7 Ways People with Asthma Should Live During Cold Weather

Just like any other chronic disease which has no medication to the final solution. But has remedies to help the patient or individual live long enough to the time of old age. Asthma is one such disease. It is a chronic disease that affects the airways in the lungs. A condition in which a person’s airways become inflamed, narrow, and swell and produce extra mucus which makes it difficult to breathe.

When someone starts experiencing chest pain, wheezing, and breathing problems the person is said to be developing symptoms of Asthma. Sometimes we tend to argue when actually does a person develops this illness. Some might be born with it while some acquire it in adulthood as a result of some ignored precautions that should have been minded earlier.

Now for us to list out more careful ways a person with asthma should live, or careful measures to adopt in order to avoid the attacks mostly in cold weather conditions. Let us understand what actually can cause the illness.

Among other causes of this disease are air pollution, infection, common cold, allergens, cold dry air, and flames. Colds are very most common and can cause a bad flare-up. This is because people with asthma can be more likely to have the attack during winter weather conditions.  Due to more time spent indoors, the air outside is cold and dry. Cold weather is a common asthma trigger, though the dryness of the air is more likely to cause problems than the temperature alone.

Below Are Tips to Help People with Asthma Live During Cold Weather

 1. Get your medication at hand all the time.

During winter, lots of things that trigger Asthma which includes cold weather, colds, and flu are likely to get worse. So, for this reason, people living with this illness are advised to always get the inhaler device that helps them breathe in medication very ready at all times.

2. Avoid the flame and smoke.

Avoid Irritations from air pollution resulting from smoke and flame. Any person suffering from this illness needs not to be around any flame or anything that has got to do with fire. Although, during cold weather, the rooms are likely to be kept warm by lighting up the fire the patient should endeavor to stay away from it. As it is likely to trigger the attack.

3. Avoid strenuous physical activities

People living with this illness should still get regular exercise; it can benefit the symptoms, and also help by increasing lung capacity and reducing inflammation. But when engaged in physical activities, it should be done with the right approach. Otherwise, the tubes that bring air into and out of your lungs might narrow with the exercise. According to world Health Organization, it can be worse for many people living with the illness when engaged in strenuous exercise during normal weather. So, it can be very bad during cold or flu.

4. Avoid making the choice of lifestyle

It’s very important for people living with asthma to know their personal triggers. Many people with Asthma find warm air soothing. A steam bath in a shower at home can help clear out the mucus that can make it hard to breathe. While some other people realize that heat makes their Asthma worse. But it’s much advised to avoid the cold weather or anything to do with flu.

5. Sit up straight to maintain an open airway

Asthmatic patience is well advised to maintain a straightforward sitting position. This usually helps in making it easier for air to move through the lungs. Although an inhaler is the best as a treatment for relief in a case where it isn’t available, it’s best the person sits upright and take a deep long breath. It will help to get the person better. Again, when finding it difficult to breathe, do not take the patient outside for fresh air if the weather is cold, this can help worsen the situation.

6. Avoid any form of triggers

Any person living with Asthma already knows what can trigger the attack. It is very advisable for the person to desist from whatever triggers it during the cold time of the year. When it is usually expected that the attack gets worse.

 7. Avoid cold dry air

This is a common Asthma trigger that will definitely cause a bad flare-up for this person with the asthma illness. According to David A. people with asthma have a more exuberant immune response to cold and flu viruses. It may not only make their cold and flu symptoms worse; it will also trigger an Asthma attack.


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