6 Signs You Are Having Low Self-Esteem and How to Fix It

Low self-esteem is having negative feelings and perceptions about the person you are. We often describe it as being unable to realize life’s potential and live up to it. It is low self-worth. Just like high self-esteem, one can still do things to fix the issue of low self-esteem.

People with low self-esteem usually think less and care less about their life. They are more prone to a timid lifestyle, which is the cause of their low sense of worth.

Maybe you doubt which category you belong to, then you can search through these signs

Signs of low self-esteem

Being constantly unhappy with yourself

You are constantly feeling sad that you are not who you had assumed to be. Maybe you keep imagining it would have been better if you have a rich family background.  At the present, you keep shying away from people of higher class due to their rich lifestyle. The thought of associating with them keeps intimidating you. This could make you disregard yourself and feel there is nothing to do about it.

If you constantly live in fear

You are always afraid of doing even little things that could least bring fear. The thought of doing it makes you nervous and puts your spirit high leaving your heart pumping and in panic. You would rather feel better if someone did it for you.

Living to accept what each day brings

When you see yourself as less important, it now becomes enough reason to deny yourself the necessary things. However, it can be a problem if you simply decide to let it stay by accepting your fate.

For instance, it becomes low self-important when you realize you are having a low family background but choose to relax. You easily accept your ill-fated life and continue with that lifestyle. Remember you are not happy with it yet feel reluctant or make no effort to make a change.

Seeing yourself as less fortunate

The feeling that you do not own what others are having can bring down your worth. You always feel nature did you bad by not giving you every good thing of life. This can make you hate who you are. In some cases, people that are having this sign want to recreate their image through surgeries.

Therefore, when you keep dwelling on regrets for not having natural endowments or being financially equipped this could be a sign of low self-worth.

Unable to recognize your abilities

Every human is born with abilities, a natural gift that comes as a talent. Now when you see people who are successful from their natural gift you feel it could be difficult to attain. In most cases, you face intimidation by the challenges that involve it.

Even when allowed to make effort you become selective due to your weaknesses. Yet, in all this, you are not happy with the situation of your lifestyle. It is just a sign of low self-esteem.

Being easily controlled

We can refer this to mean being in total submission. It is all right if you become submissive rightly but not in the wrong way. Now, when you allow people to dictate to you what to do and those things do not make you happy. If you feel you cannot object to doing those things because you feel you have no other option. Then it is time you realize you might be dealing with low self-worth.

How to fix it

Face your fears:

Now, this is how you can face your fears: you saw a challenging issue that seems intimidating. First thing, take a deep breath, then take a step forward and confront it.  Take the next step and keep moving forward and steady, shunning distraction, then boom! You take it up

Learn to be courageous:

For you to embrace courage you need to be strong and obstinate. Most people with great confidence make decisions and move smartly. Sometimes those people follow their impulses and care less about the outcome. One thing is real they are never afraid of failure because they keep rising each time they fail. This is the spirit of high self-esteem

Learn to be positive:

By confessing and saying positive things about yourself. Speak with assurance as if you already have them.  You might seem to disagree within you but keep confessing it. Even if it does not happen as you expected, it would not stop you from confessing it again. Be determined and self-willed.

Learn to be social:

Socialization has no class; it has no taste, color, or background. Start by going places within your community. Meet people, and converse with them. Even if they shun you or try to make a snob, just exchange pleasantries excuse yourself, and take a leave. Get into another circle of friends, follow their discussion, and contribute your idea, you will make a change.

Start doing things you like:

Examine yourself and know what you feel like doing. For instance, you want to buy yourself new clothes, or shoes. You may want to travel on a holiday, or you just want to take yourself out. Keep giving yourself the necessary things you feel you deserve.   

Make new friends

The more you associate with people and constantly have hearty discussions with them the less you feel bad about yourself. This is because those people will also tell you their problems and you will realize that you are not alone. Tell them your stories and listen to theirs, it will help to relieve your attitude and usher you into a new phase of life.