5 Ways the Current Crisis Can Boost Your Personal Growth

When a crisis erupts, it usually takes a general effect regardless of who gets involved and who does not. Everyone gets involved, but it is usually the adult that gets the whole burden. However, the children, as well as toddlers, are also involved but they have little or no part to play.

Now you might ask how the crisis affects the younger ones who are in no way required to take their own responsibilities. The answer is when the adults who were supposed to fend for the younger ones can no longer push through; there is every tendency that the children take a share in the effect.

What is a crisis?

A crisis is a challenging period or situation when conditions seem to turn to a drastic change, causing difficulty and a warning threat. It usually introduces inflation, having it as a major issue, and a follow-up of other hazardous effects.

 Crisis is no friend to humans; it is a menace that can bring to an end the existence of the people involved. However, in this context, we are discussing how an individual can take advantage of this crisis to become an achiever and a role model.

What is the current crisis?

It is the present difficult economic situation of a particular state, country, or region. It is an unwanted circumstance that reared its existence at a moment when no one expects or desires. Thus, it usually brings with it tension and uneasiness in the life of the people involved.

Comparing ways, the current crisis can boost one’s personal growth. We can categorically state that the fact that the crisis demonstrates a situation that introduces an atmosphere of hunger, scarcity of resources, and inflation, an individual is bound to seek solace in what to do in other to alleviate his problem and measure up to the current situation. Trying to find what to do entails discovering the inner qualities in him that need training to achieve what was find out.

The current crisis can serve as a wake-up call to active participation for an individual especially someone who is lacking in some aspect of personal development. It is a time when better decisions, are taken for the achievement of a positive goal.

Although, it’s an opportunity for everyone to become energetic. It involves searching in one way or the other how best to control the situation. It involves finding a solution that will be of personal or general benefit.

During the time of seeking solutions, human efforts are involved. For this reason, some underlying potentials are discovered, developed, and gear towards mellowing down the crisis at hand. Even afterward, as an individual, you will benefit from realizing how the present disaster has immensely developed your qualities.

Notwithstanding that crisis is not encouraging in itself, but if you continue to make effort in others to strive through. Knowing or unknowing the crisis is helping you to boost your personal growth in the following ways:

1. Help you Discover and train your inner qualities

Due to the state of affairs on the ground, an individual will definitely need to survive because the situation at hand demands “all hands on deck”. When hunger and starvation challenges one to livelihood, what is left of him or her is to find a means of survival. This is where the discovering of the individual’s inner qualities come into action

When a crisis befalls a state or country, all around is difficulty and hardship. Presently, everyone is trying and searching here and there looking for what to get involved in, in other to earn income to lessen difficulties. This is the moment when the individual begins to train his inner capabilities to help solve the current problem.

2. The current crisis will expose you to hidden opportunities

As an individual, you do not have to limit yourself to opportunities in life. This is why many courses are taught in school today. It is just to help you understand that they are many opportunities available for you despite the inborn qualities in you.

On the other hand, supposing the present crisis is not there or dint happen. Then, one might just be comfortable with the normal life achievements because the economy is favorable. Hence, there is nothing to stress about or get disturbed on.

Therefore, with the current crisis on the ground one can discover other hidden qualities in him that are capable of helping him to become dependent and push through with the economy.

3. It will make you Strive to become self-reliant

Like as said initially at the beginning of this context that when a crisis erupts the effect becomes everybody’s problem. Let us take for instance in a family where the parents are having grown-up kids who are in school.

If the parents cannot meet up to their kid’s demands, the kids are bound to start seeking for solutions to help. This is where the issue of self-reliance comes into play.

The kids become dropouts from school, seeking solutions, and the solutions are sort towards their abilities on what they can do best. Now the knowledge of what they can do best results in training that ability which is equally self-development pointing towards self-reliance to success.

In another instance, “All hands on deck”; an individual is seen struggling, by all means, to make life affordable under the difficult harsh situation caused by the crisis. By trying to do this he answers the question, “what can I do best to Help myself become independent of no one”. That is how he starts striving to be self-sufficient and prefers helping others than relying on others.

4. Gain adequate knowledge of the present economy

On neutral ground, without the present crisis, most people might not be interested to know much about the current happenings in the country. This is because things are moving fine, and the economy is stable. Therefore, it can be a waste of energy trying to understanding if anyone’s ability needs improvement.

However, in a difficult and uneasy economy, it demands that everybody becomes aware of current development. Everyone needs to be cognizant of what is happening around, in other to achieve or boost your knowledge of which area to focus your discovery of inner abilities. Knowing full well how the country’s economic situation is working helps you also discover which aspect your talent is needed vastly to fill in the gap to sustainability.

5. Help you to build self-esteem

A difficult situation brings about the knowledge of one’s worth. You might not know there is a hidden potential in you until a situation that calls for that establishes itself. That is when you will realize there’s a special gift in you.

When a country is in jeopardy, there is difficulty and inflation here and there. People are looking for what to do to survive the situation. Thus, in the journey of trying out what areas to fit in your capability, you are equally building yourself to confidence and self-respect.

Now, think of someone dependent on someone else.  Someone who has chosen to be uninformed on the need to find his worthiness under the current economic crisis. How do people regard this fellow? He will be regarded as someone worthless. An unwise person who has no good qualities or skills. someone who doesn’t want to strive to become responsible even with the current crisis. He will be seen as someone who doesn’t want to be useful to himself.

So, with all these the current crisis although not a favorable premonition but it can help an individual to become self-developed, and realize his true worth.


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