5 Reasons People End Up Marring The Wrong Partner

The visible aspect of love is seen in marrying someone you cannot spend a day without seeing and not someone you always see yet feels indifferent.  Again, the visibility of a successful marriage is seen in a marriage that has stood the test of time and the couples keep celebrating due anniversaries. Many factors can contribute to couples coming together only to discover that they are not meant to be together as husband and wife.

Looking at the way circumstances revolve around married couples; one can hardly explain the mysteries behind them. Some couples never had courtship before marriage yet they experience a happy married life. Some other couples become friends so many years before getting married yet they got a divorce within 2 or 3 years of marriage. Again, some couples got married by merely referencing them to their spouse yet they find each other compatible. So, you could wonder what mysteries are behind this union called marriage.

How do we describe the situation of a marriage where a man ends up with the wrong woman or vice versa?

It differs; it starts with constant disagreements and misunderstandings. Conflicts here and there and more often having a third party to settle issues between them. It goes on to lack of communication, which can be the worst ever, then to hiding secrets from each other. For a union to lack the above, means it is less a marriage. In most cases, it may be smooth at the initial instance then as the union progresses it starts having some hacks. Although there can have a reason that ignites the reaction. 

What could be the cause for a woman ending up with the wrong man in marriage?

Being desperate

Why a woman can be desperate, at a certain age she feels her age mates are getting married to their respective suitors. She becomes anxious and engulfed with anxiety. She wants to follow the moving train not minding who the man may be. At other times, it does not happen with being advanced in age but because of the marriage traffic or group of friends she has.

A woman gets married simply because all her friends are now married so she opts for any available suitor. In the cause of doing this, she never takes into consideration who the man is, his background, and his way of life. She simply wants to get married.

She married for his wealth

Most women do not care about the source of wealth of a man. She sets love aside, longs after the money, and forgets to consider her happiness and safety. She believes money can solve everything and so becomes blindfolded by the greed of wealth. So, what happens after tying the nuptial vow? The man in question starts showing her the stuff he is made of, and if the woman is not financially independent, that can make things worse. The man on the other hand will remind her she only married him for his wealth.

His physical attribute attracted him to her

The physical quality of any man can easily attract any woman into thinking that the man is right for her. There can be a mere infatuation rather than true love. This can happen more so if the man reciprocates by way of constant smiles, but not a genuine grin. He might only admire with smiling gestured but not truly in love. The woman might be carried away and opt for every means of getting married as the best solution only to meet regret at the end.

She wants to stay committed

Every woman wants to get married. It is almost the same as being desperate but the difference here is that she is not in a haste. Why she truly believes that a man will definitely come for her but she has to choose who it could be.

Manipulative parents

In some way some desperate parents also contribute to their female children getting married to men they never love. This could happen in many ways either the woman has sensed that a particular suitor is a rich man so they marry off their child without her consent. In another occasion, the parent thinks that their mates are becoming grandparents so they pay less attention to their Child’s happiness and safety.

What could be the cause for a man ending up with the wrong woman in marriage?

Her beauty attracts him

This happens with most men when they would prefer the physical endowment to the good character of a woman. When on the contrary they woman start displaying some negative traits it becomes a regret to him.

He has no choice

When a man is said to have no choice, it means he is forced to marry the woman due to some circumstance beyond his control. For instance, a man is asking to marry a woman all because the woman’s parent has helped him to acquire great achievement. While the man never loves the woman and could not cultivate any love for her. The man vow secretly to make things unbearable for the woman in order for her to seek a divorce.

She is wealthier

A man that gets married to a woman simply because she is wealthy has greater chances of regretting the marriage.  The woman will make sure she is in control of the man and can manipulate him to any extent.

Someone referred her

This usually happens when a woman a man truly loves disappoints him. If the woman gets married to another man, then he will have no other alternative but to get married to someone else. When this happens, he might just get married to any woman available. This is usually the situation where the man is presently ready for marriage.

She got pregnant before marriage

There are some cases where a man and a woman engage in just friendship, while the man has no strong feelings of love for the woman. One thing leads to another and the woman becomes pregnant then the only option becomes for the man to marry the woman. Hence, there is no real love, the marriage may end up wrongly.

Generally, men and women need to be more prayerful before embarking on a journey to marital commitment. Even with marital mysteries, two people who so much love each other may not be the right for each other. That proves the wonders of God’s creation.


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