5 Ways People Build and Live Their Lifestyle Differently

Lifestyle put together constitutes the habit attitude and taste of an individual or group of individuals. Simply put it is how a person lives. You see, in life, everybody wants to live a fulfilling lifestyle. A stress-free and easy-going life but sometimes the reverse is usually the case.

But what is life meant for? I always hear people ask this question and I wonder what they actually mean. The other day I was passing by a group of ladies between the age bracket of 25 and 35 precisely. I overheard them say “life is meant to be enjoyed, and not endured”.  Immediately then, the statement caught my attention and I keep wondering what it’s all for. I think it’s all about people’s standard of living. That is their lifestyle.

However, if allowed to choose, I will rather choose a life of happiness, love, and success. This is my humble opinion though. But in trying to understand life and the way things revolve around it, no one can ever boast of having it all in life. So, for this reason, people are created by God to build and live it differently

Many things may result in people living the way they are doing today. Some people’s lifestyles might be built and lived through family background, friends, or self-made. While some just live their life the way it comes to them naturally.  Again, some other persons don’t actually have the standard of living they really desire. So, they build and live any manner of life.

The factor that can build peoples lifestyle

Family Background

An individual or a group of people can build their lifestyle through family background. This simply means when a person’s way of life is characterized by the attitude, and character resulting from the family he originated from.  Consequently, the individual grows along with it.


Building a lifestyle through friendship is when an individual’s everyday life results from the kind of friends he keeps. The friends can be good or bad, rich or poor, rough or reserved, and the person might not be born with that kind of life. He will be influenced by the lifestyle of his friends. This kind of lifestyle is bound to change as the individual changes’ friends.

The self-made Lifestyle

This is usually when an individual simply decides to build a kind of life so desired to be his or her taste. This lifestyle usually appeals to self-willed people. Nevertheless, they move along with it regardless of whatever negative or positive effect it might have on them.

Natural lifestyle

Another thing that can build an individual lifestyle is Nature. This happens when the individual starts living his or her life naturally the way he or she understands it. These are people who don’t place a high target for their existence, they build a simple lifestyle. They are not much concerned about worldly things. Thus, they have a very different view of life and are mostly contented with what they have, be it little or much.

Care-free lifestyle

Lastly in this group are individuals whose lifestyle originated as a result of not having a particular way of existence. Right from childhood to adolescent age, the person has been living any manner of life. People in this category don’t have a stable way of life.  Today they might be living big, tomorrow they are seen living small, and they live as though they don’t have a focus in life. But one thing about them is that they can fit into any kind of lifestyle and still survive it.

How people live differently

Expensive Lifestyle

This is living a luxurious life. Individuals who live this kind of life spend too much. Everything about then is all about high living. Their desires are mostly on any costly things. They go for the best things that money can afford. It can be very difficult for this kind of person to adjust in life especially in times of general economic instability or war outbreak.

Wide and Sophisticated lifestyle

Individuals in this group are always fearless. They like doing things that involve risk, confronting difficult issues boldly. They know much about life and have a great deal of worldly knowledge and experience. They like going places and can hardly associate with someone who lives a quiet and reserved life. People here can survive easily.

Social Lifestyle

Individuals with this standard of living don’t usually lack companions and friends, because they are very outspoken and loud. They tend to mix freely even with the opposite sex. They are hardly seen as being lonely or isolated from others. They are always in the midst of friends, families, and even strangers. They like spending time doing enjoyable things with others like partying, clubbing, and other entertainment gatherings.

Religious lifestyle

When we talk about religion, we think about the spirituality of the mind, body, and soul. This lifestyle is mainly lived by people who had vowed to consecrate their lives to God. Some of these people live in celibacy, and chastity having a close devoted relationship with God.

They disdain worldly things and pleasures and embrace a quiet and reserved life. People in this category are usually the Priests, Monks, and other people who took religious ordination but sometimes the ordinary person can do it.

In-door lifestyle

People who live this kind of life always withdraw to themselves. They prefer and choose indoor life to outdoor activities like; doing every of their daily life routines within the home.  Hardly can you see them moving out or having many things to do with outside activities. But if at all they have, they don’t last or stay longer out there. They can stay indoors watching movies, playing games and music, chatting online.



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