7 Easy Ways to Let Go of Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back

“When you love someone, you set the person free”. This is the first thought that is expected to occupy your mind if there is someone you truly love but the person finds it difficult to reciprocate your love. You had loved the person so dearly that you find it difficult to forget or keep the person out of your mind. You wake up in the morning the first person that you remember is this very person you love. All your thoughts and imaginations are centered on this very person; you just can’t stop picturing him or her in your mind.

Oftentimes, your past encounter with the person becomes a sweet memory that comforts your troubled heart. Each time you think or remember him you feel you want to be with the person forever. The very thought of him or her gives you joy and happiness. Consequently, you have examined yourself and felt that “this is love”.

The hard side of it is that you immediately and easily forgive even when the person is the offender. Even at such you are very quick to let go of her mistakes.  You always wish the person the best of things in life. You simply can’t keep the person out of your mind. But does all this truly mean you are in love?

Now, on the contrary, the person doesn’t seem to notice your love. If it’s a lady she simply smiles, greets, and walks past you. While you stood gazing at her. The person doesn’t seem to understand what you are passing through. At a point you begin to imagine, you take deep thought, you had some sleepless night. Then you ask yourself this question; does this fellow feels the way I feel towards him or her? But then you should at least know her reactions.

Sometimes you might be tempted to put the person to the test, and maybe that’s when you realize the person doesn’t love you back. Doesn’t even feel the way you feel, in summary, the person has no atom of the kind of love you feel towards him.

Then finally, you find out the person doesn’t love you as much as you do. Maybe, all the smiles and courtesy were simply a kind of politeness or merely trying to be civil towards you. The person just sees you and values the human being you are and that’s all. You felt offended, felt angry, and gradually envy is creeping in. How you had wished to be the one the person loves.

Look, My friend! That is nature, and you just have to agree with it. But let’s think of it that is how life is. What you need to do is take a deep breath. Sit down, and ask yourself some questions that will help you move on and finally forget the person.

Ask yourself is this love, lust or simply being obsessed? When you realize this is love, then you need to remind yourself of some facts like;

1. You can’t teach the heart to love

Now you have loved somebody without any string attached, pure with your whole heart. Ask yourself where you forced or solicited to love this person? Or did the love come naturally on its own? If the answer is the second question, then very good it means the person in question can’t teach his heart to love you back. You can’t force the person to love you either but you can do the simple thing if you truly love. Just set the person free, let the person go.

2. You can’t force the person to love you back

This is just the simple formula of nature. Maybe, you have tried approaching the person and also tried convincing or wooing her. But she still shows some negative reactions to your request. Maybe, the person boldly and courageously tells you, “I Don’t Love You”. Then if this is the case, just quietly walk away because her heart simply can’t love you back.

Remember, the human heart is like a spirit that knows everything. So, it’s only the heart that knows why it can’t love back. Instead of trying to force the person to love you back, which is an act of selfishness, obsession, and wickedness because love is free and selfless. If you try forcing the person, it only might letter backfire on you. Just set the person free and pray for him or her to be happy wherever the person is.

3. What about those who loved you but you can’t love them back

Take a minute’s silence and reflect on this question. If you can give yourself a genuine answer then you need to understand that’s also the reason why someone can’t love you back. But, naturally, everybody can’t love you the way you love them. That is why sometimes some people find it difficult to find someone who loves them the way they do. So, in every situation when things like this don’t balance or seem not to agree, you simply let go.

How to Let Go When You Are Not Loved Back

It definitely won’t be easy to let go or set free, because sometimes they say love is magical, but you must do so. And when you do, it will be one of the best things that happened to you. Try the following ways:

1. Confront the person

1.  If you can, take a bold step and approach or confront the person quietly in a loving way. Tell him or her “yes, I love you from the deep bottom of my heart but am setting you free, because I want you to be happy”.  If you can’t take the step, pray silently within you that God should help you to stop thinking, and help you forget about this person. Conclude in your heart that you are letting him go because you love him and want him to be happy.

2.  Don’t always stay alone

Don’t always stay alone or isolate yourself from people. If you stay alone you are likely to start thinking of the person especially if you have nothing else troubling your mind.  Always try to be in the midst of people. Or you can make a new friend to always chat with, play games, watch movies and do many other things with. Do the exact things that will likely take off your mind from the person.

3. Avoid physical contact

Avoid physical contact with the fellow, either intentionally or randomly. In fact, if it’s possible to move away from the environment where the person resides, in case if the person lives in the same location with you then do so for your quick recovery. This will help erase memories.

4. Remove objects of attraction

Remove or take away any object that might remind you of the person, so you won’t start imagining or having thoughts about them. Objects like pictures, status, and the like of such things can bring back the old memories you have with the person. And when this happens you are likely to find yourself thinking about him or her again.

5. Make new friends

Talk to random people, make new friends. When you do this, you will be more exposed and get to find someone who will finally fit into your love category. Someone who will then love you the way you do and also feel the way you feel towards him or her.

6.  Always get yourself busy.

When you find yourself alone or when you are feeling lonely, and have no one around to talk to. This usually may happen during the night when you might not find it easy to get to sleep. Sing songs, close your eye, and sing gospel songs of praise. If you do this you will soon be fast asleep.

7. Confide in a colleague

Another solution that might help you let go of a loved one who doesn’t love you back is to confide in a colleague. Maybe, in the workplace, or a church member, family friend, or a relation. Someone you trust can give you helpful advice to let go and move on. Make sure the person you are confiding with doesn’t betray your trust.

Be convinced

Finally, be strong and have a strong belief within you that when you let go of someone who doesn’t return your love, you will definitely find someone who will love you back the way you love the person.

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