7 Great Advice for Teenagers to Know About Romantic Affair


Who are teenagers?

They are male and female individuals whose age bracket falls between twelve and twenty years. This is the age of puberty, the beginning of adulthood, and the initial call to self-responsibility. This age bracket is seen as the initial age of youthfulness, an introduction to the realities of life.

The teenager is like a little boy going to school for the first time, it is like the same boy graduating to start a high school. At first, everything becomes new until gradually the newness fades away, which also fades with the corresponding years ahead.

As teenagers, people call them older girls and boys, the word older means they are moving into men and women hood. At this age bracket, the parents allow them to exercise certain rights that also have limits due to their short experience.

Teenage romantic relationship

Now, the life span of humans is relatively long depending on the nature of each individual. God’s destiny for man is 120 years on earth but humans can only get to this age by his grace. Nobody can predict his future or the number of years to live that is why people die at any age. So, for this when little boys and girls get to the teenage, they start desiring affection from the opposite sex. They begin to have some sense of admiration, attraction, and the need to mingle.

At this stage of their life, most of them are inexperienced because of still growing up and have little worldly familiarity. Although, some teenagers get maturity faster than others due to exposure from older adults. However, no amount of exposure can make teenagers experience equal to that of a full adult. There is no way one can compare a full adult of fifty years with a teenager. The adult has seen many years which the teenager is yet to see. A teenage romantic relationship is a natural occurrence between individuals of the same teenage sharing affection together. It involves emotions and having a sense of belonging.

Should they engage in a romantic affair?

A romantic affair is one having the characteristic of lust, love, emotions of the heart, and strong desire, which may include sex. Now talking about a teenager’s involvement in a romantic affair it depends on the maturity of the two persons involved. If they have a good sense of maturity then it is well but where they are lacking, it is best to discourage them.

It is not in any way advisable for two teenagers to come together under the ambition of having an affair that will lead to sex. This is because as young as they are they still have a long way to go. They still have the future to live. They can engage in any other form of emotional intimacy with the exceptional motive of doing sex. It can ruin their future, individually or collectively

How should they handle relationships of the opposite sex?

As said earlier they are still young, it is all right if they become friends, just friends. They can play games together, visit each other’s homes, and have discussions on educational issues. Talk about making a successful future, visit places of interest, like the gym and chocolate shops. It is good if they attend the same educational places of learning, church, live in the same neighborhood. It will make it much easier as they will have so many things in common.

What are the pros of teenagers having an affair?

It can be disastrous if they go into an affair with little or no knowledge of what they are doing.

As young and immature teenagers, they are bound to have constant breakups, which might have a bad effect on their being.

They might engage in all sort of immoral acts and before they could realize, it becomes too late.

What are the cons of a teenage love affair?

It can add to the worldly experience, helping them to face the bigger future.

Learning to love at an earlier age in life can be fun, although it requires a lot of reasoning.

The 7 great advice for teenagers

These beautiful words of encouragement go out to all teenagers because I remember when in those days as a teenager. I use to be free because I believe I am still young to enjoy the life ahead. So, I always do things with much hope and confidence.

Make friends with same-sex as well as with opposite sex, but limit your friendship to a platonic level. Do not allow anything to ruin your future; you still have a long way to go.

Make good friends, if your romantic lover is lacking in manners but you love the fellow, encourage him to be of good manners. Teach her to live morally and watch the person as he changes.

If you happen to fall for any opposite sex, see the person as just your best friend, encourage him or her to strive for the best. As you do this both of you hold unto each other and wait for the ripe time.

Make friends with people of a positive mindset, people who look to the brighter side of life. People who are willing to encourage you even when your spirit is down.

Get educational leanings; make it your foundational source of livelihood. Also, learn some skills to back up your knowledge you cannot afford to waste any of these.

Build self-confidence around you this is the key to courageousness, be fearless but live a life of self-discipline.

Above all, do not forget your creator, your maker the one who owns you. Let him be the decision-maker while you just ask for his grace.


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