7 Secrets to Work Smarter, Not Harder to Make Success

Indeed, success does not come easily, you need to put in so much hard work, being consistent and patient for you to achieve the best. This does not mean that you should wear yourself out by over laboring yourself and in the process get weighed down by stress.

Many people work from morning to sunset on daily basis yet nothing comes out of the hard work. In the same vein, other people are seen working for a few hours and gaining more than expected. You begin to wonder what is going wrong; the simple answer is to work smarter but not harder.

All along, you have been working hard and hoping for a huge reward but you forget that there are strategies for handling every issue in life.

Working harder versus working smarter

Back in the 18th and early 19th centuries when modern techniques are rare and hardly in existence. People work hard to ensure progress and even in the cause of doing so, little success is achieved. This is due to the model adopted towards achieving those tasks. For instance, a farmer could cultivate a large hector of land every day all alone. In the process of doing, it alone, the length of time drags him backward and keeps him exhausted even before he reaches his harvest season. This in turn makes him achieve less harvest leading to poor achievement. This is working harder.

Now supposing this same farmer employs a dozen people to cultivate his large hector of land. If the employers could conclude the cultivation many days before the rainy season, he is sure to reap a huge harvest. This could as well cover every expense he did and still give him much profit. This is working smarter.

The secret of working smarter

Many people will tell you I got my success through hard work, someone by the side listening to him would easily believe the word, “hard work.” In the real sense of it, no successful person would explain to you the smart techniques he uses during his hard work. He will only tell you to keep doing it you will succeed.

All along, you will keep doing what you are doing and still not get a better result in the end. Now it is not a matter of being persistent in doing what you are doing. It is a matter of employing some techniques and strategies to enhance a fast and maximum result that will establish your success. If on the contrary, the successful man explains to you the techniques, he uses in achieving his success you will only get to discover that he only worked smarter but not harder.

How to work smarter

Build your strength

Within, you know your strength, you understand that your capabilities are those things you can do much better in. They can be very easy to perform. Now the issue lies in you becoming more active as you are very familiar with the task. You can be very efficient as to produce a huge amount of it within a couple of hours and still feels you have done nothing. This aspect is an advantage to your smartness and success so keep moving on it.

Get people to work on your weakness

People have strengths as well as weaknesses. While your weaknesses are those tasks, you derive less joy in doing. When doing them you feel a wave of reluctance and trying to do them may slow you down. For instance, the farmer may be good at cultivating but may not be good at sowing the crops. If he focuses more on sowing the crops, he might get discouraged from the farming task.  He has to employ someone to do the sowing. While doing this it becomes faster and he gains more success, this is working smarter.

Achieve a task each day

Based on your strength, always make sure to achieve maximum output each day. The more you produce the more you are working towards your success. Although, during the process, we might feel distracted or the need to attend to a more important issue might arise. This does not mean not producing at all but may mean a little decline for that day. However, every day cannot be the same but striving to achieve the best each day is a way of working smarter.

Think of new ways of achieving your result

You can also build your experience through this. Sometimes your present means may not be working out, do not give up but rather seek another alternative of getting a better result. Sometimes, your present means are working perfectly fine, yet you can still plan another means of achieving your result.  You can have as many ways as possible and channel these ways to produce the same result. It is working smarter.

Spy on your competitors

Most smart people who achieve success do not just keep doing things; they also spy on their competitors to find out what they are doing. They might be succeeding already but they still want to be ahead and keep maintaining the position. You need to be smart and do not rely only on your own understanding. You can even ask them indirectly how they get things done. You are only trying to know their secrets just to make sure you are also on the right track. It is another way of trying to work smart.

Do not do it alone

You can work alone but that is if you are conversant with your task. Again, it can be easier for you when your task lies within your capability. There are other cases where you might still need a higher output then you will need to employ more people to join you and work as a team. As you engage with your team, more output becomes less work, more success.

Manage your time

Smart people are humans too so they need to occasionally relax their brain and nerves otherwise they may break down physically. You need to work smarter, set your time, and know when you need to take a break. During your break period, you can choose not to think about your work but yourself alone. This will help you feel a new strength to resume your task afterward.

We are in a modern time when many practices are in existence. People are willing and ready to gain appointments in services related to their respective skills. Quite all right, if you engage in doing the task, alone you might get the same result. But the question is how long it will take you to conclude. How much profit will you achieve? While you are still struggling to make success, your colleague who teamed up to accomplish the same task already made much success.

In summary, The secret of working smarter is applying the required effort in the right way to acquire reasonable success.

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