7 important roles of respect in a marital relationship

Ordinarily, we can explain the meaning of respect as showing honor and a disciplinary attitude towards people regardless of their age, color, status, and capacity. Honor is a positive and high esteem action while discipline is the ability to display normal ethics and behavior. Everyone deserves respect right from the newly born baby to the oldest living adult.

Now, we have just explained the common meaning of respect as a fundamental factor towards understanding the concept of this publication. Let us look at the meaning of respect as regards marital relationships. In marriage, respect involves friendliness, appreciation and self-discipline shared between both partners. The fact that both partners take the marital vow and it is said that, “and two shall become one” signifies that both deserve equal respect and value. Therefore, no party should act in disregard or ill-treat the other.

The roles of respect in every relationship

It builds trust

It is rare to witness a situation where couples share mutual trust, all because of human imperfection. As is usually the case, one partner may suspect the other of cheating. For trust to exist between partners there must be some degree of respect. A high level of appreciating each other’s needs and opinions is very needful.

It creates a wall of security

It is like a little child who always runs an errand for his elders and obeys every instruction they give to him. Obedience in essence is respect. When for instance someone decides to hurt the child, while the elder one is around, what do you think will happen?  The child will quickly run to his elder for protection. That is how respect builds a wall of security in every relationship. When both couples shares respect and a third party is about to invade their relationship, they will both team together to fight the intruder

It creates some feelings of contentment

In every relationship that has the characteristic of respect, there is usually an air of satisfaction and happiness within it. So long, each couple values each other personality. Each of them understands they are equal; no one is superior to the other but shares everything in common. There is sure to be contentment.

It builds serenity

Respect fosters peace, which is also in connection to unity. It is simply having a conducive atmosphere around the home while everyone is doing things rightly. Where also both partners understand how to manage the other person’s flaws and shortcomings and still keep the relationship moving. There is a guaranteed fact of tranquility in such a relationship

It promotes cooperation

Let us base our assumption on negativities and then assume that between the two couples, they were no such things as disciplinary attitudes. Each one behaves rudely towards the other, snubs, and disrespects themselves. It means there will never be such a thing as collaboration. Every couple will rely on his interest and such couple is sure to split apart in due time. However, if the reverse of our assumption is the case, they will always agree with each other’s opinion

It improves confidence

Respect in a relationship builds the confidence couples need to have for each other, and it will help them build mutual understanding. An instance is like two friends who value each other’s companionship, doing things together. It is usually difficult to find them doing things individually. This is because they gain more confidence and achieve success when they do things as one.

It increases an air of maturity within the home

In as much as they value each other’s personality, and share mutual respect among them. It will enhance empathy and sense of reasoning. Even when one partner displays any faulty action, the other is bound to accommodate it maturely.

How do you respect your partner?

By showing a self-discipline attitude

This applies to both the man and the woman since they have taken the marital vow to become one. Each of them should see the other as being equal. The self-discipline attitude includes talking to your partner in a soft and gentle tone. Even when in an argument still talk to your partner in a manner that shows you are giving counsel and not using a tone that will start a fight. Disciplinary attitudes should extend to even when in public places.

Always show gratitude

Both couples should always be appreciative of each other. Give compliments like, “thank you, that’s very kind of you, I am so please.” These are the ways of showing gratefulness, acknowledgment, and telling your partner that you are happy. No matter how common the nature of the deed, such compliments cheers the heart and make your partner appreciate you more

Show humble behavior

Each partner should show humble behavior by trying to serve each other. It may look as if one is trying to be a servant to the other, but that’s the juicy part of respect. You are both doing it for each other and not just one person doing it alone. Being humble towards your partner comes in different ways such as; doing your partner’s laundry, cooking, opening the door or the main gate.

A man and his wife drive back home in their car, on getting to the gate, the man stops and came out from the steering, went and opens the gate, comes back, and drove inside the compound. The man alight from the car again, this time, went round and opens the door for his wife to come out. Then finally goes back and closes the gate.

Pat attention to the to one another speak

It is not right when both couples are talking all at once. Maybe at any little provocation or when they are having a slight disagreement. “When everybody is talking nobody is listening,” and it does not show any form of respect. It can only be right when they are both having friendly arguments which usually ends in laughter.

Value each other’s opinion

This is a good way of showing respect in any given marital relationship. When having some issues that need a solution, each of them contributes their individual view and what is better to be the solution. Then both couples should agree to the other’s decision and arrive at a definite result. It shows that there is maximum respect between them. 


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