7 Tips; When Financial Challenges Becomes an Obstacle

Clara graduated from high school. She told her mum she wants to be a make-up artist. This has been her dream from childhood. This is because she always admires her elder sister’s friend Catherine each time she appears on the TV screen looking pretty, and classic.

Being a model and a make-up artist was all she longed for, but can this desire come true? She dropped out of school several times because of tuition fees. Then she finally graduated. Now she is bent to have her dreams and passion come through but has she what it takes to get the necessary skill she dreamed of.

She dropped out of school simply because she has no money to put through, but finally she graduated and still faces the problem of a financial obstacle to achieving her desired skills.

Clara’s problem is the exact problem most people are facing in life today. A lot of people out there have visions, passions, goals, dreams, desires, realized potentials. And they are willing to make those gifts come alive and be real, but they are confronted with financial problems standing as an obstacle to achieving their goals.

Sometimes, those dreams are achieved while some other times they never come through. Not having money can be a hindrance to your financial breakthrough in life, and they’re challenges, but there can be a way to Overcoming those challenges. Let’s look at it from this angle. Whatever profession or business we engage ourselves in today is purely to make money and give ourselves the good life we desire. But you can’t achieve financial success today without spending money to achieve it.

If you attend school you must “pay” for your tuition fees, and other payments too. If you decide to learn a skill you will have to “pay” to get the knowledge.If you want to start a business you definitely need money to set it up, and all these are different ways to achieve success in life. Basically, there is no way you can ever escape using money to get more money.

Now, let’s assume you fall into the category of people like Clara who have dreams and visions and are willing to make it to financial progress.

Below are 5 simple things to try out, and definitely as they are five, two out of these ways might just work out for you.

Then as you are choosing any of the options below, be very assured within you that you are very determined, focus, and ever willing to take the odds.

  1. Get a Loan

You very much desire to make your dream come through because you are very passionate about it but the problem lies in not having any available finance to get started. One among other things you can do is to opt for a loan. If you like you can get it from a Bank. Visit any commercial or small-medium enterprise bank available. The one you feel can help you better with good, and valued services, and can also suit your ability.

Find out the process of getting a loan and see if you can meet the procedure. Otherwise, you can choose to approach a friend, relation, or even a close acquaintance. Try and confide in the fellow about your dreams and ask the fellow to help you out with a loan. Or you may choose to get this loan from your social group gathering that does gather on a weekly or monthly basis depending.  Definitely, one out of these options will work out for you.

2. Ask for a Favor

This is another option. Ask for a financial favor from someone. If you are considering this option, then the best way is to approach someone or some persons you know that have enough money. And also has the heart to give out without any stringed attached.

But first of all, you have to get it at the back of your mind that if you are asking for a favor you are as well asking for charity. Charity in the sense that you are not paying or giving it back, or maybe you can pay back letter when you attain your success. Approach the fellow and tell him or her your dreams and promise to do better if finally granted.

Again, not everyone you notice has enough money is ever willing to give. So, before you embark on this option, access and ask yourself: Does this person have enough to give out? Will the person be willing to help without expecting anything in return? Does this person have a giving heart?

Try to get a strong assurance in you before you proceed to consult the person. If eventually, in the long run, the person happens to turn down your request, don’t be offended or go grieving about it. Look, my friend! If you are very sure that you want to bring out the best in yourself, then don’t give up on your dreams, try someone else.

3. Get Yourself Some Minor Jobs One at a Time.

I have a friend who once said to me, “I like being independent of myself. I don’t like the idea of requesting financial assistance, because I feel shy doing that”. Well then, this is a good thing but it’s not going to be easy as such.

When you find yourself not being able to voice your problem out particularly on financial issues. You feel like having the money yourself, all you need to do is get yourself some minor Jobs, get two or three minor jobs at a time. For example, you can choose to be a part-time school tutor in 3 different schools at a time and still have time to do some other business maybe marketing your own sales.

Again, you might choose to get yourself a marketing job two at a time and still combine it with another minor Job. If you do any of this you can then save some money from it to set up your desired goal.

4. Sell Some Property

There was a story told about a poor hair who left home after his parents died. He was living a very poor and wretched life in another country, he almost died of hunger.He never knew who his parent was because they died when he was much younger. Fortunate for him he returned home and find his kind uncle who showed him all his dead parents’ properties.The poor hair who was very broke decided to sell off some of the property and instantly become rich. He further used some of the money to establish himself a good business.

If you have a property and strongly want to build your potentials to become the vision you see about yourself but lack financial status. Then sell some of your property. Land, House, Clothes, Jewelry any possession you have. Use the proceeds to build your dreams.

5. Get Yourself a Temporary Job

Getting a temporary job can be quite encouraging. This means finding a job that pays you a salary on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Then while still having the desire to build your potentials, you start saving up from those pays. As soon as you can save enough capital, you can quit the Job to build your dreams.

6. Become an Apprentice

This option is not really in vogue, it’s gradually getting outdated. Although, very few persons still practice it due to its disappointing effect.

Taking this option means you will have to undertake, or enter into agreement with a person who engage in the same line of profession, or business of your sole desired skill for a number of months, or years. let’s say 6 months, one year or any time lasted. At the end of the period under agreement the person (who happens to be your boss) pays you back by fully financing you to start your skill or business.

For instance, from the story told above Clara may prefer to have an agreement with Catherine to work as an apprentice for a number of 6 months or one year, then at the end of this period Catherine will help establish an artist studio for Clara.

7. Pray More Often

Even with the option listed above you still have to back each one with prayer. It is very important because you can’t pray less when money is seen as a threat, and you have a dream to realize.Supposing you tried all the options listed above and non-worked out for you, or you are simply confused on what to do. Then you have to seek guidance and direction through prayer.

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