5 Big Relationship Weakness Found in Both Men and Women

Ordinarily, humans of different races cultures,s and backgrounds have abilities and disabilities. People have weak points and strengths, which make human beings what they are today. That is how it is in every relationship between a man and a woman

In every relationship, each partner has his or her weak point. There is no perfection on either side. Both experience a different thing from the other but the important aspect is each getting to understand the other person’s flaws.

Relationship weaknesses are those habits that pose a threat to any of the partners, which the other partner dislikes. It is a habit that either of the partners is trying to give up but in an actual sense finds it difficult to overcome. That is why in most cases both partners need to cultivate the habit of understanding each other. It helps a lot which is why dating for some period is essential.

Both the man and the woman are prone to weakness. Each of them exhibits flaws and in one way or the other shows fault. This is an actual sense indicates that they are capable of making mistakes at any giving time. It is not about the issue of being guilty of one habit or the other, it is all about how well it affects the other partner. 

weakness in men

Infidelity flaws

This although is an activity that happens to take place in both men and women. A clear investigation shows that the rate at which men involve in unfaithfulness Is more than the number of women. Sometimes looking at the nature of the act of infidelity by men clearly shows that it is simply weakness. It is a weakness in the sense that men can still love their partner so well and still engage in infidelity with another woman. This goes along to spell out a clear definition that men’s lust for women is insatiable.


Men are used to forcefulness, which results from wanting to be in control over everything. They usually give in to immediate anger leading to immediate action towards any available creature. This act of aggressiveness is a natural habit that tries to identify the nature of man. That is why sometimes when a woman becomes aggressive it is not all suitable. Aggressiveness becomes a weakness in men, which they find difficult to control or overcome.

Financial responsibilities

It is very common nowadays, many relationships witness partners taking up responsibilities without minding whose duty it is. It is nominally the duty of the man as the head of every relationship to be in charge of the financial tasks. The woman then becomes a supportive or a helping mate in that aspect.

The inadequacy of a man in any relationship to provide financially for his wife becomes a weakness. In the real sense of it, some men are naturally shortfall to financial responsibilities. It is not a case of inability to provide but simply a case of not being willing to adapt to the struggles to meet ends.

Low motivation

This is simply a decline in motivation, accompanying tiredness to carry out duty at any given time. Men show weakness in certain areas in their relationship with the opposite sex. Calculating the ratio at which tiredness is available in men is mainly in areas of domestic activities. Many men find it difficult to contribute their quota in cooking, washing, and doing some door tasks.

Looking at it from the very point of view, we can easily say it is their instinct.  A lot of people agues the fact that domestic duties are not main for women alone. Men need to help in the kitchen activities and other laundry duties. As long as women these days engage in what seems to be the duty of men so, the issue of laziness in men becomes a big weakness to them.

Weakness in women

Reckless speech

Many women have ruined their relationship due to careless words igniting annoyance and impatience. However, looking at the inborn traits in women, there seem to have words as their weapon for defeat over their opponents. The Christian scriptures also indicate that the tongue though very small but capable of destroying mighty things.

Now, placing it side by side the rate at which partners use words especially when in an angry mood. it will be seen that women have the upper hand in reckless words. Men can easily produce action while women can easily produce speech. Therefore, it becomes a weakness to women


Feminism or feminist is the habit in women who produce excessive words, actions and are usually stubborn. The most relationship that experience feminism from the female partner suffers a decline in peace. The situation brings about inferiority and low respect towards the male partner.

Most women view it as their inner strength, a weapon of challenge over their male counterparts. Now, some of those women who exercise feminism in relationships do it knowing the negative impact on the man. This is mostly because the habit is an inborn attitude that posses weakness.     

Weakness towards Domestic duties

Household chores are another form of weakness women display in relationships. It is commonly available where both partners decide to employ the service of house workers who do house tasks. Now, women can perform office activities more efficiently but appear reluctant towards a home task.

A clear observation of this issue stipulates that although women are reserve for the domestic task it is still a weakness for most.

Gender equality

Unlike women having feminism as a weakness, gender equality is also another aspect of weakness in women. In every relationship more importantly where the family is complete. Most women see nothing bad in having equal rights with their male partners.

This realization came into view when people start proclaiming it publicly one body and soul. The man and the woman come together to become one. This conjugation now gives women the impression that decisions actions and roles between them should be equal in participation.  


This is another weakness as it becomes rare to see women in total submission over their male counterparts. Most times women struggle for the upper hand over accepting instructions in relationships. Repeatedly they break rules and still claim the right they believe should be theirs. Disobedience starts back in the early creation of the world. When Eve the spouse of Adam disobeys the instruction given to them. They were both in the Garden of Eden, and it brings about their eviction from the beautiful home. Women’s disobedience does not come ordinarily. It comes most times as a result of the feeling that they need to protect their rights.

What then is the solution?    

The one big solution to relationship weakness is a complete understanding of each partner towards the other. Now looking at these weaknesses above both in men and women, it shows clearly that they are inborn. In as much as each of the partners might have tried to withdraw from flaws but falls prey to them. This however shows it is their weak spot beyond their control.

A further understanding of relationship weakness in both men and women indicates that abstinence may occur but only randomly. This is because as humans they can still make changes in their behavior. However, because they are not perfect they will occasionally display their flaws. The fact is relationships as regards men and women must occur, so it is best to come together having understanding. Trust and affection will also help them to overlook each other’s faults and live happily together.   


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