6 Facts About Life: learning to adapt to the unchangeable

In life, there are some important facts to note about, things that remain permanent just as the sea, land, and air are permanent. So, there are some certain facts about Peoples’ life that are natural and lasting the way nature made it.

They are those things that are impossible for one to change in life. Things you can never choose for yourself no matter how one strives to change it the fact remains that you are already part of it.

Sometimes, we classify those things as nature’s way of creation. Definitely, every living being on earth has got one or two of these facts and as such tries to adapt to it.

Things like:

1. One’s biological family

one’s biological family is said to be everlasting and ordinary. The birth of an individual automatically marks the beginning of that person’s existence in a particular family. Even if the parents of the person should disown or abandon him as their child.  Even if the person should adopt a parent, the fact remains that such a person is a biological child of a particular family.

So, no matter how hard a person might try to cancel the truth of not having a biological home it will remain a truth forever. This is simply because everyone on earth was born of a woman and a man, therefore having those two is having a family. Biological family is one fact about life that is unchanging. You will rather have more families than not have at all.

So, we need to adapt to our various families.

2. A person’s fate in life

Fate is the inability of a person to control the daily happenings around his or her life. Fate is also called destiny. In life no one can ever choose his destiny neither can anyone change it.

It’s already predetermined but you can ask God above to change it. Come to think of it no matter how hard you struggle with so much effort and determination to achieve a change in life. The fact remains that it’s only God that can transform one’s fate or destiny. People’s fates are different but you can’t blame yourself for not possessing certain natural qualities in life.

For instance, you cannot blame yourself for not being able to win a certain contest you participated in with a dozen other persons. Even though you have worked so hard to be the winner.

Though you have made the effort it will only take the grace of your creator who alone is worthy to do it for you. If on the contrary, your prayer has no answer, then you will have no option but to learn to adapt to your fate.  So, fate is another fact about life that is unchangeable

3. The truth

You cannot change the truth, “this is the truth”.  You might hide or cancel so many truths from people. Maybe about yourself, or your family. A particular issue, a problem, a court case, or anything at all you don’t want anyone to know about.

You might try to hide the truth from the public, but sadly, you are wrong because the very truth must surely be known someday. Remember where ever you dwell on earth and whatever you do either secretly or openly people will get to know about it.

If not now, then later in the future. So, whatever you do try to make it right knowing that you can’t hide the truth and you can’t change it as well. For that reason, we try to get accustomed to the truth because it’s not changeable

4. You can’t change your age

No one can ever change his age in life. Right From the day of your birth, your days in life start counting. Trying to change your age is like trying to change nature’s work on you, and you can’t cheat nature because nature is predestined.

You might do somebody alteration like reconstructive surgery to keep your body from shrinking. You might do cosmetic surgery to keep your looks from fading. You might hide your age from people, but the truth is that age is tickling like a clock. The dawn of each new day brings an additional step towards one’s grave. So, for this reason, we try to adapt to the unchanging situation.

5. Another aspect of this impossibility is Gender

In the beginning, God created every living thing male and female alike and it has been so natural. But these days you hear people say, “how I wish I am a man” or “how I wish I am a woman”. In many other cases, you see a man trying to recreate himself to be a woman which is not possible.

Some people might change the whole organs in their body but the genital organs can never be changed. That is the most powerful work of God.  It is very clear that no one can ever change his gender from being a male to become a female. So, this becomes another fact about life we cannot change but adapt to it.

6. Again, another fact about life is death

Death is bringing to an end the existence of human life, animal, or plant. No one can ever change or stop death because it is inevitable. If someone will say, “I want to live forever”, or “I want to change the rule of death to become life eternity”, but that is not possible.  All men must die and leave mother nature.

There is this story about a man who claims that he will die and returned to existence. But when he dies, he never retunes to life because life is not predictable as well.

Finally, in all these, we learn to adapt to certain facts about life that are unchangeable.

However, some things are possible to change in one’s life. Things like one’s character, behavior attitude, and skin color. One’s way of lifestyle, way of thinking, and approach. You can choose your friends, your workplace, your religion, and your career.

You can choose who you want to be with, the kind of place you also want to live and how you manage your daily activities.  At one time or the other you can change any of these you don’t like.

Finally, the viewpoint of life is the idea of persistent supplication and being patient too. Sometimes when we pray for things that can easily be changed by God and hope for an immediate change in life it doesn’t always go as expected.

God who alone knows the plans of men and the plan he has for his people will not totally denial them their wish as long as it is a good wish. but instead of total denial, he will do it in a different way that will still benefit the ones he creates.

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