6 Problem Solving Steps to Take; Knowing Your Inner self

When you are feeling a kind of anxiety within you, not feeling happy, but frustrated and irritated. You felt it within you that you are simply not alright. You are having a kind of difficulties that needs a solution, Then you admit it, you have a problem.

Your Problems are unwanted, uninteresting, and difficult situations that embrace you when you least expect them. We all have worried; we encounter them every now and then. When we find ourselves in this situation, we tend to find solutions by taking some major steps.

The first step to solving one’s problems is understanding what they are. This means being able to figure out what is going on within you.  Because the moment you are able to identify what it is, then you are on the road to solving your very own problems, and identify your weakness too.

Take, for instance, you are undergoing an emotional trauma or you always feel frustrated. You easily get irritated at first sight, and at the slightest provocation you immediately flair up.  In some cases, you easily get angry at noting exactly. All these are problems. Again, you might have a court case involving divorce, robbery, drugs, illegal accusations, or the like of such things. These are also problems. Your problem Might also be financial, emotional, or physical problems.

Figuring out your mood, anyone who sees you wouldn’t hesitate to ask you the question “what’s the problem with you”? Or “what’s the matter with you”, “Why are you feeling this way”? Being angry or frustrated for no cause is not normal. So, you need to understand or identify why you are angry.

Ways of Understanding Your inner self

What’s my problem?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself when you are being confronted with a particular issue that you are feeling very uneasy about. Figure out what they are.  For instance, you might be having a spiritual problem, one that deprives your success and favor in life and it is kind of spiritual. Now having understood that it is a spiritual issue is enough starting point to your solution. You now have the clue of how to begin, because you have known your problem by name.

Why am I feeling this way?

The next question is why am I being sensitive towards this problem. Now, remember that any issue that gives you much concern in life is a problem for you. Still going along with the first example, having understood that your situation has got to do with something spiritual. Then, having some kind of feelings within you is enough reason for you to understand that things are not normal with your life. Yes, you are having some unknown and unwanted forces, they are controlling your life. So, at this stage, you have identified the issue as spiritual, and are forces that are unknown, unwanted, and also invisible. For this reason, you need to deal with them.

What is the source

  1. The source of your problem has got to do with what exactly is the cause, that is, the foundation of it all. For instance, you need to ask yourself why am I always fond of stealing people’s belongings. Or why am I always having court cases? Now in all this, you understand yourself as a normal human being who can be very useful to its community and society at large.  But you see yourself living in this situation. You dint just become a robber you must have inherited it as a result of the kind of friends you keep. Or from the home training you received.

Let’s continue with the example of that person with a spiritual problem. With this kind of case, you need to ask yourself “what is the foundation of this problem. How did I start having it”. You need to re-visit your past life and seek the foundation of it. It might be a background source, environmental source, learned, or trained source.

The background could be a problem inherited from one’s family lineage, from forefather to father to son.  The environment could be a problem as a result of the friendship and neighborhood influence, the people you lived and grow up with. Then the learned or trained could be learning or training acquired unknowingly from a particular source.

What are the factors that aided this situation?

There are some things that aid in bringing the problems, they don’t just come. All you need do is get yourself sited at a quiet corner, and examine yourself and try to recollect the genesis of your problems. Some issues must have triggered you into such things. Remember there is never any smoke without fire.

So, ask yourself what are the things that actually made me start stealing. Was it because I had wanted to be radical, or did I want everyone to see me as a terror? Or I just want to feel high with it, or I was just ignorant of what I was doing then?

The factors are prior to the source. It could be choice, frustration, or ignorance. The choice could be deliberate acceptance. That is to say, you already know that it’s going to be a problem but you willingly accepted. But later on, found out that your choice has a negative impact. The frustration is understanding the future negative impact but decides to apply the risk.  Then the Ignorance is a total black-out of the consequence ahead.

Did I contribute to the factors that brought about this issue?

Sometimes, people might actually be the cause of their own very problem, but may not be aware of it. They keep living in difficult situations and times wondering what is exactly happening to them, or might just understand it as their fate in life. Having assessed yourself and found out that your family background and friends influence or some kind of abnormal learning has no part to play in the issue at stake. Then you must have contributed to your own life misfortune. At this stage, you realize yourself and start making re-directions.

How long has the problem lasted with me

In the cause of you trying to figure out the source, and factors that lead to you having this kind of issue in life, you are also pointing out when the problem started. That is when you started having difficult times. It actually will help in solving your problem. For instance, having realized that you are always found of taking peoples belongings that are not really yours. knowing how long the situation has lasted will actually help you to solve your problem. Because from then you will be able to know the root of it

Steps to Solving Your Problem

1. Challenge your problem

See your problem as the enemy you must defeat. Think about various ways of overcoming it. Make a plan, map it out, ask for advice and compare the advice with your own personal plan then arrive at a conclusion.

2. Make a vow to resolve the problem

Take up the conclusion and make a final resolution in your heart to conquer and overcome the problem. This means that your heart will be made up already and no going back until you finally resolve the issue. Be determined and strong-willed

3. Take action against the problem

Now put into action whatever you have concluded within you, and be persistent about it.  At this stage of taking action, obstacles arise to frustrate you and your plans. Trials will surface to weaken your strength. You will be tempted to give up. But when this happens you then remember you vowed in your heart to conquer and overcome. so, you continue taking action pushing further insisting never to give up, and definitely, you will overcome.

4. Be persistent in your action

Be positive and reject all negative thoughts and actions that might discourage you. Confess positive words. Now you might try the first step and fail, get up and try again and again, don’t relax, don’t give it space but kept doing it. At a point, you might try using another approach or method to solve the issue and see how it works. But never stop trying. Continue until you succeed.

5. Prayer Alongside

Yes, because prayer is the ultimate. You need to pray and ask for God’s direction and his will in solving the problem. You can’t all rely on your own understanding. You also need to include God in everything so you will have a solid backup, and also the willingness and motivation to move on.

6. Make a Resolution

Finally, when you have solved the problem, make no further room for the problem to occur. Don’t try to indulge yourself in anything that will attract the like of such a situation. It is not enough to get your problems solved. But it’s better when you abscond or desist from whatever thing brings about the problem. Even as people say that avoidance of consequences is much preferable to seeking a solution to it.

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