7 Simple Ways to Stop Your Partner from Cheating

Cheating in a relationship is simply having an affair outside a love union. It’s equally regarded as an act of infidelity or unfaithfulness of one partner over the other.

For most partners in every relationship especially the married couples Having a dishonest partner or finding out that your partner is cheating on you can be so annoying and sometimes revengeful.

The case of disloyalty or infidelity in a relationship usually brings disagreement. Sometimes, it brings the relationship to an end, resulting in divorce.

Both men and women cheat in a relationship. There is no ratio or percentage at which either of them does it more than the other. But looking at the case of infidelity in every relationship, one can categorically state that 80 percent of dissolved marriages are cases of infidelity.

Sometimes when a man cheats on his woman, the woman tends to take revenge by trying to pay back. While in some cases or some countries as part of the tradition, if it’s the woman that cheats the man may file for a divorce.

But in the real sense of it, both ways are very bad and not in the least encouraging. Cheating or betrayal in any love union is very wrong.

Notwithstanding that cheating is a very wrong notion in a love union. most partner finds it very interesting and considers it a hobby. Some of the men see it as part of their lifestyle while the women who could not stand the pain resort to cheating back.

Now when you notice that your partner is cheating, rather than resorting to divorce or trying to revenge. You can take a step towards making your partner realize that cheating itself is not encouraging, through any of the following ways.

1. Find out what makes your partner cheat

If you happen to find out that your partner is having an affair outside your love union. The first thing you need to do is to cross-examine yourself.

Ask yourself some questions like; was he or she like that when you both first met. Supposing your answer is no, then ask yourself again, why did he or she then start behaving that way?

Knowing the answer to this question might be a bit difficult because that’s the issue at stake.  But you definitely need to find out the reason. Maybe, you might be the cause of your partner’s infidelity. If so, then you need to improve on yourself.

Maybe there is something both of you are doing together that you no longer do, then you need to bring your partner back and start doing it again.

Revive your love back like you are trying to revise well from bad. Have it in mind that you are doing it for the love between you both will rekindle and become anew.

2. Put yourself in your partner shoes

Now, if you can find out the reason why your partner is having an affair outside your relationship, it means you have really conquered the case.

Lola was very much devoted to her office work, but she recklessly fell victim to a cheating spouse. Her husband George was playing infidelity. However, she was able to find out the reason why George was keeping late nights in the house of a fellow woman.

It was all because she was deeply and mostly involved in her office work. So, this made her cut down on office work hours in other to have more time with her husband.

In the same vein, Greg realized that the reason why Jenny was behaving oddly towards him was that he wasn’t able to meet her financial needs. She always goes out on dates with her office boss. while giving him the excuses that they are having ad-hock work hours in the office. Greg had to make Jenny quit her job and then start up a mini business for her with his own money.

3. Educate your partner

Some partners cheat out of ignorance. That is; they don’t actually understand why they cheat even though they are on good speaking terms with their immediate partner.

Maybe you have done everything needed to make your partner comfortable in the relationship. But the person still finds it fun to cheat. Such cases are mostly found with men who have lots of money.

Educating your partner to stop cheating on you might not be so easy because it requires that you confront him or her. But it can also be very simple depending on the way you carry out your confrontation

First, make sure that you both have been on good speaking terms. Then gather yourself together, find a quiet time and, do it within your home maybe during bedtime.

During the cause of discussion, highlight some facts to him like; the dangers of contracting HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases which might not be cured with money. Educate your partner that that illness is liable to affect both of you if he or she continues and doesn’t stop cheating.

Teach your partner too that your relationship is no longer safe while he or she is having an outside affair. Talk to him or her as though you are giving a piece of advice or counseling.

4. Become more friendly

Supposing you find out that your partner is cheating on you. If there’s another option for you to use to stop him or her. It is for you to become more friendly. Yes, you are friends before, but because you find out something fishy, you need to tighten the friendship all the more.

Instead of rebuking and picking quarrels at intervals or letting the situation get the worse part of you. You can pretend as if you don’t know what is going on and be closer, communicate more.  It might be difficult realizing the pain but start it.

By the time you start being closer and friendly, you will get to realize that your partner’s conscience will start troubling him or her, and to an extent, your partner will feel guilty and might even confess to you and ask for forgiveness.

5. Increase your pace in communication

Make the communication between you both more often than before. It starts right from the time you both wakes up from sleep. Ask him or her things you know and the ones you don’t know just to make the person talk. Don’t give your partner a dull moment of friendly communication.

You can forget about doing things that interest you and start doing the ones that interest your partner most. Crack jokes and bring up funny ideas. You can sometimes tell him or her some funny stories of infidelity that happened somewhere, but privately to you, the story isn’t true. While doing so, add humor to make it less suspicious.

6. Don’t be aggressive to anyone

In some cases, the man or woman who is affected may try to confront the third-party intruder. The idea of confronting your partner in the presence of your rival is not in the least advisable.

Trying to trace his or her movement and trying also to confront your rival and stage war is equally not the best. You already know your partner is cheating, so instead of doing any of these, you should maintain your peace. Handle the situation calmly and apply maturity of the heart.

7. Make your partner share your secrets

When your partner starts cheating on you, he or she won’t want you to know anything about his movement. You can make your partner share his or her secret when you start by telling the person your own secrets.

Even if you don’t have secrets, think of something that looks secretive and share it. Sound funny right? But that’s just the truth. When you share your secrets, your partner will also be pushed to shares her own secret. By so doing your partner won’t have or think of hiding anything from you including having an affair outside your union.

So, in all, taking a step towards doing any of these options listed above will surely bring back your relationship to normal.


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