6 Reasons Why People Talk About You – Handling the Situation

There are some things you need to understand or expect that people will do, and when you see them doing such things, don’t take it personally. But just regard it as one of those things that make life worthwhile and meaningful; I mean one of the juicy parts of life. One of those things is WHEN PEOPLE TALK ABOUT YOU.

You can’t expect people not to talk about you. People must say something about your life, who you are, what you do for a living, where you come from. In fact, bear it in mind and always expect that where ever you live on earth people will want to know some facts about you if not everything. It’s only the ghost that people don’t talk about because they can’t be seen. But believe me, for every human being on earth, people must talk about them.

Sometimes you call them gossips.

One of the tools to overcome this issue (which we can also call conversations behind one’s back). Yes, they are chatters and hear-Sayers, is for you to move on and not listen to them. You know there’s a slogan that says, “silent is the best answer”, especially for people who really want to pork nose in other people’s affairs. But let’s look at this issue the other way around and try to understand the importance of reasons why people talk about you in life.

Reasons Why People Talk About You or Other People in Life

  1. One reason is that most at times talking about other people and their way of living also contributes to what makes life interesting,
  2. At least it gives information about people that makes them know each other well enough.
  3. It is through talking about each other that strangers become acquaintances or close friends.
  4. It is through talking about each other that gives us complete knowledge about them and maybe want to be closer to them or decides to be at distance with them.
  5. It is through talking about people that we analyze their character and behavior. Then choose if whether to associate with their families, business, and other aspects of their life.
  6. Sometimes people talk about you because they envy your lifestyle

Imagine you are being discussed in a strange and unknown environment by strange and unknown persons in the least place ever expected. You know news does travel around very fast. And you are walking along the road and someone unknown to you starts pointing at you. Shooting out his lips and giving you a side glance or glaring at you with mixed reactions. At this you become curious, “What are they talking about? I don’t even know them”. You begin to wonder if they are talking good or bad about you. You don’t need to worry at all because they are also been discussed by some other persons somewhere at a particular moment in time.

Remember those who tell you about other people will also tell other people about you. So, the best solution is to ignore them and move on. For everyone has a past and everyone has a history too.

Now tracing this issue further, people can either talk good about you or talk bad about you.

Five Merit When People Talk Good About You.

  1. When it is for good, they are conveying a good impression about you to others.
  2. There are indirectly connecting you to good people who will take interest in you to either make you a friend or want to have some good business deals with you;
  3. They are branding you for a success
  4. When it’s for good it produces an air of respect around you
  5. When people talk about you for good it attracts likeness and love

Six Demerits When People Talk Bad About You

  1. When people talk bad about you then the reverse is the case
  2. They are conveying a negative impression about you
  3. People will detest you and also hate you
  4. When you that is being talked about a notice they are talking about you, there is the need that you might develop anxiety and depression.
  5. It brings about isolation, this means that you will start seeing yourself as an object of scorn and then stays at distance from those particular people.
  6. When it is for bad the person’s good reputation is damaged.


Having seen the merits and demerits above, and still have the understanding that whatever you do in this life people must talk and keep talking. When you do good, people are going to talk about it. When you do bad, they are going to talk about it. So, I think the best solution is for you to always know the right thing to do at the right time and do it. Then no matter what people may say or talk about you, either good or bad, keep a deaf ear to it and move about your daily business. With time they will get weary and tired of talking about you.

They can talk about you in your presence or behind your back but whichever be the case, below are the steps to take

When people talk about you in your absence or presence it’s either for good or for bad.

  1. Examine the issue (the gossip) and know if whatever they are saying behind you or in your presence is true or false.

2. Summon the courage and politely and respectfully confront the person. Talk to the person as though you are giving him some piece of advice and quietly resolve the issue.

3. If in the process, the person flairs up and even try to attack you, excuse yourself and leave his presence.

4. If at all you can’t confront the person, then keep a deaf ear and walk away. If possible, avoid the person’s presence but not keep malice, politely greet him and walk past.

5. Always be in the mood of cheerfulness towards them. Do not hate them, or have bad intentions towards them but in all things pray for their repentance.

6. Just smile and walk away. Although, it might not be so easy to smile and walk past. At least you would want to know what they are discussing. But then ask yourself if you actually find out about the discussion what will you do with it. Although you might say “if not for anything then for knowledge sake.

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