5 Best Exercise For Older Adults: Guidelines For Fitness


Exercise for older adults is a set of physical body training designed to help seniors stay fit as they advance more in age. It is very necessary because it helps to strengthen muscles and reduce pains associated with joints that occur because of older age. There are many exercises but not all are a good recommendation for seniors, due to the advancement in their nature.

Researcher’s findings

Exercise is the movement of the legs, arms, and every other joint of the body. It is a form of physical activity done to help the body stay in normal health condition. Clear research from health experts in the line of fitness indicates that everybody is liable to performing an exercise. Talking about older adults actually depends on the age, but no matter the age, no one is limited to performing an exercise. Further research indicates that even the sick are also inclusive in this body fitness.  

Older adults to take preventative measure

People hardly abide by this teaching but only a few who are enlighten absorb it. Among these exercises, depending on the level and age of the individual in his adulthood. They can perform some of them indoors while few can be outdoor activities.

However, people get more addicted to those things they have more interest in doing. This in effect has made most adults find the act of always sitting and lying down more interesting. For this reason, it becomes easier for them to fall victim to illness within time. This has also made the issue of regular exercise become a tedious task for most adults. 

Now, looking at the age at which older adults need to perform some of the exercises listed below, we think of ages between 68 years and above. Although some older adults still stay strong even to a more advance age of 85 years or older than that. Seniors with this age or more who still perform normal exercise do so because; already they are using to regular workout long before older age

The Walking exercise

When people begin to get more advance in age, there is every probability that their strength will gradually reduce. For this reason, they do the less hard tasks and do more flexible tasks. At this stage, the walking exercise is best in recommendation for them. This is the simplest exercise for an older adult to perform. They can at least make a schedule of engaging in walking exercise for 120 minutes each day.

Walking walkout is an exercise that can be perform anywhere, either within the home, outside the home on the fields; so far that walking takes place.  Just like every other exercise, it helps to burn calories, reducing fat, producing heat from the body, and flattens the stomach. If the adult can engage in walking almost every day, there is the possibility of strength improvement.

Climbing little hills

Climbing little hills help to strengthen joints and reduce body pains that occur both at the joints and other parts of the body. It might not be so flexible for older adults to take this exercise because of its rigidness. However, among every other body training, climbing little hills can be more effective to the body.

One problem with this method of workout is that not everyone has a hill beside or near his or her home, but this is not an excuse. There are other alternatives to this.  Older adults can take another option like Climbing staircases up and down, every morning for about thirty minutes.  This is a very good way to relieve pains that generates and finds their way to the knee and waist.

There is yet another way of performing this exercise apart from trying to climb a staircase and little hill. The older adult can use a treadmill, although the frequency of the equipment might not allow the senior to perform the exercise properly it is manageable. The equipment is also controllable, so the rate at which it moves can be determinant.

The Chair yoga exercise

Most often, we see older adults who could no longer stand for some minutes because of one related joint pain or the other. It also includes those who could not bend or lie down easily without stress.  When we see such an adult, we quickly conclude that a related chronic illness has set in. Some illnesses can require them to exercise in a sitting position like; osteoporosis, disease of the joints, and other chronic pains.

Consequently, as they can no longer stand to perform other exercises that require stretching the whole body, chair yoga becomes an alternative. The most important issue is performing an exercise to help strengthen their body and stay fit.

With chair yoga, older adults can practice moving their arms, legs, neck, and every other part of the body while sitting down. The sitting down on a chair posture goes along with gentleness and carefulness to avoid fracture occurrence.

The use of Dumbbell

Making use of the dumbbell equipment is another exercise that can best suit seniors. Those who can still walk around and those who experience some sort of pain can still use it. Whichever position they choose, either sitting or standing they can still make use of the dumbbell. They can lift it up and down above their shoulder, or stretch it forward and backward. They can as well pull it down towards the floor and up again.

The most important thing about this exercise with older adults is that they can also achieve it in a steady position. It does not necessarily mean that they can walk around, as it will be of benefit to those experiencing movement pains   

 Practicing Pilates

 The Pilate exercise is one you can achieve by lying down and facing upwards looking at the open air. From this position, you can be able to lift your arms and legs in any direction while leaving your body behind on the floor. As a youth, you can demonstrate so many body movements as you engage in this exercise. As an older adult, you limit the body movement to a certain level, because it might be too harsh to perform.  

 If you can get the older adult able to lie down facing the open air with enough easiness then the senior can achieve the Pilates exercise.  This exercise gradually strengthens their muscles and relieves any joint-related pains. Mapping out 30 minutes every day is enough to get the seniors to stay fit with Pilate

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