5 Wonderful Advice to Newly Married Couples

It is now 2 weeks since Gracie and Mario got together as husband and wife. For Gracie, there seems no different from the formal dating days. What is going on now is still happening between her and Mario. 

She thought to herself, “What is the need of going for the lectures, we are moving on fine, so we can still move on as before”.  

In the same vein she points it out to her husband, “Mario, what’s the need of this invitation, I don’t think it’s of any use, after all, we did date for 2 years. Those 2 years is enough for us to have broken up if we are not meant for each other as husband and wife.”

Mario looked at her and giggle, then said to her, “Gracie, don’t assume you know it all when in actual sense you are just a novice.” We are definitely going to honor the invitation by your uncle Mr. Moan.

Mr. Moan is Gracie’s only relative that is still alive, a very elderly man in his late 70s. He is very fond of his niece Gracie and always wishes for her safety and the best in life. He is inviting his niece and her husband to come for his advice as they are now newly married couples.

Mr. Moan started; Gracie my daughter, getting married is not the same as dating. The two are very different but they seem to be alike. Dating has many chances of survival, but marriage has a very slim chance of survival. If you neglect the slim chances, it will slip away from you and never come back but you can also have enough opportunities for dating.

Mario, this is Gracie now your wife, Gracie, this is Mario now your husband. I am speaking to both of you, so listen carefully;

Learn to Communicate in different ways

When it comes to communication, you don’t communicate the way you do when you are dating, it’s a different ball game this time. You need to learn the different methods of communication between couples. Learn to use the method of sign languages, learn also to use the method of body gestures and movements. This is very important especially when you might be having visitors

Apart from verbal communication, you can also have spiritual communication. Spiritual communication is very deep and mysterious. It is so because you can only achieve it through the level of intimacy that exists between you both.

If you have spiritual communication, you will be able to read what is happening to your partner wherever he or she is. Even when you are together you can both read each other’s minds.  These are things you need to learn between yourself.

You can as well create your own communication language. Yes, create and learn it among yourselves it helps to reinforce the intimacy between couples.  As you can see, communication is very important if only you understand everything about it.   

Seek for each other Happiness

This is the second important thing in marriage. It is not enough that you seek your sole happiness but also that of your partner. It also includes being supportive and open, togetherness, and oneness.

If you are not happy with your partner, there is no way you can ever wish to support him. You might have the means to uphold his inabilities but due to one reason or the other, you feel reluctant to do so. The reason will have no other evidence but simply because you are not in high spirits with him.

The best way to seek each other’s happiness is to understand each other’s feelings. Try out those things you think are best for him or her and avoid those things that don’t suit fine. So, you try and protect each other’s interest

Forgive each other even when it is difficult to do so

This can be the most difficult thing to do, but this is the root of a successful relationship. It keeps the love flowing and paves the way for financial success. If you are able to find forgiveness in your union believe me your marriage will stand the test of time.

Many couples nowadays fall victim to divorce simply because they find it difficult to forgive the other for a wrong deed. At a point, you may experience bitterness because the other person is unable to carry out his responsibilities. You can make up for her.

At a point, one of you might fail temptation to disloyalty. Yes, disloyalty is actually a temptation because now at the beginning you find your union very interesting. In the long run, you begin to find it less interesting and start seeking solace in the arms of a third party. The only thing that can save it from ruin and breaking up is forgiveness

Continue with Love

This has no boundaries because it covers all things. I could have listed it as the first thing but I dint because the reason for your union is love. You already understand what love is and it has brought you this far. Couples of today no longer dwell without affection, so that makes it a bit exceptional in my advice for you.

However, you don’t need to underrate this issue of love because hatred is irritating and vicious. I do not know the last time I happen to see or come across couples who hate each other. You can imagine what will be the fate of that union. Therefore, it is clear that the day your love ceases to be, that becomes the day your marriage ends.   

Try not to be possessive

You can be protective of each other even to the core, but do not be domineering. It can destroy your union as the termite can do to crops after a farmer has labored much to make it a rich harvest. You can choose to give counsel and recommendations for your mistakes but do not try to be selfish. Yes, give advice and suggestions because no one of you is above mistakes.

Do not be possessive because you both choose yourself, and agree to be together until death. Do not react excessively because any of you have the right to terminate the union. So let freedom and peace of mind overrule your conscience.

I wish you could accept these 5 pieces of advice of mine and use them in your daily manner.

In the end, Mr. Moan again gives his blessings. “I wish the both of you a successful Union.


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