7 Things to Prioritize More in Life Than Money

What do we expect in life or what do we expect to give out from this life? Every day we wake up to our daily hustles of trying to make money. We struggle and work ourselves out trying to acquire much wealth. Either to be rich or have enough to carter for our numerous needs. When doing this we seem to forget those more valuable things to prioritize more in life than money.

Most of time you hear people say, “money rules the world. Money is everything. When money talks everybody listens”, and stuffs like that. So, when we hear all this, we start asking is this life all about money?

I don’t think so, But some people keep saying that when you got the money you can do the whole shebang. Because your money speaks for you. They also keep saying that they can command things, imagine things, plan things, do things and it works out perfectly fine for them. That is why in life you see many people go out to do so many deadly things to have money or so much money.

Yes, what people are saying above is all correct. But in life, you need to consider so many things when trying to make more money. Because without those things your life might not be complete. And when your life is not complete you can’t make money and more so, you might not even be alive.

Yes, money is good and necessary to have in life to cater to our needs, but it is not everything and it can never solve everything in our daily living. There are many other things that make life meaningful, interesting, and worth living.

1. Your Life is worth more to be prioritized than money

Been alive is the most essential thing to look out for when comparing things that are most important in life. That is when trying to acknowledge the things you need to protect more about yourself. It’s only the living that can make plans, act, and react according to those plans.

There is no priority in the land of the dead. One can only make money when he or she finds himself awake. For anyone to prioritize life more than money, the individual has to be healthy as well. Because you are being alive needs you to be active too so that you can be able to fit well. Otherwise, you may out of frustration want to prioritize money more than being alive.

2. Prioritize your happiness

Happiness is gladness, cheerfulness, and joy and they are all-natural. This means it comes to people as a result of the circumstances that surround their life which is normally a positive condition. Happiness is not money and no matter the amount of money you have you can’t buy happiness with it. Do you know that being happy can contribute to a longer life span in an individual? Happiness matters much in life. They are people in life who have made so much wealth but they are not in the least happy. What happens when you place happiness first?

3. Prioritize your Health more than money

They always say that “a healthy person is a wealthy person”. But these days you hardly see people who consider livelihood as something important when struggling for money. They can do anything to get rich. While they don’t care what consequences, it might result to. They would rather prefer to die than to live been wrenched. But looking at the real sense of things it’s only those who are healthy, fit, and find can move about seeking money.

4. Prioritize love more than money

You need to love yourself and love your fellow human being in general. Some time ago a dear friend of mine said to me; “if I happen to have lots of money, I will probably have lots of friends who will love me both far and near”. I gave him an astonishing answer, I told him that’s not true. Because I know that the rich people also have enemies and other people who just love their money but don’t love them personally. In fact, the rich have more haters than lovers. So, prioritizing love than you did towards money will actually bring you the real friends and money you need to have in life.

5. What about Peace of Mind

Supposing you have the means of making too much money, such that you are considered the richest person around town. Then if an outburst of war suddenly occurs maybe within your country. How would you manage your means of making money especially if your business is managed within the country? Take another instance, you have lots of money but are always the target of hoodlums. Again, you have lots of money but you are living with an incurable disease. Of cause, your mind will not be at peace while having all these.

6. What if you prioritize caring for others?

If you do consider care more than money, then you need to care about yourself and your fellow human being. Care for their feelings, way of life, and well-being. What I mean is this; someone might not have money but he does care about how others are faring. And because he cares he ask after their health, food, and survival. You see because he cares he also feels for them and so go visit them and give them some encouragement.

So rather than waiting to have enough cash at hand before making his visit and keep procrastinating, things might go wrong in the process. Or he might never make the visit. Because as he keeps waiting for money to come so also his personal, and financial problems are increasing and confronting him.

7. Security should be considered too

How do you view a country, state, or community experiencing security threats? Do you think you can find a single soul there trying to make money? The answer is No. Everyone in such places would rather be more protective of his or her life than trying to make money. They will only be concerned for the money that will sustain their living. Once they are alive to see the light of the day. Security should also be prioritized more than money.


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