5 Easy Ways to Love Yourself and Love Others Too

It can be challenging but it’s just the simple truth. The worst humiliation you can do to yourself is to hate yourself, and you can’t love anybody if you don’t first of all love yourself. Charity they say begins at home, consequent of this saying; you need to begin whatever you are doing to someone else with yourself.

Supposing you wake up in the morning and walk up to your side mirror looking at your own reflection, you said to yourself “I am worth more than anything I have, be it material, or cash because I am a wonderful person, I am very beautiful, and unique, what a wonderful creature God has made of me, oh! I am happy and am blessed”. With this saying you have just given yourself great encouragement to withstand all odds, accept yourself as seen in the mirror reflection, and promise to give yourself the best in life.

But it doesn’t end there because loving yourself has got to do with appreciating the very person in you, believing in yourself no matter what happens. Life trials will indeed test you and shape you, but don’t let them change who you are, and the love you have for yourself.

Sometimes you need to confess positive things, say to the open air as if you are talking to someone, but to no one in particular, “hey! Life, I know you want to frustrate me, but I won’t let you have your way because I have a lot to fulfill”. Yes, you need to have in mind that you have a lot to achieve, a lot to pass through because life is one stage after the other. It’s like climbing a staircase, and as you by-pass each stage you will understand that you are worth more.

Give yourself the best, don’t look down on yourself but be the best of what you are, pet yourself like you would do a newborn baby. Take care and protect yourself like you would protect your last penny.

Sometimes, give yourself a treat. Take yourself out to a very nice area maybe a good library or a movie shop. Or you can visit the grocery store, and pick things that suit your thirst, or you can go shopping in boutiques, or you can even visit a chocolate store, and have nice drinks and snacks. Just enjoy or spoil yourself a bit. You are simply the best.

Sometimes too, go to a quiet corner that may be very lonely, and cool try to reflect on your life, discuss within you what good things you want and how best to achieve them, then also what bad things you dislike and how best to avoid them. Loving yourself is the very wonderful thing that can ever happen to you. Take care of your emotions and decide what will trouble you and what you don’t need to trouble you.

Now, do you know that loving yourself has got nothing to be attached to it? You don’t need to be worried about your endowment, color, age, race, or gender. You don’t need to be talented, famous, or wealthy. It’s just the most respectful thing you have to do for yourself.  Below are some helpful guidelines to help you achieve the goal of loving yourself

1. You Need Apply Patience

Be patient with yourself, never be too fast to act, but always listen to your inner instinct and always be optimistic about things. Take things calmly, build an air of stillness around you. Even when the urge to be in a haste engulfs you, try to withhold it and think properly before you act. When you do this, the outcome of it will not only give you self-respect but will also make you love yourself the more.

2. You Need to Trust Yourself

You need to believe in yourself, belief in what you can do and what you cannot do. Build an air of confidence around you. Always refuse to be intimidated or bullied by anyone. Confess positive things and work towards making them come true.

3. Always Forgive Yourself

When you make mistakes or do things that result in some damages, console yourself and move on. Don’t dwell on regrets that might weigh you down and discourage you from carrying on. But rather learn from the mistakes you make and vow not to repeat them in life. Remember, when you make mistakes you have experienced, and you learn from your experience.

4. Don’t Over-Labor Yourself

Avoid working your ass out all the time. No amount of work will fetch you the whole money in the whole world. All you need to do is apply wisdom and knowledge in the little, or much you can do. Always take some rest and do well to eat good food that will keep your body healthy. God is the giver of wealth.

5. Be Proud of Who You are

The fact that you are alive shows that you are an important person. Even if you are not fortunate enough to be born in a wealthy home. Be pleased with the person you see in yourself because you can transform yourself to be the vision you see.

Love Others Too

This is just simple mathematics, because if you can love yourself then you will find it very easy to love someone else. Although, indeed, you might not be able to cope with some people’s way of life. People who have a toxic, and rude way of life, but don’t hate them instead of try to understand their manners and map out strategies to handle them politely. Below are ways to help you love them too;

1. Be Open-minded

Some people are toxic, the way they live their life may be very abhorring to you. But you need to remember this; Even as you detest other people’s way of life so also other people are despising yours. Everybody’s lifestyle is not the same. People live differently even within the family such exist. So, for this reason, we learn to accept some in-born character of some persons. Invariably you can help by advising them, but if in everything the person persists, then the best thing is to tolerate and move along with love and lenience.

2. Forgive Them

You see, in life no human being is perfect. We all make mistakes but the issue is learning from our mistakes, and trying not to repeat the same mistake. Sometimes, people hurt their fellow to the core even beyond pardon. But then we need to understand that we are humans and no sin is beyond forgiveness. You can pardon someone his guilt but may decide not to mix freely with the person anymore for fear of being hurt again. This decision is alright, but the most important thing is having a clear heart without grudges towards the fellow. Still having the love that he or she is human like you.

3. Understand Their feelings

By understanding the way other people feels you are also trying to put yourself in their shoe. If for instance, they are undergoing a kind of a hard time, then position yourself as the person having that hard time. If you can understand how it feels then you can be able to explain their situation and move along with them.

4. Give Help where Necessary

You can only give what you have, more especially when it comes to giving financial help. But in a case where financial assistance is not available. You can do something of goodwill. For instance, manual labor, Domestic activities, counseling, and guidance. They are all ways by which you can render help, and show love for your fellow person.


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