5 Traits You Should Never Tolerate in A Relationship

Every relationship has its up and down. As far as humans are concerned, they are bound to make mistakes and act in a way that strongly explains imperfectness. In the same vein, no one can ever boast of knowing everything. Although we may try to understand things to a certain extent, then there lay a great one, the ability to predict the future.

The virtue that determines the life span of every relationship is understanding and tolerance. The ability to forgo each other’s flaws and weaknesses is a sign of a strong and healthy relationship.

However, some circumstances may not have any space for tolerance especially when such incidence happens repeatedly. Those incidences are the relationship red flag that has its final resolution on both couples dissolving the union and calling it quits. Thus, when such things happen it means both or one of the partners could no longer tolerate the ill-treatment from the other.

Below are 5 stories that give caution on what you should never tolerate in any relationship.

Domestic violence

The union between Mark and Flora initially becomes dreading from the start of their relationship as married couples. People thought things could change, they both also thought they could change the attitude of the other. But this is always the initial mistake most couples make. If you think you could change a particular habit you dislike about your partner and venture into a marriage. You might be making the mistake of your life.

For Mark and Flora, it is like a union between a Cat and a Dog. They are constantly on argument on one issue or the other. Which always end up grudging for some days before they could be on good speaking terms again. One could hardly succumb to the other. They keep living this way for the first two years of their union.

Suddenly, it became worst that Mark could no longer digest the insult from Flora and so engage her in a punch.  From then Mark could seize every opportunity to hit Flora, leaving her with bruises and scars all over her face and body.  At this point, Flora could no longer tolerate the situation. Mark could also not accept it too. So, this calls for a divorce.


People keep wondering what could be the cause of constant disagreement between Mark and Flora. Could it be there is no love between them from the start? Is it that Flora had too much pride in her that she find it difficult to submit to Mark? Maybe, Mark is a hot temper fellow so he hits Flora at any slightest provocation? Or is it that they were both struggling for supremacy?

From the story, it is clear that the disagreement erupts from the initial stage of their union. What brought them together as a couple? Was there any courtship before they finally got married?  Maybe the answer to these questions does not matter right now because they just have to go their separate ways.

Being overly possessive

Julie could no longer tolerate it from Boris, what more is left for her if she has to live like a maidservant in his house. She had a good degree from high school but her husband made it clear to her that he does not like the idea of her getting a job. He would rather prefer that she stay at home all day and manage the home.

As if that is not enough, he engages the service of someone who would monitor her movement whenever she leaves the home. Boris always dictates to her where to go and what to do, and never assists her financially enough. He also made it clear to her that he never wants to see any friend paying her a visit in their home. This is another relationship red flag, which Julie cannot tolerate.

Lies and Deceit

Maxwell is living a lie when he got married to Martha. He is a wealthy man but all along has hidden his source of wealth from her. When he initially meets Martha before getting married to her, he had told her he deals in the Agricultural business. Which he trades internationally to other countries. Martha believed him to be true. All along Maxwell was very smart enough to hide the truth of his wealth from his wife.

Eventually, one day the truth became visible. It becomes aware to Martha that her husband is a human trafficker, who also uses his victims for rituals.  She became afraid and has to leave the marriage because she cannot tolerate it. Who knows she might someday become his next victim.

Being enigmatic

Henry traveled overseas in search of greener pasture. For ten good years, he is still struggling to acquire success. Fortunately, he meets a foreign woman who helped him to attain his financial goals and he becomes rich. He got married to the woman without the knowledge and consent of his parents, relatives, and Philo his long-time girlfriend. Eventually, he comes home while leaving his foreign wife behind and announced his success to everyone.   

He thought of Philo his long-time girlfriend, who also helped him while in school. He had also promised to marry her before going overseas. After much thought, he got married to Philo but secretly hide from her the fact that he already had a foreign wife. When Philo finally finds out that Henry had betrayed her, she had to quit the marriage because she cannot tolerate it.

Hiding necessary information’s

On the other hand, Agnes falls helplessly in love with Richard, for the two years they dated. She never told Richard she is a single mother of two all because she is afraid of losing him to another woman. So, she did hide it as a secret all through their courtship days.

Finally, Richard proposed marriage and Agnes said yes but still maintains her secrecy of already having two kids from her ex-lover. Not long after their nuptial vow, the truth become visible and it took Richard some couple of days to recover from the shock. He instantly got a divorce because he could not tolerate it   

Being extremely unfaithful

This can happen in both men and women; it is the act of bringing a third party into your matrimonial home. Daniel had to set a trap for his wife Tricia by mounting a camera in their bedroom. That is exactly how he caught his wife cheating on him in their matrimonial home. This usually happens each time he goes on a business trip, he cannot tolerate this attitude so he seeks a divorce.

Adela could no longer tolerate it when her husband brings women into their matrimonial home. Even while she is around and right in her presence, he would caress and romance his mistress. This is disgusting and uncultured. It is also the height of all insults. She cannot tolerate it; no woman can tolerate such a thing either.

Finally, in every relationship, due to the imperfectness of humans, couples live together with understanding and love. They usually devise a better method of dealing with each other’s faults and consequently, things keep moving fine.  However, in a case where rare incidence may take place. Such that can put any of the partners at risk of losing his or her life, then they better not tolerate it.

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