5 Things That Can Attract a Younger Woman to An Older Man

Marriage is a free institution where the course has nothing to do with an age limit. Within the range of some specific age, a man and a woman are free to engage themselves because age is just a number.  In marriage, the only two-digit number is accepted but where it exceeds those two digits, it is no longer acceptable.  The normal age for a marital vow should be from 18years to no limit of years.

Now let us face the fact what is worth doing well is something worth admiring. People seek for those who they can be compatible with, and not differently. It can be amazing why a younger woman would rather prefer that an older man take her in marriage than someone within her range of age. When such marriage takes place people around would raise eyebrows and wonder the reason behind it.

To be precise every human has the right to live a normal life as each chooses. Then, supposing someone is not living it the right way the simple thing is to give the necessary advice that will be helpful to the individual.  You can go further to highlight the merits and demerits of doing such things. This is just the best you can do.

Consequently, when such an issue about a younger woman getting married to an older man is discussed most people tend to believe more in love being the prior motive. Other times people would promote the discussion by saying, “so long as they understand each other.”

I guess this is not the true reason for this issue. I do not believe that a young woman’s motive for saying, “yes I do” to an older man is all for love’s sake.”  

This puzzle led to my investigation on this issue and I discovered five different facts that can be the reason.

Maturity and experience

Most women who marry older men do so because they believe that those men understand what they want in a relationship. Although people believe that age is not maturity, an older man can still make a difference from a younger man. First, in the aspect of understanding what a good and bad relationship means.

What it entails to be ahead in age with his partner. Secondly, in the aspect of responsibilities, he understands what part he has to play and takes it up without having to struggle with the younger woman. Unlike the younger men who would like to share responsibilities with the woman.

The desire for care and protection

Generally, women believe that in terms of care and protection, an older man is in a position to do better than her same-age mate is. I had a conversation with a young woman who says, “The older men are more experienced to handle issues about relationships. Especially those men who already had wives and still desires to have more.

Again, you can hardly find them proving difficult, unlike the younger men who always have disagreements and conflicts with their women. Another reason is the older man who understands you are much younger than them would never attempt raising his hands to punch you. She says she believes that older men are more caring and protective. They act with wisdom and pet the younger women as they would do a child.

The lust for money

Most wealthy men, although according to some religion and tradition would go on marring wives irrespective of how old they are. So long, they can keep sustaining those women’s needs. These wealthy men usually go for the younger women who they believe are still charming and attractive. Even with the absence of religion, most men who opt for more wives usually settle for younger women. The young women on the other hand succumb to the wealth of these men, as they see nothing wrong with the age difference.

There are no exceptions to this act as the women from rich families also opt for more wealth. While the women from the less wealthy families desire to taste wealth. The older man living with older wives will prefer going for a younger woman. Notwithstanding the older man’s wealth, he might genuinely marry the young woman for her love and youthfulness. But the younger woman may only be interested in his wealth.  

The desire for fame and power

Fame can attract a younger woman to marry an older man with much age difference, although this can be rare but mostly for those who desire a celebrity life. They would simply marry him to also share in his reputation. When younger women marry for fame, it is either to gain recognition or have more connections. Many older men who are well-recognized desire younger women as their wives. For instance, those in politics. 

The love for inheritance

During my investigation, while I was in a conversation with a young woman of 26 years old. She said she agreed to marry her husband of 65 years old because they are no one to take care of his numerous possessions. His first wife is dead and the three children they had are living in big cities while leaving their dad in the country. Now she is the one looking after all his fortunes. Looking at this young woman’s situation, her attention to the fortunes of the older man may be the core purpose of the union and not necessarily for love.