5 Signs You Are in A Strong and Healthy Relationship


When a person grows into adulthood, a time an individual can reason rightly and differentiate from right and wrong. Precisely when people no longer describe them as minors and they have full rights. At this stage, everything in life becomes a matter of choice.

It is also by choice if the individual wants to engage in any relationship or not. If the individual finds a love affair, it is still by choice to look out for the signs that indicate if it is healthy enough or not. The following signs indicate a healthy relationship:

The action of reciprocity of love

The existence of intimacy bond

Complete inner fulfillment

Common future commitment

Share reverence

How can we describe a strong and healthy relationship?

A strong and healthy relationship can surpass all marital misdemeanors and stand the taste of time. A relationship that can maintain its name, having the death of one or both of its partners as the end of its existence.

Nobody wants to have an unhealthy relationship but most times, we impulsively dive into it. When it comes to love relationships, as humans we need to find our compatibilities. If we can have the choice to accept the good things of life, we can as well desire a healthy relationship.

Initial misinterpretation of couples

Many couples before they assume relationship status are usually carried away with joy at the thought and feelings of going into marriage. This normally happens when the union is still new. They consequently forget to find out if the other partner is fit to be their soul mate or not. The only time they return to sub-consciousness is when a disagreement arises between them. This is the time they start asking if they are really in the right relationship or not.

For every relationship that involves love and commitment, certain signs are indications that the affair is healthy enough. However, it is best to look out for those signs at the initial stage when there is yet to be any procreation. They are reasons why you look out for those signs, for instance;

It helps to increase confidence among couples

It makes the couples have some sense of belonging to each other.

It helps both couples to build a more trustworthy and cohesive union

It helps them to be aware of their flaws and find how possible to make corrections.

Ordinarily, when certain mishaps develop between the couple and they begin to haul blame at each other. At this instance, each begins to wonder why the marriage ever occurs between them. It should be someone else. They forget at this instance that for every relationship they must be disagreements. So, misunderstanding and conflicts are not a sign that you are in a wrong relationship.

What are the signs of a strong healthy relationship?

The action of reciprocity of love

In some parts of the world, women go into a marital affair with the sole purpose of procreation. Reciprocity is not an option for consideration in this region. The belief that people should love those who love them is a minor issue. This is why you keep seeing cases of infidelity, domestic violence, conflicts, and divorces as a common issue.

It is all because both couples never share love, not initially, not in the present, neither will it be in the future. Invariably those couples have come together through a process of matchmaking. When your partner reciprocates your love, it is a sign that your relationship is a healthy one and is ever going to stand strong.

It goes ahead to show that both of you care and cherish each other, you both respond to your heartbeats. Now and again, you hear people say, “When I marry him, I will learn to love him.” Or, “when I marry her, I will teach her to love me back.” What if it never gets to happen the way they said it? The results will produce all manner of infidelity and disrespectful behaviors.

Total intimacy bound

Although it said that love covers a multitude of things including faults. That is the more reason to look for the sign of intimacy in your affair. It is the level of closeness you have with your partner, how both of you share secrets and intimate conversations.

How you understand each other feelings. Intimacy bound goes a long way to explain how you feel when your partner is not around. Do you feel empty and lonely or do you feel comfortable and free? A healthy relationship demands total intimacy that involves spiritual communication between couples.

Complete inner contentment

There is every possibility that couples can be together in a relationship but still lack gratification towards each other. The fact that love exists is not a guarantee to inner contentment, are you happy with your partner? Does his or her manners and attitude irritate you such that you cannot handle it, yet you love him? Does she treat you in some way that seems odd yet you love her? This toxic aspect does not make you feel happy at all.

If this is the case then your relationship is not healthy. If you cannot learn to accommodate those manners then you are likely to quit one day.  Inner contentment is complete happiness. If you find this in your love affair, it is a sign of a healthy relationship.

Is there any Common future commitment?

A mother of two said to me the other day, “my husband does not care what happens within our home anymore. He comes back home only to keep chatting on his phone until he gets drowsy and then sleeps off. He no longer talks about his kid’s future or anything that matters in the house. I do and plan things on my own; he does not care anymore. The most surprising thing is that he keeps to his financial responsibilities.”

Wow! I said to myself, “He probably is seeking solace with someone on the internet despite abiding by his financial obligations.” This type of relationship may have a slim chance of survival.  So, when your partner talks more about your future together then it is another sign of a strong and healthy union.

Share reverence

There is yet another sign of a healthy relationship. Do you find your partner always respecting your opinions? While at home and while in public places. Does he own up to his faults, blames himself, or more so gives apologies where necessary. This is a sign of a strong and healthy relationship. Both couples worship each other like gods and they believe so much in their relationship.

Now in all these, does it mean that a strong and healthy relationship must be 100 % perfect? No! There is no marital union that can ever meet complete perfection, but you simply look out for those signs and make amendments where lacking.


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