burn fat around your waist and strengthens your core. Just as the name suggests you lie or sit down and try to reach your toe.

You can choose to lie or sit down, then stretch out your hand and touch your toe.

Gradually fall backward with your hands still stretching forward. Then raise up and reach your toe again. Go on continue training until you get worn-out

Bicycle crunches

Lie down flat on your back and stretch fort your leg. At the same time place your two hands on your ears, as though you are closing your ear. Allowing your right elbow to rest on the floor while slightly lifting the other one.

Raise your feet off the floor, while engaging your abs, draw your knee backward. At the same time, the other leg is slightly lifted from the floor.

Repeat this action using the other position.


Skipping can also help you burn tummy fat as well as reduce total body weight. This exercise is very popular and simple to do. It requires throwing a long rope across your head and jumping over it as it crosses your feet.

For the best result do it while standing in one position rather than engage in running.