7 Basic Home Cleanliness That Promotes Good Health

Cleaning the house and surroundings on regular basis is inarguably the most preventive measure to take while considering how to live healthily.  When every nook and cranny is very neat, sparkling white, and smelling fresh, there is less to say that germs and disease will be an enemy to such a home.

Cleanliness is the best defensive tool to use in fighting germs and bacteria in every aspect of human life. However, when everywhere looks dirty and stink horrible, germs and diseases are liable to make their nest without invitation.

There are other ways of maintaining a healthy life apart from eating good food and visiting your doctor when you feel the symptom of illness. It does not also end when you exercise regularly. The summary of it is that you can still do all those things and still contract an illness. If you fail to keep your home and surroundings very neat in every aspect, you are likely to get sick.

Think of a home or a family where regular home cleaning is not in existence at all. The mother of the house wakes up every morning and goes straight to the kitchen and makes the meals for the kids. The next moment she’s off taking them to school and then goes to her workplace. The father equally rises in the morning and zooms off to work.

Even on weekends when sanitations are going on, these same couples will be with their kids sleeping all through. If eventually, they get an opportunity it is to either watch movies or play games. There is no consideration on the issue of home cleaning.

I believe by now you must have guess what the outcome of the health of these families will be especially the kids. Of what profit will it be if you always spend money in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in a bid to cure an illness. When you know well enough that the preventive measures to take are within your fingertips.

Home cleanliness is a daily practical task that includes but are not limited to:

Sweeping and dusting your rooms regularly

A dirty room brings germs and disease every now and then. It inhabits insects and flies, as the dirtiness is their nest it becomes their home. Dust and sweep your home regularly no matter your busy work schedule that may keep you less attentive to tidying your room. A dirty room smells and looks uninviting.

Among other insects, the bedbug is an example of a fly that inhabits and makes its home comfortable in any room that falls prey to dirtiness. When the bug invades any room, it spreads like a wildfire all over the room.  If care is not taking, it can spread to every other room nearby that is also dirty. If you live in a mansion that has multiple rooms you can afford to hire a cleaner who will do the sweeping and dusting on daily basis. Since your work may have to limit your time of daily home cleaning.

Sometimes, you notice that even after closing the doors and windows, you still see particles of dust around the appliances. This is because the air that comes into the rooms from outside carries particles of dust with it. So, you need to dust from time to time to avoid bacterial and fungal infections.

Wash your toilet regularly

This is very important, as the toilet is the safest and most hidden place for bacterial to dwell. The regular practice is washing the toilet every morning before using it or every night after using it. Make it a habit to change the toilet seat as that is the most sensitive place for germs to settle on.

Always get water ready for every waste disposal especially if the toilet WC is not functioning. Keep the water running for washing your hands after disposals? Make sure that Hand towels, detergents, and hand sanitizer, are always available for use.

Disinfect your surroundings

Use disinfectant to sanitize the look and cranny of your environment especially the outer region of your windows and doors. This will help keep harmful insects away. It is very essential to install nets on windows and doors. Installing this net also help in ventilation.

It allows free inflow of air into the room especially when the weather condition is hot. Installing the window and door net helps to keep the room smelling fresh and more conducive to stay. It is not enough to install those nets it also goes on to demand that you dust and clean them regularly.

Avoid stagnant water near your home

When we confine water to a particular standing position, and it stays there for a relatively longer period it can be harmful to health. If you leave such water beside the door or window, it will bring insects of all kinds. As the water remains in such a position it gradually produces green plants and a foul odor. This in an actual sense does not promote good health.

Whenever you fill a drum of water probably for domestic use, always endeavor to cover it. Make sure you also utilize the water within one week and get it to fill with fresh water, do it rotationally. Do it in such a way that there will always be fresh new water in that particular drum every new week.

Clean the kitchen regularly

The kitchen is a separate room for preparing our daily meals. Therefore, whatever goes into the stomach needs to be hygienic enough for consumption. Make it a habit to tidy the kitchen by cleaning every utensil after cooking and after eating. Avoid keeping the dirty utensil overnight without washing them.

It is usually a habit in most homes that after eating dinner, users pack the dishes in the washing sink until the next morning. It is such a very bad habit and it does not promote good health. Such a habit invites some poisonous insects to dinner as you leave them without washing.

Clean the floor, clean the gas cooker and barking oven at the end of your cooking before leaving the kitchen. Also, endeavor to spread the room with insecticide; this is to avoid insects from coming to find the remains of food particles.

Weed grasses within the compound

If you chase the insects out of the home they will definitely go to the grasses and perch. So, for this, it is necessary you weed all grasses around your home. These days you hardly see anyone building a house and allowing any grass to grow beside it. You will rather see flowers and fruits tree. Then, if this is the case always take care of the flowers and trees. Don’t let them grow too much. Take care of them as you would do to other properties in your home.

Arrange and tidy your room

This is different from sweeping and dusting your rooms. If you sweep and dust your rooms without putting into consideration the arrangement of the furniture, and electrical gadgets your house will still look uninviting. Organize your rooms and every piece of equipment by arranging each one and placing them in the right position. Let your rooms look beautiful at sight.


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